新学年度が始まり1か月が経ちました! One month since the start of the new school year

日本は春3月! 桜の便りはまだ?…としても、日に日に暖かくなっているのでしょうね。こちらは、乾季と雨季がせめぎあっていて、カーッと晴れメチャ暑いかと思うと、一転黒雲が沸き上がり激しい雷風雨が、という毎日、至る所に自然勝手に?生い茂るマンゴーの木々は、近寄ってよく見ると、もうたわわに実をつけています。March marks the start of spring in Japan, and even if the cherry blossoms are not in bloom yet, it must be getting warmer by the day. Meanwhile here the dry season and rainy season are clashing. The skies may be clear and it may be very hot when suddenly dark clouds appear and there are violent thunderstorms. Mango trees seem to be sprouting up everywhere. When you get up close you can see that they are already loaded with fruit.

支援を継続する子供、今年度から支援を始める子供たちが毎週㈯午前のミーティングに参集。月~金は毎日放課後、土曜は朝から夕方まで学校で行われる補習(必修!)に参加する高学年(大体P.5~P.6と最終学年生の全員が対象です!)の5名、他県など遠方の学校に通う5名、体調不良や家庭の事情で今日は欠席、という子たちも含めて、今年度は総勢22名を支援していきます。Children who continue to receive support from the library and those who will receive support starting this school year attend the weekly Saturday morning meeting. Five are among those who attend supplementary lessons after school on weekdays and Saturdays. (Generally, these lessons are required for upper-graders: fifth and sixth graders and those in their final year of school.) Five attend schools in distant areas, such as other districts. Some students could not attend the meeting on account of illness or for family reasons. This year the library is supporting a total of 22 children.

補習は、本とは朝から夕方までなのですが、今日は学校の都合で、午前だけ、といって高学年(P.6)の Canwat BrianチャンワットとAketowanga Sarahアケトワンガ が、午前組が散会した後、駆けつけてきました。 Supplementary lessons are usually conducted all day on Saturdays, but this day they were held in the morning only. Still, sixth-graders Canwat Brian and Aketowanga Sarah hurried to the library after their morning lssons.


今年は、普通のガバメント学校に併設の“特別学級”に、多くの図書館寺子屋の子供たちも引き受けてもらえることになりました!ヨーロッパ系NGO の資金によるプログラムとのことです。ノート、筆記具などは個人で用意しなければなりませんが、『高額な校納金や制服は不要、かばん・靴・体操着などは小学生らしければほぼ何でも良いetc』 というので、私どもばかりでなく、「普通の学校ではお金がかかりすぎてムリ!」という多くの貧しい家庭の子供たちが曲がりなりにも学校に通える!!のです。早速、寺子屋組9名を送り込んだ2校を訪問しました。
This year many children who attended lessons at the library have been accepted to “special classes” at government schools. This program is funded by a European NGO. Students must provide their own notebooks, pens and pencils, but there are no high tuition fees nor are uniforms required. Any bags, shoes or gym clothes are acceptable if they are appropriate for elementary school students. This means that not only students from the library but many children from poor families who cannot afford to send their children to ordinary schools can somehow go to school. We set off to visit two schools that are being attended by nine students from the library classes.

Public p/sの特設学級。この中の7名が、図書館寺子屋からのシフト組です。この写真では、誰が誰やら、良く分かりませんが、全員、元気いっぱい、ニッコニコでした! Seven of the children in this special class at Public primary school studied at the library before entering this school. We’re not sure who everyone is in this picture, but they are all full of energy and have big smiles on their faces. 

そのPandwong P/Sへは数日前からAringo Prossy ( 左端P.3)が通い始めています。Aringo が、緊張が解けないLacwec(右端P.2)を他のクラスメートたちと一緒に歓迎!
A few days before that, Aringo Prossy (far left, 3rd grade) began attending Pandwong Primary School. Aringo and a nervous Lacwec (far right, 2nd grade) were welcomed along with their classmates.

Pandwong p/s への面接を受けるLakaraber Flavia Lacwec ラカラベー ラチウェチとお母さん。Lacwecの通学歴などを聞かれています。
Lakaraber Flavia Lacwec and her mother are interviewed at Pandwong Primary School. Lacwec was asked about her educational background.

昨年1年間Kitgum Boys‘(Boys といっても共学です!)p/s に通学支援したLakica Babraラキチャが、奥地の村の家族の元に戻ることになりました。出発直前の記念撮影です。
Lakica Babra, who attended Kitgum Boys Primary School (despite its name, it is coeducational) last year, will return to her family in an inland village. She posed for a photo before departing.

Babraとは逆に、コロナ禍を数年過ごした他県の村から、一緒に暮らせるようになった家族のもとに戻ってきたAdong Rose(P.5)。タウンから約10~5km位西郊のOryang Ojumaオリャング地区の学校への初日。Ogen So (左端マスク着用)が緊張を解こうとふざけています。
 In contrast to Babra, Adong Rose (5th grade), who spent several years in a village in another district on account of the pandemic, has returned to live with her family. She will attend a school in Oryang Ojuma, 10-15 km west of town. So, Baba Ogen clowned around in an effort to get over her nervousness.

PLE(義務教育修了認定テスト)を合格、希望の美容師学校に入ったAweko Babra(後列右端)。今日は初めての実習、緊張!!  Aweko Babra (back row, far right) has passed the PLE (compulsory completion exam) and entered the cosmetology school of her choice. Today is her first training, she looks nerves!

千葉市在住の支援者Y.Tさまが、メチャ高いEMS代を払って送って下さったXmas/New Year‘sのプレゼントを手に、一同ニッコリ!! ようやくお披露目できました‼ パチパチ~!!
3022744 Children are all smiles as they hold Christmas/New Year’s gifts sent by a supporter, Ms Y.T in Chiba prefecture via the very expensive international express mail. The children were finally able to show off these gifts!  --clapping !!--




2023年度3学期も、アレヨアレヨという間に修了‼ The third term is over before you know it!

Although some time has passed, we’d like to introduce a few of the not-so-bad photos we’ve taken over the past several months along with some more recent shots.


The first and last meeting of the school year at which children were accompanied by their guardians.


家族ごとでの話し合いタイム。  Time for talking with each family.


Acen Harrietアチェン ハリエット(S.1)とオジ、Lubangangeyo Stephenルバンガニェヨ スティーブン(P.5)とオバ。どちらも遠方在住、ミーティング当日は都合がつかず数日後、偶然同時に来館。“寺子屋学習組”だった頃の旧交を温めていました。
 Acen Harriet (secondary school, first year) and her uncle, Lubangagneyo Stephen 5th grade) and his aunt. Both families live far away and were unable to attend the meeting but came to the library at the same time several days later. They formerly attended lessons together at the library, and rekindled old ties.


“女の子を連れてきたLa賞”のXmasバージョン(折り紙サンタクロース*付き!)を被ってご満悦の子供たち‼ *こちらでは、“サンタクロース”ではなく、“Mr.クリスマス”というのが普通のようです。  
 The winners of the Christmas version of the La Prize for bringing a new girl to the library look satisfied with their prizes (complete with an origami Santa Claus). (Here people refer to “Mr. Christmas,” not Santa Claus.) 


  学年代表として、某NGO主催の青少年リーダー育成プログラムに参加。修了証と記念品のTシャツを手に、“オディ~”(現地食名ピーナッツソース青菜あえ?)!! こちらでは、“チ~ズ!!”の代わりに”オディ~“といいます。 ラケーサンディ、チャンワット ブライアン, アケトワンガ サラ。3人ともP.5  
   Laker Sundayラケー サンディ, Canwat Brian チャンワット ブライアン, and Aketowanga Sarah アケトワンガ サラ, class presidents who completed a leadership development program sponsored by an NGO, hold the certificates and T-shirts they received. (Here people say “odi” (ground nut paste) instead of “cheese” when posing for pictures.) All three students are in the fifth grade.


ある日曜。開館までかなり時間があり、スタッフが揃わないので、UG国歌を斉唱! 英語なので、特に低年齢の子供には難し~ようです。
 One Sunday there was quite a bit of time before opening, and the staff were not all there yet, so we sang the Ugandan national anthem.

 A nun who was introduced to us by Sally years ago came by for a visit. (For more about Sally, refer to the previous blog entry and posts about volunteers.)




2学期終了、…と思う間もなく、3学期が始まります!:Second term ends, and before you know it third term begins!

2学期が終わり、Lumure村から3人の支援生が図書館に姿を見せました! 凸凹荒れ泥道を片道2時間もかけて徒歩での往復です。帰路、この頃連日のように夕方起こる雷付き強風雨に出会ってしまうおそれがあるので、近況を聞くのもそこそこに、早く帰してあげないと、と、大好きなビスケットも急いで食べさせるしかありません。     
Three children from the village of Lumure who are supported by the library showed up one day after the end of the second term. It is a two-hour walk each way along a bumpy, muddy road. Recently there have been storms with strong winds, heavy rain and lightning several evenings in a row. There was a risk of them getting caught in one of those storms on their way home, so we had little time to ask what they’d been doing before sending them home. There was only enough time for them to eat their favorite biscuits. 

Ktgタウンの支援子供たちにも、大人気のビスケット! 1袋30枚弱入り4000シル(約160円)! 水と粉を練って焼いただけ、ミルクやバターなど一切入っていない非常に素朴なモノですが、時々何かの折に一人2,3枚ずつ振る舞います。これを楽しみに図書館に通ってくるらしき子もいるとかいないとか…!?!   
These biscuits are popular with the kids we support in Kitgum too! There are slightly fewer than 30 biscuits in a bag, which costs 4,000 shillings(=about160yen). They are very simple biscuits made of water and flour that has been kneaded together and baked. There is no milk or butter in them. We give two or three to a child now and then. There may be some children who come to the library just in hopes of getting biscuits.

3学期までの約3週間、別途費用を払って学校での補習に参加することを勧められますが、お金がない子は?!? そこで、図書館では、例によって通常の寺子屋を拡大充実し学習の機会を無料提供! この子たちにも時たまビスケットをふるまうので、それを目当てに来ているのかもしれません?!  
Children are advised to participate in supplemental lessons that are conducted for three weeks before the start of the third term. But students must pay extra for these lessons. So, what about the children who have no money? At those times the library expands its services to offer free extra lessons. We occasionally give these children biscuits too. Perhaps that’s why they come. 

In order to make room for other children who come to the library to read, children in the lower grades (first through fourth) study in the new library while those in the upper grades (fifth through seventh) study in the old library. Students are divided into classes of from two to six children with one teacher. The students review the errors they made on final exams in school and study with special vacation workbooks. (Each workbook covers mathematics, English, science, and social studies. At wealthy private schools each child is required to purchase one of these workbooks. Here we buy one workbook for each class and the students share it.) Unlike the supplemental lessons at schools, in which there may be anywhere from 50 to 100 students in a class, our classes are small. They are popular with the students because the lessons are easy to understand and helpful.

During her summer vacation Sally Haiselden came back for a visit for the first time in more than 10 years. (See the volunteer area.) She is now the head teacher at a primary school in her homeland of England. She talked with the children with her usual kind smile on her face. 

 One Sunday there was a long line in front of the library long before it opened. The library was full, and we had to limit admission. When one child left, another came in. Outside the door that can be seen in the background on the right, children formed a line to get in. That day we set a record for new visitors to the library (since the coronavirus pandemic).  

These two girls, the last to come to the library that day, invited each other to come with one another. They each were awarded the Prize for Bringing a New Girl.  




2学期が始まりました! その2 近在組リポート Second term begins (Part 2): Report on students nearby

 こちら、ようやく雨季らしく雨が降るようになってきました! 誰もかれも総出で、畑仕事に取り組んでいる感じです。みんな大好き貴重な蛋白源であるハネアリ(翅を取って生食したり、炒め煮にしたり)が大量発生し、犬猫までも大喜び!! こちらの人はwhite antsといいますが、百害あって一利なしのシロアリ(こちらはtermiteと呼ばれます。)とは違うとされます。私ども二人は、どちらも×ですが。。    今回は《近在組》の様子をお知らせします。
 Rain typical of the rainy season has finally begun to fall. Everyone seems to have come out to work in the fields. Winged ants, an important source of protein popular with everyone, are out in force. Even dogs and cats are rejoicing! (People pull off their wings and eat the ants raw or stir-fry them.) These ants are referred to locally as “white ants,” but they are different from termites (also sometimes called “white ants”), which do nothing but harm. Personally, we don’t like either of them.        This report focuses on children living nearby.   

 就学支援継続中の10人。Laker Sundayラケーサンディ(P.5), Latabu Jacklineラタブジャクリン(P.6), Aber Fortunateアベーフォチュネト(p.6),Otema Brianオテマ ブライアン(P.6), Agenorwot Marcy Oyella(P.6) アゲノルォト マーシーオイェラ(P.6),Pikica Marvineピキチャマーヴィン(P.7), Aketowanga Sarahアケトワンガ サラ(P.5)、Anenocan Mirriamアネノチャン ミリアム(P.7)。  2学期が始まってようやくもらえた1学期の通知表を手に、意気軒昂です。  
 Anywar Joelアニワ―ジョエル(S.4)、Wokorac Dickウォコラチ ディック(S.3)Secondaryに通う2名。JoelはO.レベル(日本の中高レベル)の最終学年。UCE(卒業認定テスト)を控え、猛勉強中。Dickは、日曜など図書館を手伝ってくれていますが、来年はUCE受験生!! 二人ともコロナに翻弄され、生活苦に堪え、何度もドロップアウトしかけましたが、何とかここまで踏ん張って来ています。  
 The schooling of 10 children is being paid for by the library. Laker Sunday (5th grade), Latabu Jackline (6th grade), Aber Fortunate (6th grade), Otema Brian (6th grade), Agenorwot Marcy Oyella (6th grade), Pikica Marvine (7th grade), Aketowanga Sarah (5th grade), and Anenocan Mirriam (7th grade) are in high spirits as they hold their report cards for the first term. The second term has already begun. 
Anywar Joel and Wokorac Dick are in the fourth and third years of secondary school, respectively. Joel is studying hard for the Uganda Certificate of Education examinations, comparable to the GCE O-level in the United Kingdom. Dick helps out at the library on Sundays. Next year he will take the UCE examinations also. Both of them were affected by the pandemic and have had hard lives. After having dropped out of school numerous times, the two of them have somehow managed to get this far. 

Aber Lydia アベ―リディア(P.1)祖母(赤いT-シャツ 姿)の左側  Agenorwot Priskaアゲノルウォット プリスカ(P.1) 祖母の右側。手製の酒(密造酒?)を売ってこの長屋で孫たちを養う祖母と暮らし、入学手続き後数日通っただけで、学校から追われ、図書館寺子屋に通うようになり、今学期から、当方の支援就学生の輪に加わりました。左側の3少年、この家庭訪問時は、某NGOが支援する貧しい子供のための“特設学級”*に通学中、という話でした。  
 Aber Lydia (1st grade) to the left of her grandmother (in the red T-shirt) and Agenorwot Priska (1st grade) to the right of her grandmother, who sells homemade liquor (moonshine?) and raises her 5 grandchildren in this row house. Priska completed the enrollment procedures and started school. But after a few days she was sent home because of money and began studying at the library. From this term her schooling will be supported by the library. During our visit to her home, we were told that the three boys on the left were going to a special class for poor children supported by a non-governmental organization. 

 A. Priskaと A.Lydia。登校初日。校納金等支払い手続き後、初めて教室に。制服はこのあと仕立て屋に行き採寸注文。できるまであと数日、私服登校の許可をもらいました。当地(東アフリカ、多分アフリカ全体!)では、公立でもナーサリーから全て制服必着! 汚れ、痛み、サイズなど厳しく✓され、×だと追い返されることも!  
 Priska and Lydia on their first day of school. After paying their tuition and other expenses, they went to a classroom for the first time. After that they went to a tailor to be measured for uniforms. It takes several days for the uniforms to be finished, so they received permission to attend school in their own clothes until then. In eastern Africa (or perhaps all of Africa) even in public school children wear uniforms from nursery school on. The uniforms are regularly inspected for cleanliness, wear, and fit, and children are sometimes sent home if their uniforms are not in order.

Lakica Babraラキチャ バブラ(P.1)上述LydiaやPriskaと同じく今学期から当方の支援就学生になりました。オジ夫婦に養われ学校に通うのは初めてです。
Like Lydia and Priska, the expenses of Lakica Babra (1st grade) are being paid for by the library starting this term. She is being raised by her aunt and uncle. This is her first time to attend school.  

L.Babra : Ktgで病院を経営するオーストラリア人医師A.Wright(右端)とオーストラリアから来訪中の友人夫妻に、生まれて初めての制服姿をお披露目。  Babra shows off her first-ever uniform for Dr. Andrew Wright (far right), an Australian who runs a hospital in Kitgum, and friends who came to visit from Australia.

オジ夫婦とその子と。 オジは教会とその周辺一帯の草刈り人。  
Babra with her aunt and uncle, who cuts the grass at the local church and the surrounding area.

A. Lydia & A. Priska(Public p/s) 制服を着て初めて登校。go to school for the first time in their new uniforms. 

L. Babra(Ktg B p/s) go to school for the first time in their new uniforms. 

A.Lydia,A.Priska,L.Babra 初めての土曜ミーティング参加。しかしこの日は先輩上級生たちは、テストや補習などで登校日のため不在でした。当地では、前日㈮夕方にならないと翌日㈯が登校か休みか分からないので、連絡できず、一部だけ出席という事態が頻繁に起こります…。  
266 2582: Lydia, Priska, and Babra participate in a Saturday meeting for the first time. That day upper-graders were unable to attend because they had to go to school for tests or supplementary lessons. In this area students don’t find out until Friday evening whether or not there will be school on Saturday, so often only some of the students can come on Saturdays.

上述某NGO の”特設学級”*が打ち切りになり、また図書館寺子屋に戻ってきた3人、手前から、Okema Denishオケマ デニシュ(P.3), Oola Peter Ronald オーラ ピーター ロナルド(P.4), Omara Oscarオマラ オスカー(P.4)。  
The NGO’s special class was canceled, so the three boys, (from the front) Okema Denish (3rd grade), Oola Peter Ronald (4th grade), and Omara Oscar (4th grade), returned to the library to study.

Lakica Graceラキチャ グレイス(推定7歳)。彼女自身の3人の子のシングルマザーであるオバ一人の稼ぎでは、上の子たちを学校に通わせるだけでも四苦八苦。Graceは寺子屋生になりました。奥は、Laker Lisa ラケー リサ(15歳)。彼女はいわゆる学習困難児。経済的には就学可能ですが、何校も尋ねて、試しに受け入れてくれた学校からも結局断られ、もう何年も図書館に通ってきています。祖母、両親、家族で、将来について話し合ってはいるものの、今しばらくはこのまま寺子屋通いを続けたいようです。天使のような子です! 

 Lakica Grace, who is about 7 years old, is being raised by her aunt, who is single, along with her own three children. It is a struggle for the aunt just to send her older children to school. So Grace began studying at the library. In the background is Laker Lisa, 15, who has a learning disability. Her family could afford to send her to school, but after visits to several schools, even those that initially admitted her ultimately declined to let her attend. So she has been coming to the library for several years. She has discussed her future with her grandmother, parents, and other family members, but she wants to continue to study at the library for a while longer. She is as sweet as an angel.

《遠方組》のAromorac Babra(P.7), Lubangangeyo Emmanuel(P.6),Lubangakene Stephen(P.5)の3人、悪路を片道2時間ほど歩いて図書館に。今朝郵便局で受けとったばかりの新しい本(支援者の方が、高い書留料金を払って送ってくれました!)を手に。天気が心配だったので、短時間で出発させましたが、間もなく降り出し、田舎道沿いには雨宿りできるような建物も無い(木は、落雷の怖れがあり×!)ので、ビショぬれになっただろうと…。 
Aromorac Babra (7th grade), Lubangangeyo Emmanuel (6th grade), and Lubangakene Stephen (5th grade), who live in a remote area, walked about two hours over poor roads to get to the library. They are holding new books that had just arrived that morning via the post, sent at great expense by a supporter. We sent the children home after a short time because we were concerned about the weather. Not long after they left, it began to rain. There is no place along the rural roads to take shelter from the rain, so they must have got soaking wet. (Trees may be struck by lightning, so sheltering under a tree is no good.) 




炎天下、2学期が始まりました! その1:遠方組リポート Second term begins under a blazing sun: Part 1 Report on students in remote areas 

UGは、といっても、ここKitgumを含む北部・北東部だけなのかもしれませんが、雨季の真っ最中のはずが、雨がほとんど降らず、青物葉物野菜が取れず、穀類豆類や他のものにまで物価高騰が及び、人々は、このままでは、旱魃、飢饉になる!と恐れています。空腹を紛らしてくれたアチコチに自生?!するマンゴーの季節も過ぎてしまい…。 そんな中、2学期が始まりました。何日かに分けて、他県、またKitgum県内でも奥まった村々に転居した支援子供の家庭や学校訪問をしました。タウン内や近在の子供たちのところは、Podiまだ、ですが、先ずは“遠方組”の訪問の様子をご覧ください。”近在組“についても、追ってお知らせしますので、折々、✓お願いいたします。
 In Japan the season of fresh greenery is no doubt over, and the dreary rainy season must have begun. In Uganda – or at least the north/northeastern regions where Kitgum is – we should be in the middle of the rainy season. But very little rain has fallen, and green leafy vegetables cannot be grown. Their price and the prices of cereals, beans and other foods have risen sharply, and people are concerned that they will face drought and starvation. Mangoes, which grow wild throughout the area and which people had been eating to fill their bellies, are no longer in season.
 Meanwhile the second school term has begun. Over several days we visited the homes and schools of children supported by the library who have moved to other districts or to rural villages in the Kitgum District and other districts. We have not yet visited students nearby, including those in town or in nearby villages.

ルバンガニェヨ マニュエル(P.6)。今後一緒に暮らすことになったオジさん家の前で。Lubangngeyo Emmanuel (6th grade) in front of the home of his uncle, with whom he will live.

同じ敷地内に点在する家々に住む親類たちと。 With relatives who live on the same property. 

ルバンガニェヨ スティーブン(P.5)、ルバン エマ, アロモラチ バブラ(P.7)  コロナ以前、図書館寺子屋で一緒に勉強したことのある3人が偶然また同じ学校で学ぶことになりました。

Lubanganyeyo Stephen (5th grade), Luban.Emma, Aromorach Babra (7th grade)  Before the pandemic,studied together at the library. By coincidence, they now attend the same school. 

 They are holding the report cards they received once the second term began. (In this country, students rarely receive their report cards on the last day of the term. There is a break of about one week between final exams and the last day of the term. During that time, tests are scored and grades are compiled, though.) They were all smiles seeing that their marks reflected their hard work. Their head teacher is on the right in the front row. 

アケロ シャロン(P.7) 祖母と暮らす家の前で。「藁屋根を修理したいけど、お金がなくて…」と、おバアちゃん。Akello Sharon (P.7 7th grade)  in front of the house where she lives with her grandmother, who said she would like to repair the thatch roof but has no money to do so.

受け取ったばかり通知表を手に。3学期のPLE(Primary Leaving Examinations全国のP.7生が一斉に受ける卒業認定テスト)に向けて、やる気マンマン!?  Here she holds the report card. She is a candidate for the Primary Leaving Examinations, which is taken by seventh graders nationwide November in the third term. She is full of ambition.  

アドング ローズ(P.5)。遥かAgago県でオジさん一家と暮らしています。通知表はPodiまだ、です。広~い校庭では牛が遊んでいます!  Adong Rose (5th grade) lives in the distant Agago District with her uncle and his family. Her class has not yet received their report cards although they are two weeks into the second term. Cows frolic in the large schoolyard.

She was happy to be able to use Baba Ogen So’s phone to speak with her brother, who lives far away, for the first time in more than six months.

 アチェン ハリエット(S.1)今年度1学期からPader 県のSecondaryに進みました! ようやく私どもが初めて学校訪問できた日は、1学期の終業日、もらったばかりの通知表を手に。
 Acen Harriet (1st grade) advanced to secondary school in the Pader District in the first term. When we were finally able to visit her school for the first time, it was the last day of the first term and she had just received her report card.   

 Kitgumに来県する用があったオジさんに連れられて来館‼ 新図書館ができる前にAgago県の親戚に引き取られた彼女には初めて見る“新“図書館です。  Her uncle, who came to Kitgum on an errand, brought her to the library. She was taken in by relatives in the Agago District before the new library was built, so it was her first time to see it.




こちらKitgumに戻り早や4週間超 Four weeks since returning to Uganda

雨季の真っただ中!のハズなのに、カーッと晴れ渡った青空が、もう数週間続いています。K’laからの途中では、洪水で、道路が冠水し、騒ぎになっているところもあったのですが、北部や東北部はカラッカラに干上がっています‼ 種まき、植え付けができない!! と村々から悲鳴が上がり、町の市場からは、青物葉物が姿を消し、たまにあってもメチャ高~!!!   
 Although we should be in the middle of the rainy season, we have had clear blue skies for several weeks. On the way back from Kampala the roads were submerged in some places on account of flooding, and it was a bit of a mess. But in the north and northeast it is very dry. People in the villages are lamenting that they cannot do any sowing or planting. No green vegetables can be seen in the markets, and when they are, they are very expensive.

初ミーティングに来られた子供たちからも、「食事が満足に摂れない!」と訴えが…、しかし学校の給食費は、バカ高くて、とても全員分は負担できないし…。メイズ、イモ類、マメ類、これから旬を迎えるマンゴーなどで何とか乗りきるしか‼ そんな状況で、Rubangakene Dauzi, Opoka Brian, Omara James Aryemo Sundayが、間もなく1学期期末テストが始まるかというこの時期になっても、図書館にも学校にも姿を見せません。Acen HarrietとLubangangeyo Emmanuelの二人とは、ようやく保護者(二人とも孤児で、オバ、オジが保護者)と連絡がとれ、Emmanuelは学校に戻り、図書館にも姿を見せました。Acenは遠方のうえ、この1学期から、新しく入学したSecondaryもさらに遠方で、学校と連絡がとれず未確認、写真もありませんが。。
 The children who came to the first meeting said they are not getting enough to eat. But school lunch fees are so high that we cannot cover them for all of the children. They just have to get by on maize, potatoes, beans, and mangos which will soon be in season. Rubangakene Dauzi, Opoka Brian, Omara James, and Aryemo Sunday, who should soon be taking end-of-term exams, have not been seen at the library or at school. We were finally able to contact the guardians of Acen Harriet and Lubangangeyo Emmanuel. (Both children are orphans being raised by her aunt and his uncle.) Emmanuel went back to school and has also come to the library. Acen is now living far away, and the secondary school she newly entered is even more distant. We have not been able to contact the school to find out about her. Nor do we have a photograph. 


遠方ですが、引き続き同じ村々で、前と同じ学校に通う子供たちは、私どもがまだUGに戻る前に、Joyceが訪問し、校納金支払いなど済ませました。  Before we returned to Uganda, Joyce visited the distant homes of the students who continue to live in the same villages and attend the same schools and paid their school fees.

Aciro Rose (5th grade)

Aromorac Babra (7th grade), Lubanganyeyo Stephen (5th grade)

引き続きKitgum primary Schoolに通学中。  Otema Brian (6th grade), Agenorwot Mercy Oyella (6th grade), Pikica Marvine (7th grade), and Aber Fortunate (6th grade) are also continuing in Kitgum Primary school.

 Akello Sharon(p.7)

この新学年から同じSecondary に通う 
Wokorac Dick and Anywar Joel are attending the same secondary school this year. They are in their third and fourth years, respectively. 

引き続きPublic P/Sに通学中 Canwat Brian (5th grade), Laker Sunday (5th grade), Anenocan Mirriam (7th grade), Aketowanga Sarah (5th grade), and Latabu Jackline (6th grade) are continuing in Kitgum Public primary school. 

 支援者の皆様からの年末年始のお便りが届き始めました。まだ…、の子供たちは自分にはいつ来るのかな、と楽しみにしています。普通の航空便(エアメール)だと、2か月前後かかるようですので、できるだけお早く、どうぞよろしくお願いいたします。 Letters from supporters that were sent during the year-end and New Year holiday season have begun to arrive. Children who have not received letters yet are eagerly awaiting theirs. Air mail takes about two months to arrive, so please mail letters early.  

Pikica Marvine with Lub. Emmanuel
Pikica Marvineは、ごく最近、小さいころから母親代わりに育ててくれた祖母を病気で亡くし、今は遠縁の家に身を寄せています。今日は、支援者の方からのお手紙に、久しぶりに笑顔が! 偶然来館したLubangangeyo Emmanuelと。

 Pikica Marvine recently lost her grandmother, who had raised her since  she was a baby. She is now living with distant relatives. A letter from a supporter put a smile on her face, the first we’ve seen in a while. Here she is shown with Lubangangeyo Emmanuel, who happened to come to the library at the same time.  

.  “皆さんに!”といただいたクリスマス音楽メドレーオルゴール付きのカード、 就学支援中の子供たちに披露。今年のクリスマスシーズンには、一般の来館者に向けても大いに活用したいと思います。  A card that plays a medley of Christmas music was sent to the library to be enjoyed by all the children. Here we play the card for the children. We hope to make good use of the card next Christmas season for general library users as well.   




こちらUGに戻り早や2週間超 Two weeks since returning to Uganda

As is typical of Africa and Uganda, problems have been occurring one after another. We’re still tackling them, but meanwhile we’ve managed to put together this latest edition of our blog. Please take a look at the photos. 

 以前から気になってはいた新図書館の屋根に覆いかぶさっていた高~い巨木! ついに、土中から大きな根っこが浮き上がり、巨体全身で建物にのしかかり、このままでは建物が破壊される!!という緊急非常事態。大騒ぎの末、ようやく片付けました。木を切るのは偲びなかったのですが…。
 We had been concerned about a very tall tree whose branches spread over the new library’s roof. A large root also broke through the ground. The weight of the tree overhung the building, and there was a danger of it destroying the library if nothing was done. After a lot of commotion, this emergency was dealt with. We didn’t have the heart to cut the tree down, though. 


 またまたシロアリ来襲! 旧図書館では約20冊ほど被害に、残念ですが処分! さらに新図書館の外側にも魔の手が!! 幸いまだ内部は無事なようですが、用心のため薬剤を散布。いつもながらJoyceが献身的に。
 Termites continue to attack! About 20 books in the old library were damaged, so, unfortunately, we had to dispose of them. The demonic termites have also begun attacking the exterior of the new library. Luckily, the interior is still unaffected, but as a precautionary measure we sprayed pesticide. As usual, Joyce was a devoted worker as always. 

 Children patrons somehow learned of the library’s reopening and came the first day as they had no classes at school.

 再開前の清掃。就学支援中の子供の中で、「授業がない」Canwat Brian, Latabu Jackline, Laker Sunday, Aber Fortunateが汗を流してくれました。 ≪今日は以上ですが、まだまだ続きます。近日中、乞うご期待!≫ 
 Canwat Brian, Latabu Jackline, Laker Sunday, and Aber Fortunate, whose schooling is supported by the library, helped clean the library before its reopening as they had no classes. They worked up a good sweat.   
《  That’s it for today. Until next time! Maybe very soon!! 》




子供たちが3年ぶりに年末年始のご挨拶を書きました Children write year-end greetings for first time in three years

 という訳で、 2019年には、タウンにいて、お便りできた子どもたちのうち、10名ほどの子どもたちは、残念ながら今回は参加できないので、タウンに残った子供たちが、一人でお二人以上の支援者の皆様に書きました!
 3名のスタッフが手取り足取り補助しましたが、まだ未完成、意味不明、ミスだらけかもしれませんが、お受け取りいただいた皆さま、はがき一枚でも、日本語ででも、どうぞ、お返事くださいますよう心からお願いいたします。 尚、引き続き世界的に郵便事情が混乱しています。日本⇔UG、航空便で、片道2か程かかります。
 Because of the pandemic, many children moved from the town, where the cost of food and housing is higher, to remote regions and villages.  
 In Uganda, the postal system is rudimentary, and even if mail can be sent from the town's lone post office, there is no delivery service. So the only way to receive mail is by having a post office box. In remote regions and villages, there are no post offices, and at most one well-to-do family in a village may have a post office box. None of the families of the children for whom we provide support is able to use the post office in town.
 Thus, unfortunately, 10 of the children who were in town and able to write letters in 2019 were unable to do so this time. So, each of the children who has remained in town wrote letters to at least two supporters.  
 Three staff members provided help along the way, but the letters may still have incomplete or unclear parts or other mistakes. We sincerely hope the recipients will send a reply. A postcard is fine.  
 Postal services around the world are still in disarray, and air mail between Uganda and Japan can take two months.

Aketowanga Sarah(アケトワンガ サラ)

Canwat Brian(チャンワット ブライアン)

Latabu Jackline, Wokorac Dick(ウォコラチ ディク, Laker Sunday(ラケー サンディ)

Agenorwot Mercy Oyella(アゲノルォト マーシー オィェラ), Aber Fortunate(アベ― フォーチュネト)

Otema Brian(オテマ ブライアン), Aryemo Sunday(アリィエモ サンデイ)

Lubangangeyo Emmanuel(ルバンガニィェヨ エマニュエル)

Omara James(オマラ ジェイムズ), Joyce(スタッフ), Agenorwot Mercy Oyella

Anywar Joel(アニワ― ジョエル), Rubangakene Dauzi(ルバンガケネ ダウジ)

 Latabu Jackline(ラタブ ジャクリーン), Anenocan Mirria(アネノチャン ミリアム)

Pikica Marvine(ピキチャ マーヴィン)




3学期終了 つまり2022年度が修了しました! School year ends with close of third term

 3学期はエボラ対策のため、通常より2週間短く切り上げられました。今年度は、コロナのため1学期のスタートが大幅に遅れたので、年間を通じ、正味は通常の3分の1程度の授業日数だったのではないでしょうか? 学校閉鎖中もPCやTV,ラジオなどで学習できたような恵まれた子供たちと、何とか食べて生きるのが精いっぱい、学習の機会はゼロだったような子供たちと、格差がますます広がった感の否めない年月だったと思います。ともあれ、図書館と子供たちの近影をご覧ください。       
 To prevent the spread of the Ebola virus, the third term ended two weeks earlier than usual this year. Because of the coronavirus pandemic, the start of the school year was considerably delayed, so only about one third of the usual number of school days were held. While schools were closed, some children were fortunate to be able to learn via personal computers, television or radio whereas others had no opportunity to learn and it was all they could do to get enough to eat. This gap seems to have widened in recent months. Anyway, please enjoy these recent photos of the library and the children.

コロナの間、遥か遠い東部に、メードとして出稼ぎに出されていたAryemo Sunday(P.5)。皆の協力で学校に戻れ、久しぶりの教室に姿をみせました。Fifth-grader Aryemo Sunday had been sent to the distant eastern region to work as a maid during the pandemic. Through the efforts of many, she was able to return to school and came to the classroom for the first time in quite a while. 

こちらも同じく授業の無い日、悪路をものともせず、遠方から訪ねてきたPingoloya Gifty。以前の寺子屋仲間のWokorac Dickと再会。

Pingoloya Gifty likewise traveled a long distance over a bad road to visit on a day without classes. She was reunited with Wokorac Dick, with whom she had studied at the library.

雨がよく降り、故Emmaお手植えの生垣がグングン成長! 剪定に汗を流すBaba。

Lots of rain has fallen, and the hedge that the late Emma planted is growing rapidly. Here Baba works up a sweat trimming the hedge.

日曜日など学校が無い日は、朝早くから長蛇の列。Babaが並ばせ、手洗いを指導。On Sundays and school holidays, children form a long line from early in the morning to get into the library. Baba lines them up and washes their hands.

片道6~7キロの悪路を徒歩で、Aromorac Babra(P.6)とLubanganyeyo Stephen(P.4)姉弟が、授業がない日に訪ねてきました!

Siblings Aromorac Babra(sixth grade)and Lubanganyeyo Stephen(fourth grade) came to visit on a day when there were no classes, walking 6 or 7 km over a bad national road.   

この頃平日昼間よく来る女の子。いつも赤ちゃんを背負って。 聞けば、コロナで生活が厳しくなり、小学校をやめ、ベビーシッターとして働くため村から町に出て来た、とのこと。This girl often visits the library on weekdays of late, always with a baby on her back. She told us that her family was struggling on account of the pandemic, so she quit primary school and came to town from her village to work as a babysitter.

図書館の近くで、大きなシロアリの塚を発見!私たちの大切な本を荒らしたアリたちのアジトはここだったらしいと。 BabaやJoyceが、マスクと手袋で武装して、薬剤を撒き、徹底的に退治しました!

We discovered a large termite mound near the library. Apparently, it is the hideout of the termites that have been damaging our precious books. Protected by masks and gloves, Baba and Joyce applied pesticide to the nest and exterminated the termites.


In the new library’s nursery, small children can play with toys or nap while their big brothers and sisters read. Staff members play with them when they’re not busy.




3学期スタート前後  :Start of the third term


As a result of the economic stagnation and social unrest caused by the pandemic, many people have given up living in town, where the cost of living is higher, and have moved to villages farther inland. Among them are children supported by us, who relocated either with their parents or on their own.
Though we had lost touch with five children we support and had no way of finding them nor any clue as to their whereabouts, Joyce and others had located almost all of them.
During the months-long rainy season, we spent nearly an entire day traveling to see each child, our four-wheel drive vehicle getting stuck in the mud of the bad roads along the way. Here is the report. As the saying goes, “A picture is worth a thousand words.” So, please take a look. 

Adong Rose (P.4)父、兄姉と別れ、カラモジャランドとの境界に近い村で一人、オバさん宅に預けられています。長い間、靴と算数セットが欲しいと聞いてましたが、ようやく叶えてやれました。左は校長先生、右はオバさんの夫。
 Adong Rose (P.4=4th grade) parted with her father and siblings and is now living with her aunt in a village near the border with Karamoja. We’d heard long ago that she wanted shoes and an arithmetic kit and were finally able to get them to her. On the left is the school principal. On the right is her uncle.

Ojok Emmanuel(P.6)とAkello Sharon(P.6)兄妹。支援者の方からいただいていたTシャツを手に。近隣ではコロナの影響が酷く、最近まで学校閉鎖だったため、成績は中程度ですが、二人ともリーダー格!と。
Brother and sister Ojok Emmanuel and Akello Sharon (both P.6=sixth graders) hold T-shirts they received from supporters. The pandemic took a heavy toll in the vicinity, and until recently their school was closed. So, their grades were not so well, but they are both leaders in their class.

Aromorac Babra(p.6)と Lubanganyeyo Stephen (p.4)姉弟。村の学校では、制服や靴などうるさく言われないので、他の多くの子供たちと同じく二人ともハダシでした! 念のため、と持って行った靴がピッタリでした。Babraの制服のシャツは、ただ今修繕中とのこと。
 Brother and sister Aromorac Babra (P.6) and Lubanganyeyo Stephen (P.4) attend a village school that is not strict about requiring uniforms or shoes. So, like many other children, they go to school barefoot. The shoes that were taken along just in case they could use them fit perfectly. Babra’s uniform shirt is being mended. 

Canwat Brian(p.4), Aketowanga Sarah(p.4), Latabu Jackline(P.5), Laker Sunday(p.4)。町のPublic 小学校に通学継続。
 Canwat Brian (4th grade), Aketowanga Sarah (4th grade), Latabu Jackline (5th grade) and Laker Sunday (4th grade) continue to go to Public primary school. They came to the library for the first time in about three years. Their uniforms had become too small for them and had been chewed on by rats. They have mended their uniforms or gotten hand-me-down uniforms from bigger children who transferred to a village school and no longer needed theirs.

Acen Nakate Harriet (P.7)。こちらも3年ぶり.県境を二つ越えた東部の県に、何年も眠っていた支援者の方からの手紙とプレゼントを持って行きました。彼女は間もなく、PLE(Primary Leaving Exams小学校卒業テスト)を受験します。副校長先生は、「優秀なので期待できる!」と。
 Acen Nakate Harriet (7th grade) crossed two regional borders to the eastern district. After three years she was given letters and presents from her supporter that had been waiting for her for several years. She will soon take the Primary Leaving Exams to graduate from primary school. The vice principal said she is an excellent student with a promising future.

Opoka Brian (S.3)。祖母や義弟妹を養うためS.(Secondary)を休学続きで、出稼ぎに行っていたりしましたが、久々姿を見せました。手にするのは、長い間この時を待っていた支援者の方からの手紙とプレゼント。右端は仲良しのRubangakene Dauzi (S.3)。二人の間はLawrence、故Emmaの弟。大学の費用を貯めるため、図書館を手伝ってくれています。大変頼りになっています!
 Opoka Brian (S.3=3rd year secondary), who had dropped out of secondary school and gone away to work to support his grandmother, sister and brother-in-law, came to visit for the first time in a long while. He holds his supporter’s letter and present that had been waiting for him for a long time. On the far right is his friend Rubangakene Dauzi (S.3=3rd year secondary). Between them is Lawrence, younger brother of the late Emma. In order to save money for college, he is helping out at the library. He is very reliable.  

Wokorac Dick(s.2)。お母さんが、ガバメント病院の清掃員に就職できたので、secondary (高校)に通えるようになり、学校休暇や日曜などに、図書館を手伝ってくれるようになりました! 赤ペンで採点中。
 Wokorac Dick (S.2=2nd year secondary) was able to start secondary school because his mother got a job on the cleaning staff of the government hospital. He has begun helping out at the library on school holidays and Sundays. He is grading papers with a red pen. 




2年6カ月ぶりのKITGUMからKOP ANGO~? Kop Ango? Back in Kitgum after two and a half years 

2020年早春、例年並みの一時帰国のつもりで日本に戻りましたが、直後に世界中で拡がったコロナ感染のせいで、UGに戻れなくなり、2年半が経ってしまいました! この間に失ったモノ、コトの回復に奔走、早くも1カ月強が過ぎました! K’LAのアチコチの省庁を右往左往して、ようやく、クルマの再登録など肝心カナメの用件を済ませ、KITGUMに戻り1週間。失った、損なわれたモノ、コトの大きさにア然としながらも、少~しずつ前に進んでいる感じがする毎日です。その様子を、“百聞は一見にしかず”… 写真で、ご覧ください。
In the early spring of 2020, just after we returned to Japan for our annual visit, the coronavirus pandemic broke out and we were unable to return to Uganda for two and a half years. Already one month has passed since we came back. During that time, we have been busy recovering all sorts of things that were lost. After running from one government office to the other in Kampala, we were finally able to re-register our car and take care of other essential matters. We have been back in Kitgum for one week. While we were shocked by the magnitude of how many things – both tangible and intangible – we had lost, we are moving forward little by little. “Seeing is believing,” as they say. So here are some photos.   


ブッシュ化しつつある植込み。故EMMAのリーダーシップで苗木を植えたのが、もう2メートルほどにも成長! 木々の間に、ヘビの抜け殻も発見! 奥のTRC(古い図書館)には、サソリも‼
Overgrown shrubbery. Planted under the leadership of the late Emma, these shrubs are now almost two meters tall, and we found snake skins amid them. There were scorpions in the old library building in the background.   


成長が遅い日陰では、踏みつけられ、ゴミ捨て場と化していたので、ゴミを取り除き新しく植え直しを。 こちら雨期が始まったので、根付くことを期待して。
The trees in the shade, which were growing slowly, had been trampled down and trash was being dumped there. So we cleared the trash and replanted. The rainy season has begun, so we hope the trees will take root.  


ターマイト(こちらの白アリは日本の白アリと比べ、大きく非常に活動的。冬が無い熱帯の気候が関係しているのでしょう。見た目は違いますが、木材、家具、本などを食い荒らすことは同じ)やネズミ、ゴキブリなどに蹂躙された本棚、机、椅子、そして多数の本…。 壁、机、椅子に強力な薬剤を散布、固形剤を置くなど、シロアリ、ネズミ、ゴキブリETC対策、全てバッチリしていたつもりでしたが、3年は長すぎました…。一冊一冊手に取り中まで丁寧に確認し、焼却するかどうか決めますので、大変時間がかかっています。
Termites, mice and cockroaches had overrun the bookshelves, desks, chairs and many books themselves. (The termites here are bigger than those in Japan and much more active, perhaps because there is no winter here. Though they look different, the way they devour wood, furniture, books, etc. is the same.) We had applied strong chemicals to the walls, desks and chairs and set out bait in an effort to thwart the pests, but three years had passed. We are carefully checking all the books to determine which must be incinerated, but it is a time-consuming process.


Books to be incinerated. So far we have had to dispose of more than 60 books, unfortunately.  

緊急の招集に応じて集まったPRIMARY P/S, PUBLIC P/S、PRISON P/Sに通学中の支援子供たち。3年近くの間にすっかり成長しました!でも面影表情はそのまま!! 奥にBABA OGENの顔も。
Students supported by the library who attend Primary, Public and Prison primary schools hastily assembled at our request. They had grown a lot in nearly three years. But their facial expressions were still the same. Baba Ogen can be seen in the background. 


2020年2月以降、KITGUMに届き、郵便局の私書箱で眠っていた支援者の方々からのお手紙、ようやく支援子供( ABER FORTUNATEとOTEMA BRIAN)の手に渡りました! あと2通(LATABU JACKLINE宛てとOPOKA BRIAN宛)が本人の来館を待っています。
 Letters from supporters that had been sitting in our postal box since February 2020. We were finally able to give them to the recipients, Aber Fortunate and Otema Brian. Letters to Latabu Jackline and Opoka Brian will be given to them when they come to the library.    
(l. to r.) Pikica Marvin, Aber Fortunate, Otema Brian, Agenorwot Mercy Oyella, Lubanganyeyo Emmanuel 


正面入り口のドアのガラスに大きな穴と縦横に長~いひび割れが‼! 詳しい人たちの話では、Flying Stone(草刈りやクルマが跳ね上げ飛ばす石)で、よくあることと。原因も、いつなったのかも、全く分かりませんが、ガラス屋を呼び、リペア中です。
There was a large hole and many long cracks in the glass of the front door. According to knowledgeable people, they were caused by rocks kicked up when mowing and by passing cars – a common occurrence. We don’t know the exact cause or when this damage occurred, but we hired a glazier to do repairs.  




2学期開始、約1カ月経ちました! One month into the second term!

 1学期に続き今回もJoyceが、雨期の赤土の泥流、泥濘に手を焼き足を取られながらもBodaBodaや乗り合いタクシー(Mini Bus)で、UG全国土の半分ほどの広い地域を東奔西走し、Ktg県内の4地域に加え、他の9県に、四散してしまった子供たちを訪ね、校納金支払いを済ませ、写真を撮ってきてくれました。
 Following on her travels during the first term, Joyce once again traveled over a wide area by boda boda and minibus. This time she covered nearly half of Uganda, slipping and sliding through rivers of red mud in the rainy season. In addition to four parts of the Kitgum District, she visited nine other districts to see children who are now scattered over a wide area. She paid their school expenses and took photos. 

Joyce and Aryemo Sunday in St. Mary’s Kitgum boy’s primary school.

Omara James & Joyce Oyella at Prison School during payment.

Joyce with Aromorach Babra and Rubangakene Stephen at Lumule Primary School.

Joyce on a boda boda travelling to Adilang via Pader and Patongo to meet pupils

Joyce during home base visit.

Rubangakene Dauzi, Anywar Joel and Joyce in Kitgum Town College.

      今学期から通学を再開できた2名(Anywar Joel, Aryemo Sunday)を加え、計20名を支援中です!! しかしながら、手掛かりがなくたどり着けない子が2名(Aketowanga Beatrice,  Aweko Babra), さらに、祖母や年少の子供たちのため、日雇いなどして、食費などを稼がなければならない2名(Ajok Scovia, Opoka Brian)もいます。日本などなら、夜間学校とかもあるのですが、何か手が無いものかと思案するばかり…もしお知恵があれば、お知らせください。
              Including two children, Anywar Joel and Aryemo Sunday, who resumed attending school this term, the library is supporting a total of 20 children. We have no information on Aketowanga Beatrice and Aweko Babra, so they could not be found. Ajok Scovia and Opoka Brian are working by day to support their grandmothers or younger children. In Japan or many other countries, they would be able to attend night or correspondence school. We are trying to think of a way for them to return to school. If anyone has a suggestion, please let us know.

Adong Rose, Joyce, Caretaker & Teacher at Wol Primary School in Agago District without pair of shoes.

Pupils with Joyce at Kitgum Primary School during payment of fees & requirements.

Akello Sharon and Joyce in Aywee Primary school.

Nakato Harriet, Joyce Oyella and caretaker at Opyelo Primary School in Patongo.

Angee Irene, Joyce and caretakers in Adilang Agago District.

Joyce at Kitgum public primary school.

 中でも一番心が痛むのは、『Amoi Robinaが結婚した!』という話。彼女が初めて図書館に来たのは、2019年の3学期頃、既に12,3歳でした。実父が亡くなった後、彼女や妹たちを連れて再婚した母に連れられて、Lira県からKtgに来て、図書館のことを知り、『勉強がしたい』と通ってくるようになり、学校にはほとんど行ったことがないので、1,2年生位の小さい子たちに交じって図書館寺子屋のメンバーに。通常なら、1年位、最短でも6か月位は様子を見て、就学支援をするかどうか判断するのですが、まじめでひたむきな態度に、『彼女には時間が無い、待たせるのはかわいそう…』と、2020年2月1学期から2年生として就学支援を始めました。2年生用の椅子に大きな身体を小さくして、恥ずかし気に座り、でも、変わらぬ真摯な通学、学習ぶりでした。  
――なのに、1カ月もたたないうちに、コロナで学校閉鎖。KTGにいる理由がないからと、彼女たち姉妹は、Lira県の亡父の親類に戻され、そして、結婚…。コロナがなければ、あのままずっとKtgで実の母と暮らし学校も続けていられただろうに…とかわいそうでなりません。ただ、彼女が望んだのでないかも、強いられたのかも知れないけど、相手がよい人で、彼女が幸せであればと祈るばかりです。 UGに戻ったら、一度はLira に尋ねてみたいと思っています。  
   The story that saddened us the most was that of Amoi Robina, who has married. She first came to the library around the third term in 2019 when she was 12 or 13. After her father died, her mother remarried and brought her and her sisters from the Lira District to Kitgum. After she learned of the library, Amoi Robina began coming, saying she wanted to learn. She had very little education, so she studied with the small children at first- or second-grade level. Ordinarily, children are observed for six months to a year before a decision is made as to whether the library would support them go to school. But Amoi Robina was a serious student and devoted to her studies. Because of her age, we felt that she had little time and it was a shame to make her wait. So in February 2020 she entered school as a second grader with the library’s support. She squeezed her much larger body into a small second-grader’s chair. Though she was embarrassed, she attended regularly and studied diligently.
  But within one month or so the school was closed on account of the coronavirus. As there was then no reason to stay in Kitgum, she and her sisters were sent back to the Lira District to live with relatives of her deceased father. …Then she was married. If not for the pandemic, she would likely have stayed in Kitgum with her mother and continued to study. It’s very unfortunate. It may not have been what she wanted, and she may have been married against her will. We just hope her husband is a good person and she is happy. When we get back to Uganda, we’d like to visit her in Lira.  




就学支援子供たちの近況その2 Update on Children Supported by PR Africa (Part2)

   今の住居での暮らしは?、その場所で、2学期以降も、引き続き通学し続けられるのだろうか?  など不確実ですし、さらに、足跡が辿れなかった、連絡が取れなかった、直接会えなかった4人、さらに、家族のため生活費を稼がなくてはならない、病人や幼い子供たちの世話をしなければならない、等々で、通学が難しい状況の2名などに対して、どうしたらよいか思案に暮れています。
   Since our report of Feb. 27, we have received more news and photographs from Kitgum of children supported by PR Africa.  
    This time Joyce and Astrid traveled to the deeper interior of the Kitgum District and to remote areas of other districts without public transportation or a means of communication, covered in dust and sweat, to locate children scattered over a wide area. They traveled by boda boda (bicycle and motorcycle taxis commonly used by those who don’t have a car) and paid the 19 children’s first-term school expenses. 
    We are not sure how the children are doing in their new locations or whether or not they will be able to continue going to school from the second term on. There are four children who about whom there has been no news, with whom contact has been lost, or who could not be seen in person. Two other children are unable to go to school because they must earn money for their family’s support or take care of ill family members or younger siblings and relatives. We are trying to figure out a way for them to return to school...  We just hope they will be well.

  4月2日はアンデルセンの誕生日で『国際子どもの本の日』とか。「家庭に良書があれば子どもは育つ」---とのこと。また、古代ギリシャ ラムゼス2世の図書館のドアに、『魂の癒し場所』との文字があったそうです。早くKitgumに戻り、この文字を我々の図書館に掲げ、本どころか、紙切れ、筆記具も手にするのが難しいthe poorest of the poor childrenが、本に触れられるほぼ唯一の場所=図書館を一日も早く再開できるように、と願っています。
   April 2nd, H.C.Andersen's birthday is International Children’s Book Day. It is said that children grow up well when there are good books in their home. Above the door of the library of Pharaoh Ramses II in ancient Greece was the inscription “the house of healing for the soul.” We hope to return to Kitgum as soon as possible, inscribe this motto on our library, and reopen the facility, the only place the poorest of the poor children, who have no access to pens, pencils or paper much less books, can contact with books. 




学校再開!!  Schools reopen!

 およそ2年続いた学校閉鎖が解除され約1カ月が経ちました。今までのところPR Africaが支援する子供たちの内、12名(写真をご覧ください)が通学を始めています。UGでは、始業日に生徒たちが一斉に登校するということはなく、日々、徐々に通学し始め、ほぼ全員が揃うのは、1カ月後くらい、というのが常です。
 登校が確認できていない子供たち13人については、Drop out とか、Not reported と区分され、そう書き込まれているだけで、その子供本人が、お金の支援が受けられても「もう学校に通う気はない。」と思っているのか、お金があれば、「できれば通いたい。」と思っているのか、保護者の意向は?など確かめてもらっています。
 After being closed for nearly two years, schools reopened about one month ago. So far, 12 of the children supported by PR Africa have returned to school.  
 In Uganda, children do not all return to school on the first day but instead return over a period of days. It takes about one month for all of them to start attending school. Because students must first pay between 3,000 and 5,000 shillings to enroll at the school they wish to attend, they cannot start school until this amount has been paid.
 Joyce and Astrid visited four primary and one secondary school and reported on the status of the children going there.  
  Thirteen students who have not returned to school are merely listed as “Dropped out” or “Not reported.” Does the child have no desire to go back to school even if financial support is available? Or does the child want to go to school if funds are available? What are the wishes of the parent or guardian? This is being investigated.

Aber Fortunate, Pikica Marvine, Agenorwot Mercy Oyella, Otema Brian,Lubanga nyeyo Emmanuel

                               Rubanga kene Dauzi

       Can wat Brian,  Latabu Jackline,  Laker Sunday,  Anenocan Mirriam

                    Omara James




Emmaの訃報に接して… 68th ボランティア(July~Oct 2019)アヤノさんより


 その時にEmmaと出会い、彼の人柄の良さ、 一生懸命さがとても印象に残っているので 突然の悲報に非常にショックを受けました。彼の周りはいつも笑顔で溢れていました。 子ども達へ愛情を持って関わり、勉強を熱心に教える姿は、 同じ子どもと関わる仕事をしている者として 刺激を受け、勉強になることも多くありました。 私自身も、Kitgumの町を案内してもらったり 生活面でもたくさん彼に助けてもらいました。
 20年という短い人生ながら、懸命に生きた 彼の存在は私も含めたくさんの人の心の中で 生き続けることと思います。
 私自身、体調を崩して数ヶ月の休職を得て先日復職を果たしたところでした。 宮本さんからお知らせをいただき、 いつ何が起きるかわからない人生の中で 今ある環境、命に感謝し、1日1日を大切に 頑張っていこうと思いました。
 A year and a half ago, when I was a volunteer in Kitgum, I met Emma. His good character and dedication left a deep impression on me, so I was shocked by the sudden news of his death.
 People were always smiling when they were around Emma. He treated the kids with affection. And, as a person working with those same kids, seeing him eagerly helping them with their studies was inspiring, and I learned a lot. Emma also showed me around Kitgum and helped me a great deal in my everyday life.
 Though his short life ended after only 20 years, Emma, who lived life to the fullest, will live on in my heart and the hearts of many others.

 I recently returned to work after taking several months off on account of illness. When I heard the news about Emma from Miyamoto-san, I thought to myself that  one never knows what will happen in life. So I want to be grateful for my situation and my life now, treasure every day, and work hard.
 May Emma rest in peace.




Emmaの死 Death of Emma


This is to inform those who had a direct connection with him and readers of our blog of the death of Kafa Emmanuel on January 9. He was about 20 years old. 

We last heard from “Emma” on October 21 in a text message in which he reported getting a green belt in tae kwon do. He attached a couple photos in which he was beaming with pride. He said that everyone there was well and that the library was fine, and urged us not to worry. After that we were unable to reach him. 

In Uganda, general elections of the president and legislators are held every five years, and an election was held earlier this year. From about one year prior to the election until several months after the vote-counting, there are always numerous incidents of violence between the ruling party forces, including the military and police, which are commanded by the president, and supporters of the opposition. People are often killed or injured in this violence. The use of phones, the Internet, and social networking services is usually limited. But, based on information from the Japanese embassy in Kampala and BBC News reports, we surmised that this year communication was difficult on account of the pandemic as well as deteriorating security under stricter than usual controls and limits on communication under full alert. All we could do was wait for things to calm down.  

   2012年                                                     2016年

(中)ユーザーだった小学生の頃           (後ろ右)子供たちの読書のヘルプ


(far right) With the children on the site where the new library was later built



(left) Helping children write letters to supporters

10月21日から1月9日までの3か月足らずの間に一体何が?!?  Emmaは小中学生の頃、血液の問題で、Kitgum, Gulu, Kampalaの大病院に何度も入退院し、検査/治療を受けてきましたが、ここ数年は、落ち着いているらしく、病院通いも不要になったように見えました。彼は、高校生になってから、学業の合間に図書館を手伝ってくれるようになりました。IQ, EQともに高く、責任感があり学校でも頼りになる人柄でHead Boy(男子生徒代表)を務め、手先が器用、折り紙などとても丁寧で日本人顔負け、音楽好きで教会のブラスバンドのリーダーをし、好成績で大学入学資格を得て、入学手続きの途中でした。”教師志望“というのも納得の、子供への温かな対応、子供たちからも大人気、また、知的好奇心旺盛で、日本/日本語などにも興味関心を持っていました。昨年2月からのロックダウンで、大学も閉鎖続き、手続きも中断のまま、ついにただの一日も、オンライン授業すら受けることもできませんでした。最後はGuluの病院で、2019年10月のAnywar Patrick(=Oyoオヨー)のように、血液不足のため輸血が間に合わず、亡くなったそうです。 
なぜ?、どうして? 問いかけても穏やかな優しい笑顔が浮かんでくるだけです。一日も早くKitgumに戻り、手を合わせたいと願っています。いまはただ安らかに、と祈るだけです。 合掌


 So, what happened from October 21 to January 9? When he was a primary and secondary school student Emma was often hospitalized in Kitgum, Gulu, and a large hospital in Kampala to undergo tests and treatments for a blood disorder. But for the past few years his condition had been stable, and he had not needed to see a doctor. Since entering high school, he had helped out at the library between his classes. He had a high IQ and EQ as well as a sense of responsibility. Because of his reliability, he was named “head boy,” the student representative at his school.
  Emma was good with his hands and could fold origami as well as any Japanese. He loved music and was a leader of the band at the churches. He got good grades and was in the process of being admitted to university. He hoped to become a teacher and would have been a good one as he was kind to children and well-liked by them. He was full of intellectual curiosity and was interested in Japan and the Japanese language. Under the lockdown, all schools were closed, and Emma was unable to enter university. He could not take online classes for even one day. In the end, like Oyo, Anywar Parrick who died in October 2019, Emma passed away at a hospital in Gulu, unable to get a transfusion on account of a shortage of blood.  
  When we ask ourselves how and why this happened, the only answer we receive is an image of Emma’s kind, gentle smile. We hope to return to Kitgum as soon as possible and offer prayers at Emma’s grave. May he rest in peace. 

2020年10月 生前最後のSM,「テコンドーの緑帯を得た!」と喜びの報告。
Oct. 2020 Joyful at getting a green belt in tae kwon do (his last SM)




コロナの日々 その4 Coronavirus days (Part 4)

例年は、首都Kampalaばかりか、Kitgumのようなド田舎でも、中央からのVIP…ファーストレディなど、を迎え、賑々しい催しが行われ、Kampalaなどでは海外からの来賓も多数迎え、国を挙げて、お祝いムードで盛り上がるのですが、コロナ禍の今年は、ふつうなら数時間にも及ぶ大統領のスピーチがあったのかどうか、BBC Newsでさえも報道が確認できません。
On Oct. 9 Uganda marked the 58th anniversary of its independence. Ordinarily, lavish events attended by high-ranking government officials, the first lady, and other dignitaries would be held not just in the capital of Kampala but even in rural areas like Kitgum. Many guests from overseas would come to Kampala, and the country would be in a celebratory mood. But this year, because of the havoc caused by the coronavirus, we can’t find out even from the BBC News whether or not the president gave his usual hours-long speech. 

As was announced in his late September speech on the coronavirus, on Oct. 15 the country’s closed borders were opened and Entebbe International Airport was reopened. Of course, there are strict conditions for entry, but evidently it is now possible to enter the country for national affairs or business.
Kameda Kazuaki, the Japanese ambassador to Uganda, who came to Kitgum for the handover ceremony for the new library in January, has left his post.

 また、Primary校とSecondary校で、各々の最終学年(P.7, O.4, A.2)だけの授業も再開。ただし、手指洗いの水道設備やソーシャルディスタンス等を確保できることなどが条件のため、ごく一部の学校だけで始まっただけとのこと。 今年度私どもの就学支援生の中には当該学年の子供は無し。もしいたとしても、彼らが通うガバメント学校は“水道設備”など無いので条件をクリアできないでしょう…。ほとんどの子供たちは今も“食”にありつきやすいタウンよりさらに田舎の村々に行ったきりのようです。   
 In the primary and secondary schools, classes have resumed only for the highest grades (P. 7, O. 4, A. 2). But because running water for hand-washing and social distancing are required, apparently only a few schools have actually resumed classes. None of the students the library is supporting this school year is in those grades. Even if they were, the government schools they attend do not have running water and cannot meet these requirements. Apparently, most of the children are still in rural villages rather than in the towns, where it is easier to get food.
  9月末、”科学者たちは、アフリカの低い新型コロナ致死率の背後にある理由を見つけようとしている“というロイター通信の記事がJapan News紙に掲載され、広島のNさんがコピーを送ってくださいました。南アフリカやモロッコの感染者数、死者数は決して少ないとはいえませんし、ウガンダを含む他のアフリカ諸国でも徐々に感染者数、死者数ともに増えつつはありますが、確かに当初予測されていたよりははるかに低く抑えられています。要因として、  
  In late September a Reuters article under the headline “Puzzled scientists seek reasons behind Africa's low fatality rates from pandemic” appeared in the Japan News, and N-san in Hiroshima prefecture sent it to us. There have been quite a few coronavirus cases and deaths in South Africa and Morocco, and in Uganda and other African countries as well the number of cases and deaths are gradually increasing. But the numbers are far lower than initial projections. The article suggests several factors:
   1. Inaccurate official figures, unrecorded deaths
   2. Demographics: Africa’s youthful population   
   3. Cross-protection from the BCG tuberculosis vaccine  
   4. Early closure of borders, travel restrictions   
   5. Resistance as a result of past exposure to other coronaviruses 

例えば①、どういう人が何人住んでいるかも定かでない奥地の村々では、多くの人々がコロナに限らず、どんな疾病ででも医療を受けることなく死亡、ほとんどは、“マラリアで“と処置されます。実は、”コロナで“だったとしても、PCR検査など不可能ですから、本当のところは誰にも分かりません。 コロナ死者数は増えないわけです。
② 確かに…、が、そもそも①と同じで、正確な人口動態調査は不可能、住民の人数、年齢などつかめないと思いますが。  
③ WHO、Red Crossといった国際医療機関にバックアップされたガバメントのチームが村々に分け入って無料接種を行っています。しかし、村落の年長者(呪術医!?)、親、保護者たちが占い?!などにより子供たちへの接種を妨げるケースが多々あります。昨秋、当局から「通学している子供たちは全員学校で受けるので、図書館塾の子供たちにも接種を受けさせて。」と依頼があり、子供たちに「接種してから図書館においで。」と伝えたら、かなりの子供たちが図書館に来なくなり、聞くと、親や保護者が、「害があるので受けさせない、だめというならもう図書館には行かせない!」と、拒絶。家庭訪問するなどし手をつくしましたが、全員に接種させることはできませんでした。  
④ これもアリですね。日本などがまだボーッとしているうちにさっさと空港も国境も学校も閉鎖、厳罰付きの外出・移動制限など導入、あまりの素早さにビックリしました。  
⑤ コレラや熱帯病等、毎年、散発の報道があり、ヒヤッとさせられますが、私どもが知る限り、抑え込みに成功しています。  
  Having observed the situation in Uganda for more than 20 years, we believe all of these are plausible.  
   1. In remote villages where it is unclear who and how many people are living there, many people may die from the coronavirus or other illnesses without receiving medical care. In most cases, their deaths are attributed to malaria. Even if they are said to have died from the coronavirus, there is no way to administer a PCR test, so one really knows whether they had the virus or not.  
   2. It’s true that Africa has a youthful population, but as with 1), it is impossible to conduct an accurate census, and the number of residents and their ages cannot be accurately determined.  
   3. Backed by international organizations such as the World Health Organization and Red Cross, government teams fan out to villages to give free vaccinations. But in many cases village elders (witch doctors?), parents, and guardians prevent children from being vaccinated on the basis of fortune-telling. Last fall, we were told by the local authorities that because children who attend school are vaccinated there, those who come to the library should be vaccinated also. But when we told the children they could not come to the library until they had been vaccinated, many of them stopped coming. When we inquired, parents and guardians told us that they would not have their children vaccinated because they believed the vaccinations were harmful and that if it was a requirement, they would no longer send their children to the library. We visited their homes and did everything we could, but we weren’t able to get all the children to get vaccinated.  
   4. This is also a factor. While Japan and other countries were still in a fog, Uganda and many African countries promptly closed their borders and schools and introduced strict travel restrictions with penalties. We were surprised by how quickly they took action.
   5. Every year reports of outbreaks of cholera and tropical diseases give everyone a scare, but as far as we know, efforts to suppress them have succeeded.  
   Whatever the reasons, we hope the scary predictions are off the mark and the pandemic will end as soon as possible.   




コロナの日々 その3 Coronavirus days (Part 3)


The airport and borders in Uganda are still closed, and the restrictions on going out and on travel remain in place. The government is apparently considering reopening schools, markets and public institutions before long. Despite the tight restrictions, about a month ago the first death in Uganda was officially announced, and since then one or two deaths have been reported every couple days. The situation in Kitgum is not as serious as it is in the capital of Kampala or along the borders with Kenya and Tanzania, but…


Kitgumからメールが来ました!  We have received e-mail from Emma! 

”3勇士” Emma, Issac, Lawrence. 大人は外出時、マスク必着!でないとポリスや治安部隊にひどい目に遭わされる可能性が‼  コロナよりも“怖い”とか!?! ガバメント敷地内は、出入りが制限されていて閑散としているため、ちょくちょく出没するヘビ対策に長靴も必要! 
Masks must be worn when going out or you may get in trouble with the police or the security forces.  Because access to government property is restricted and all is quiet, boots are essential to prevent being bitten by the snakes that often appear. 

”3勇士” が、生垣や植込み、石畳の雑草と格闘すること~時間!! Thanks to the battle of the “three heroes” with the hedges, shrubbery, and weeds between the paving stones,


the library grounds are neat and tidy.

上の作業日とは別の日、久しぶりにGinnery地区の子供たちが訪ねてきたそうです。ずいぶん大きくなっている様子‼! 全員、土間/ワラ屋根の家住まい、水道も無く、流水で手を洗えるような子たちではありません。なんとか無事でいてほしいです!
On another day, children from Ginnery came to visit for the first time in a while. They have grown a lot! They all live in homes with earthen floors and thatched roofs and cannot wash their hands in running tap water. So we hope they will stay safe. 
  Arop Joshua              Akello Sharon           Medina B2

(図書館塾生/Library pupil)        (P3)            (図書館塾生/Library pupil)

  Adong Rose (P2)        Canwat Brian(P2)




コロナの日々 その2 Coronavirus days (Part 2)

Kop Ango~?  ようやく解除ですね~but 当方ハイリスク高齢者ですので、まだ当分は自粛しようと思っています、歯医者だけは、診療再開するそうですので、治療再開しようと思ってますが、うつるのも、うつすのもマズいので、県境を越えて横浜の母や九州の親類などに会いに行くのもまだまだ・・・ガマン!
 Here in Japan the state of emergency has finally been lifted, but because we are high-risk senior citizens, we plan to continue to exercise self-restraint for a while longer. The dental clinic will start seeing patients again, though, so I plan to resume my treatment. But we mustn’t catch the virus or give it to someone else, so we still have to refrain from going out of the prefecture to visit my mother in Yokohama、Kanagawa Pref. and relatives in Kyushu for a while longer.


We received e-mail messages with a lot of pics from Emma who is a library staff member,  and from Fr.Anthony, our landlord. They are telling us about the situation in Kitgum.

Ktgでは、Emma(3月から大学に通うはずだったけど...)、Isaac(今夏,大学入学申し込み申請を考えていたけど...)、Lawrence(A.2,なので近々授業が再開され、今年秋の終わり頃、国のセカンダリー卒業統一試験を受験することになりそう...)たちが、時々子供たちの相手をしてくれたり、フェンス越しに図書館の様子を見に行ってくれたり、INtネットカフェで、メールをくれたり...有難いです。  In Kitgum Emma, who should have started university in March; Isaac, who was thinking about applying to university this summer; and Lawrence, whose A.2 classes will resume soon and who will probably be able to take the unified examination for secondary school graduation in late fall, sometimes play with the children, check on the situation at the library, and send us e-mail from an Internet café, for which we are grateful.

図書館                   私どものKitgumの宿

 They said that what with the travel ban, the closure of the borders and airports, and the strict restrictions on activities that carry penalties, so far there have been only 300 coronavirus cases and no deaths in Uganda. In Kitgum, people are allowed to move freely within the Kitgum District only from dawn ’til dusk and only on foot or by bicycle. Travel outside the district is only allowed as permitted by the security authorities for activities such as transporting daily necessities. Because there is a shortage of goods, prices have soared to 1.5 times the usual.

 At the primary school, seventh graders(P.7) have returned, and at the high school classes have resumed for students in Ordinary 4(O.4) and Advanced 2(A.2). This school year there are no students in those grades among those supported by the library. The other students have already been out of school for more than three months. Lessons are available via FM radio, but there is typically no electricity in the homes of our students or in their areas, so the children can’t take advantage of the lessons. Most of them have followed the government’s recommendation to evacuate to more rural villages where the likelihood of infection is lower and where food is readily available. The few children who remain in town sometimes come to see Emma and other staff members. (See photos.)


Aber Fortunate         Omara James            Pikica Marvine

Agenorwot Mercy Oyella     Aketowanga Beatrice




コロナの日々 / Coronavirus days

PS: 支援物資をお送り下さるという有難いお申し出もいただいていますが、上の様な状況で、いつ現地で受け取れるか、利用できるか見通しが立ちません。帰UGの日が決まりましたら、お知らせいたしますので、お待ちくださいますようどうぞお願いいたします。
 Time truly flies. One month has already passed since we returned to Japan for our annual visit home. As we are at high risk for serious complications from the coronavirus because of our age, we are refraining from going out. We have not seen my mother, who is even older, or any of our relatives or friends. So far neither we nor any of them has been infected.
 In Uganda few people have been infected with the coronavirus, and there have been no deaths. But there is no running water in the homes of the families of the children we support or in their neighborhoods. In light of the poor sanitation, we fear sooner or later the situation will be serious.
Neither the staff of the library nor the children who use it have access to the Internet, so we decided to send a letter to them. But, unlike the slow-moving government of Japan, Uganda has already banned the entry of foreigners and instituted a lockdown. The use of private vehicles has been prohibited, and public transport has been halted. International express mail will not be delivered, so we abandoned that idea.
 We already have our airline tickets to return to Uganda, but 1) we are banned from entering the country, 2) Emirates has canceled all flights (our return tickets are open with a one-year validity), and 3) even complacent Japan finally prohibited travel abroad. So, until these three circumstances change, we must remain in Japan and continue to pray that the children and others in Kitgum stay healthy and that their lives are spared.
 To all those reading this, please take care of yourselves too amid this crisis.
 One final note: Some people have kindly offered to send emergency supplies to the library, but because of the current situation, there is no way to know when we will be able to receive them there or if we will be able to use them. Once we know when we will be able to return to Uganda, we will notify you. So please wait until then.


毎日多くの来訪者がある県庁の敷地。部局ごとの多くの建物が散在。しかし、水道は敷地内に2か所の外付け蛇口があるだけ。清掃スタッフが管理し,彼女たちがお休みの時はロックされて使用不可。図書館の向いの立派な2階建て戦争ミュージアム。エアコンやWiFiといった設備が整ったこの建物内にも水道は無し! The grounds of KTG district government headquarters, which many people visit every day. Various departments are housed in the many buildings. But there are only two water faucets outside. When the cleaning staff in charge of the faucets is off work, the faucets are locked and cannot be used. The big building opposite the library is the National Memory and Peace Documentation Centre. Although it has air conditioning and Wi-Fi, there is no running water!


帰国直前の日曜日、一般の図書館利用者の列。上述の事情なので、開館日はいつも 右端に手洗い用の雨水利用のタンクを用意。 Patrons line up outside the library waiting to get in. This photo was taken the Sunday just before we left to return to Japan. Because of the water situation described above, when the library is open we put a large bottle of rainwater (seen at right) outside the library for people to wash their hands.


Ktgのバスパーク。K'laやGulu、さらに奥の村々に行き来する人々はここから乗り合いバス(ミニバンや小型トラック)で移動。“外出禁止令”が出て、今は、乗り物も人々の姿も消えたそうです。この広~いバスパークにも水道は一つもありません! This photo shows the bus station in Kitgum. People who want to travel to even more rural villages can catch buses (actually minivans or small trucks) here. But because of the lockdown, no vehicle and no one can be seen these days. No water is available at this big bus station either.)


 藁屋根+牛糞と泥の壁+土間…の支援子供たちの家々。水道も電気も無し、換気をする窓もありません。 Homes of several students who are receiving support from PR Africa are seen in these photos. They have thatched roofs, walls made of mud and cow dung, and earthen floors. They have no running water, electricity or windows for ventilation.




2020年1学期スタート!!  First term of the new school year starts

新しく就学支援を始める9人の家庭訪問の写真と制服姿をご覧下さい。( )内は,小学校で面接と英語と算数のテストの受け、決まった学年。

Take a look at these photos taken during visits to the homes of the nine students who will be newly supported by the library this year with the students in their new uniforms. The number in parentheses after each name indicates the grade that the children will enter based on interviews at the primary school and tests in English and arithmetic. In this area many families are poor and are headed by the mother, grandmother or an aunt because the father, who may or may not be living, is not present.

Ajok Scovia/アジョク スコヴィア(P.4)
, Anenocan Mirriam/アネノチャン ミリアム(P.4) 母のみ(mother only)

 Ajok Scovia/アジョク スコヴィア(P.4) 母のみ(mother only)

Aromorac Babra/アロモラチ バブラ(P.3), Lubangangeyo Stephenルバンガニェヨ スティーブン(P.2)

Laker Sunday/ラケー サンディ(P.3)

Amoi Robina/アモイ ロビナ(P.2)

Anenocan Mirriam/アネノチャン ミリアム(P.4) 母のみ(mother only) 

 Latabu Jacline/ラタブ ジャクリン(P.3) & Canwat Brian/チャンワット ブライアン(P.2) (従姉弟 母/伯母のみcousins, mother/aunt )

Aryemo Sunday/アリェモ サンディ(P.4) 母のみ(mother only)

Aromorac Babra/アロモラチ バブラ(P.3), Latabu Jacline, Laker Sunday/ラケー サンディ(P.3) 母のみ(mother only) 

Amoi Robina/アモイ ロビナ(P.2) 母のみ(mother only), Canwat Brian, Lubangangeyo Stephen/ルバンガニェヨ スティーブン(P.2) (姉弟 母のみsiblings, mother only)




新図書館、引き渡し式に続いて… New library handover ceremony (continued)

After the handover ceremony we wasted no time in holding a meeting for the students we support and began offering services to other children.

  2020年度1学期目前、いつもの“新学期スタートミーティング”を開催。今年も支援を継続する12人、今学期から新しく就学支援を始める9人とその保護者が対象。数名の子供本人や保護者は、田舎に行ったまま戻っていない、体調不良などで欠席ですが、出席者は新しく広~い建物で、ご覧のような笑顔、笑顔、です!!   Students receiving support from the library attend the annual meeting prior to the first term of the new school year. This year’s meeting was held for 12 students who will continue to receive support and nine more who will receive support for the first time as well as their guardians. A few children and their guardians were absent as they had not returned from the countryside or because they were ill, but those who attended were all smiles when they saw the big, new library building.

 Patrons line up to enter the new library the first Sunday after the handover ceremony, welcomed by the new sign made by last year’s volunteer Ayano. Children began forming a long line outside the library more than one hour before it opened. Unlike in the past when they sometimes had to wait for an hour outside, now they can come in right away because there’s plenty of room.

  今年度ピカピカの1年生の3人。初めての来館です。その後ろには、引き渡し式当日、亀田大使から頂戴した日本国外務省特製カレンダーが‼   Three new first-graders visit the library for the first time. The Foreign Ministry calendar given to the library by Ambassador Kameda on the day of the ceremony can be seen in the background.

  新図書館の目玉の一つ、幼児ルーム。今までは場所が無く、兄姉が本を読む間、狭い机の上でジ~ッとよいこしてるしかなかったのですが、ご覧のようにおもちゃで遊んだりお昼寝したり…おもらししても問題ナイ!?! スタッフが手すきの時は、一緒に遊んだり、絵本を読み聞かせたりもできます。
 The baby and toddler room is a special feature of the new library. Until now there was no place for them and they just had to behave on top of a small desk while their big brother or sister was reading. Now they can play with toys or take a nap. And if they wet their pants, it’s no problem! When staff members have the time, they can play with the babies and read picture books to them.

 Another nice feature of the new library is the large storage area. In the old library there was no place to organize or store things, so supplies and boxes of books were piled up here and there covered with dust. We’ve brought some of them to the new library and will organize them carefully so they are easily uses. If only we had more people…




新図書館、”引き渡し式” 挙行‼ New library handover ceremony held!!

大使館GGPスタッフの適切、かつ強力な主導により、“遅くても2月以内には…”との予想より1か月近く早くその日を迎えることができました!!  Kampalaから遠路ご臨席いただいた駐UG亀田大使は、スピーチの中で私どもの20年近くになる活動について温かいお言葉でご紹介下さいました。“By the end of February at the latest…” That was what we were told about the date of the ceremony for the handover of our new library. Thanks to the firm, effective leadership of the staff in charge of the Grant Assistance for Grassroots Human Security Projects (GGP) at the Japanese embassy in Uganda, that day arrived almost one month early. The Japanese ambassador to Uganda, Kameda Kazuaki, came all the way from Kampala to attend the ceremony and kindly acknowledged our nearly 20 years of work in Kitgum in his speech.


The new library looks brand new prior to the ribbon-cutting ceremony after district government workers, PR Africa staff and the children all pitched in to clean it thoroughly for several days before the big event. Even the flags of Uganda and Japan look happy! Our new handmade sign made its debut at the entrance. Ambassador Kameda and a GGP staff member who accompanied the ambassador to the ceremony praised the sign saying, “I saw it on your blog! It’s great!”

銘板序幕 LC Chairman(県知事)、大使
The chairman of the Kitgum District local council and Ambassador Kameda unveil the plaque on the library.

学校組と図書館組両方からの子供代表とBaba Ogen。

Student leaders of the school and library groups pose in front of the new library with Baba Ogen. 




Apwoyo Katoo Mwaka~アプォヨ カド ムワカ~!!! Happy New Year~!!! 

《お手紙を手にオディ~》 と 《新図書館近況》

Children pose with letters & an update on the new library

走行距離25万キロオーバーの超オンボロクルマの修繕等々に手こずってる間に、1月も下旬になってしまいました! 1通また1通と皆様からのお手紙がご到着中~!! ンが、受取人(=子供たち)が、3学期終了後、クリスマス前後から、Ktgよりさらに奥の村々に行ったままなので、手渡しして写真を撮ることができません! 1か月以内位には、全員戻ってくることを期待していますが…。〈写真説明は全て左から右〉
Time flew while we dealt with having repairs done on our old, worn-out car, which has more than 250,000 km on it, and it’s already late January. Letters from you are coming in, but many of the recipients (children) have been in villages more remote than Kitgum since Christmastime after the end of the third term, so we haven’t been able to take pictures of them with your letters. We hope all of the children will return by the end of January, but for now here are five children saying “odi” (cheese) with the letters they have received.

Pikica Marvin(ピキチャ マーヴィンP.4⇒2月からP.5)とAgenorwot Mercy Oyella(アゲノルォット マーシー オイェラP.3⇒2月からP.4)

Pikica Marvin (fourth grade, fifth grade from February) and Agenorwot Mercy Oyella (third grade, fourth grade from February)

Laker Sunday(ラケー サンディ図書館塾生*) とAryemo Sunday(アリェモ サンディ図書館塾生*) Aketowanga Sarah(アケトワンガ  サラP.2⇒2月からP.3),

Laker Sunday and Aryemo Sunday (both students at the library*)  Aketowanga Sarah (second grade, third grade from February)

* 2020年度(来月2月スタート)から、就学支援生に加えようと内々候補にしている子供がこの2名を含めて図書館塾生の中に 5名ほどいます。これまで繰り返し保護者を交えて面談して絞ってきました。今後、家庭訪問し、LC(地域の民生リーダーたち)と意見交換し決定します。早く決めたいのですが、子供本人や保護者が田舎に行ったきりだったり、訪問を早めにしても、新学年スタートまでに、その家の事情が良くも悪くも急変し、事前準備に大変な手間ヒマをかけた家庭訪問や懇談が無駄になってしまったり、します。このロスを最小限にするため、できるだけギリギリに訪問、懇談を行います。*Five children who study at the library, including these two, are being considered for educational support from PRA when the new school year starts in February. These students were selected after several meetings at which their guardians were present. The final decision will be made after visits to their homes and discussions with the leaders of the local council. We would like to make a decision as soon as possible, but the children and their guardians sometimes go off to the countryside for a while. And even if we visit their homes in the near future, before the new school year starts their family circumstances may suddenly change for better or worse and the visits to the home and talks with the family, which require a lot of advance preparation, may be for naught. In order to minimize this waste of time and effort, the visits and talks will be conducted as close to the start of the school year as possible.

Left: 銘板〈左奥〉と UG国旗と日の丸掲揚用のポールとBaba Ogen。Plaque (background, left), flagpoles for the flags of Uganda and Japan, and Baba Ogen.

Right: 銘板〈左端〉とポール2本。大理石の銘板には、“THIS LIBRARY WAS CONSTRUCTED WITH SUPPORT FROM THE GOVERNMENT OF JAPAN ……この図書館は日本政府からの支援で建設された……”等々と刻まれています。“引き渡し式”に向け、少しづつ準備が進んでいます。 Plaque (far left) and flagpoles. The inscription on the marble plaque states: “This library was constructed with support from the government of Japan.” Preparations for the handover ceremony are being made.




子供の手紙、届きましたか? Have you received your letter from a child?

Letters to our supporters that were mailed from the post office in Kitgum on Dec. 5 have begun to reach their recipients. In that connection we have received several questions.

Q1:「3学期が終わり手紙書きを始めた」そうですが、子どもは「期末テストが終わった、結果はまだ分からないが進級できると思うetc」と書いています。通知表がまだ、ということですか? 進級できるかどうか、とは、義務教育の小学校なのに落第がある、ということですか?
The letter I received indicated that the third term had ended and that the child was awaiting examination results but expected to advance to the next grade. Have the children not yet received their report cards? As the letter referred to whether or not the child would be promoted, does this mean that children can be held back at the compulsory primary school level?
It depends on the school and the grade, but after examinations there are no classes and children need not go to school for about one week until the official last day of the term. On that day children receive their report cards and find out whether or not they will be promoted. But quite a few teachers are unable to prepare their report cards by the end of the grading period. Students often do not get their report cards until the start of the next school year. This year, nearly half of the children have yet to receive their report cards.
Quite a few children are not promoted. This is not uncommon among upper graders (primary grades 4 through 7) especially. Children from families with financial resources may repeat a grade or transfer to another school, but expenses for children from poor families run up, so in many cases they drop out of primary school after failing. Quite a few children who study at the library fall into that category. Children who attend classes at the library are divided by ability level, and one staff member teaches about 10 children. So, in many cases, children who had fallen behind at school where they were crammed into a classroom with anywhere from 50 to 80 other students, bestir themselves and when they go back to school are at the head of their class.


Q2:昨年までは40名前後の子供たちが手紙書きをしていたと思いますが、今年は半数くらいかと。どうしたのですか?  Through last year around 40 children wrote letters. This year the number is about half that. What happened?
 We have already notified some of our supporters directly, but from the end of the 2018 school year through this school year, PR Africa’s support of many children ended. In the cases of 15 children, a family member or relative was able to assume paying the school fees and our support was no longer needed. Several children we were sending to the public elementary school, for which the fees are relatively low, transferred to private primary schools for which the fees are high. The rest disappeared with their guardians for some reason, so we were no longer able to continue to support them. There is no system here by which people’s names and addresses are registered nor is there any notification system, and it is common for people to move away without leaving a trace. We ask children and their guardians to speak with us before they move. But in this culture it is common for people to move without informing others or consulting with them, so we are seldom notified. When we learn that a child has moved far away, even if we ask neighbors at their former residence or the children’s friends, there is usually no clue as to where they have gone.


When I inquired at the post office in Japan, I was told that air mail should arrive there in a week or two. So why does it sometimes take several months or even more than one year?
A:UGでは、郵便局は私どものいるKtgタウンのような各県庁所在地に一軒しかありません。またEMSなどの国際宅配便は個配が原則ですが、一般の航空便・船便などは日本のように個配はしません。郵便局の私書箱に入れられているのを適宜見に行き受け取るしかありません。郵便局にも決まった開業日・時間があるのですが、なぜか閉まっていることがシバシバあり、私書箱を✔するのも一苦労です。私書箱は年6万シルほどの使用料がかかり、一般の住民でこれを利用できるのはおそらく1%にも満たないと思います。私どもの支援を必要とする家では、郵便局など人生一度も行ったことがないのが普通、第一、家には紙も筆記用具も無いのが普通、あっても読み書きできないのが普通ですから…。引っ越し前に相談があったので別々の遠くの村に引っ越した後も当方が支援を続け、今も各々の村の学校に通っているAngee Irene とAcen Harrietは、書けるかも知れませんが、書いた手紙をどうやって投かんできるでしょうか?また支援者の方が、直接この子たちに届けたいと思っても宛先住所をどうしたらいいでしょうか? 私どもが年一回彼女たちを訪問する時に手渡し、受け取りするしかないのです。
 In Uganda, there is only one post office in each district government seat, such as Kitgum. As a rule, international express mail items are to be delivered individually, but items sent via ordinary air mail or sea mail are not. We must go to the post office now and then to see if there is any mail in our box. The post office has regular hours, but for some reason it is often closed during those hours, so we have difficulty collecting our mail.
 A post office box costs 60,000 shillings per year, and less than 1 percent of the general population can afford that. Most of the families that need our support have never been to the post office. This is typical. First of all, they have no paper or writing implements, and even if they did they cannot read or write.
 Angee Irene and Acen Harriet informed us beforehand that they would be moving to remote villages, and we have continued to provide support for them to attend school in their villages. They could perhaps write letters, but how could they mail them? Some supporters have indicated they would like to send letters directly to the girls and have asked what they should do about an address. All we can do is take the letters to them on our annual visits to their homes.





看板100%完成! New sign completely finished!

Progress on our new sign had been stalled at 99 percent complete, but the sign is now finally finished.


The brightness of the blue sky heralding the arrival of the dry season causes scrunched-up faces as everyone says “odi!”

透明プラスチックフィルムで全面をカバーし、木枠をつけました! 額縁に入れたような感じです。The new sign covered with clear plastic film and with a wooden frame around it.

来年早々、「引き渡し」を受けられそうな新図書館(中奥)と現在使用中の建物(右端)。The new library, which is scheduled to be turned over to us early next year (background), and the current library (right)





2019年度が終わり年一度のご挨拶状書きを開始! School year ends, annual writing of greeting cards begins!

昨年より1週間ほど早く作業開始。昨年は、支援者の皆様のお手元に届くのが大変遅く、「半年以上もかかった!」という方もいますが、今年はできれば年内~月頃までに届くように、と子供たちもスタッフ一同も張り切っています。  写真説明は全て左から右です。

This year the children began writing their cards about one week earlier than last year. Last year’s cards arrived very late. In fact, some people said it took more than six months for their cards to reach them! This year the children and staff are working to ensure that supporters receive their cards in December or early January.

図書館塾生の5人。人生初めての英語の手紙書きに挑戦! 前列 ラタブ ジャクリン, アリエモ サンディ, アロモラチ バブラ, ラケー サンディ, 後列 アニワー ジョエル(今年から、S.S.* O.1。自分の手紙は即日終了。後輩たちの面倒を見てくれています), スタッフ(s) Isaac, Joyce, Grace,アジョク スコヴィア。

5人とも来年度から就学支援する予定です。S.S.*=Secondary School ほぼ日本の高校に該当。最初の4年間がO(Ordinary)レベル,後の2年間が(Advance)レベル。
Five students who study at the library for over 1 year show off the first letters they have ever written in English. Front row: Latabu Jackline, Aryemo Sunday, Aromorac Babra, Laker Sunday. Back row: Anywar Joel; staff members Isaac, Joyce, and Grace; Ajok Scovia. Anywar Joel, who is in Secondary School O. 1*, finished his letter in a jiffy and then helped the younger students with theirs. All five students will receive educational support for the next school year.
*A six-year program consisting of four years at Ordinary level followed by two years at Advanced level.

L.Sunday,  A. Joel

L.Jackline,  A. Sunday,  Joyce(s)

L.Sunday,  L. Jackline,  A. Joel

A. Sarah

L. Emmanuel,   Isaac(s)

A. Babra

前列 マーシー オィエラ, ピキチャ マーヴィン,
後列 アベー フォーチュネト, オマラ ジェイムズ, ルバンガニェヨ エマニュエル, オテマ ブライアン。
Primary school students who receive support from the library stop by on their way home from school. Front row: Mercy Oyella, Pikica Marvine. Back row: Aber Fortunate, Omara James, Lubangangeyo Emmanuel, Otema Brian.

さすが就学生、早くもほぼ完成! 右端2名は初めて書いたアドング ローズ、アケトワンガ サラ
These students finished their letters in no time! O. Brian, A. Fortunate, O. James, P. Marvine, Adong Rose, Aketowanga Sarah

Isaac(s),  A. Scovia

L.Sunday,  L. Jackline,  A. Joel

Grace(s),  Sam(s), 

Aketowanga Beatrice アケトワンガ ベアトリス

A. Rose,  A. Sharon




新・図書館の周りに植樹しました! Seedlings planted around new library!

建設を始める時、用地の向き、形状などの関係で仕方なく、木を2本ほど伐りました。その代わりにはなりませんが、新図書館全体をグルリと取り囲もうと苗木を植えました。屋根より高い木だと雨どいに落ち葉が詰り、雨水利用に差し支えたり、枝が折れるなどソーラーパネルに障害が出たりしますので、成長しても屋根より下までの高さにしかならない生垣、葉色は、新図書館の外見の色にマッチした黄緑です。十分大きくなるまでには数年かかるそうですが、来年2月頃、大使館KTG私どもPR Africa引き渡し時には、数十センチの高さに一列に並んで来館者の目を楽しませてくれるでしょう!!といいたいのですが、さしもの雨季も終盤、雨が降る日の間隔が開き、雨量も激減しています。1日でも降らないと乾燥がひどく、ちゃんと根付いてくれるかどうか。図書館学習組の子供たちが、整地、植え付けから、毎朝の水やり、雑草取り等々、一生懸命世話してくれています。幼い頃から、畑の手伝いで鍛えているからでしょう、鍬の使い方、苗の扱い方など、堂に入ったものです。約160本の苗木を植え終わり記念写真、ハイ, Ode(オディ~)!!、今日は、ご褒美のビスケットを一枚ずつ手に、もう一度Ode~‼

 When construction on the new library began, because of the direction the site faced and its shape, unfortunately we had to cut down two trees. Though they can’t replace those trees, we recently planted seedlings all around the new library. The leaves from trees taller than the roof would clog the rain gutters and interfere with our using rain water. And branches might break off and damage the solar panels, so we planted a hedge that will grow no taller than the roof and whose yellowish green leaves will match the color of the library’s exterior.

We were told it will take several years for the plants to reach their full height, but they should be 20 or 30 centimeters tall by next February and delight our guests when the library is turned over to PR Africa by the Japanese embassy and the local government. Or at least that’s what we hope. For now, the rainy season has ended, so there will be days with no rain. And the amount of rain has decreased considerably. When rain doesn’t fall for even one day it gets quite dry, so we’re not sure if our seedlings will take root.

The children who study at the library have worked hard to take care of everything from preparing the soil and planting to daily watering and weeding. Perhaps because they have been working in the fields since they were small, they are very good at using a hoe and caring for the seedlings. We gathered for a group photo after planting about 160 seedlings. Say odi! (the local version of “Say cheese!”) After giving everyone a cookie as a reward, we posed for another photo. Once more: odi!




新・図書館、工事完了!!  New library completed!

2017年2月下旬に着工、8か月後の10月に完成の計画でした。長~い長い道のり、何度も挫けそうになりましたが、皆様の励ましで遂にここまでたどり着きました! この後、工事完了承認を受けるための各種文書が大使館を通して、外務省とKitgum県との間で行き交い、最終的には来年2月頃に、いよいよ私どもPRAfricaに利用運営が委ねられる予定です。
Construction of the new library began in late February 2017 and was scheduled for completion eight months later in October. It was a long haul, and we were often frustrated, but with your encouragement, the building has finally been completed. Next, documents to certify the structure’s completion will be processed by the Foreign Ministry and government officials in Kitgum via the Japanese embassy, and in February operation of the library will officially be turned over to PR Africa.

 Bookshelves and desks Baba and others spent two days ordering arrived after we managed to get approval for them.





風疹* 北部一帯で流行りだし、WHO、赤十字、医療NGOなどが子供に無料の予防接種を実施。ところが、「毒だ!受けさせるな!」という風評があり、図書館組の子供の中にも、保護者が“受けさせない!”という事例が発生! 同じ家の兄弟姉妹なのに、就学生は学校で一律に受けさせられ接種済み、図書館生は未接種、という事態が起きています。
Students we are supporting to school pose with the 99% complete library sign at the weekly Saturday meeting. All upper graders were absent in order to attend supplementary lessons at school, while several middle and lower graders missed the meeting on account of malaria. (There has also been an outbreak of rubella* recently.) But we couldn’t wait any longer as Ayano was about to leave Kitgum, so we gathered for this group photo.

*Rubella is prevalent throughout northern Uganda. The World Health Organization, Red Cross, and medical non-governmental organizations give free vaccinations to children. But groundless rumors that the vaccine is harmful circulate, and the guardians of several of the children who study at the library have told them not to get the shot. In some cases, among children in the same household, those who attend school have been vaccinated while those who study at the library have not.  


10月9日はウガンダの独立記念日、今年は57回目。以前は、多少、学校に通ったことがありそうな人たちでさえも「独立記念日? 何それ? ヘ~、アッ、ソッ」というような人がほとんどでしたが、ここ数年はラジオの普及が進み、認知度が少しは上がったかと…今日は久々P.6 生が来館しましたので、日本在住のNさんから届いた英字新聞を紹介。 

Oct. 9 marked the 57th anniversary of Uganda’s independence from the United Kingdom in 1962. In the past, even people who had had some schooling seemed to be unfamiliar with Independence Day, but with the proliferation of radios over the last few years awareness of the holiday has a bit increased. On the day this photo was taken sixth graders had come to the library for the first time in a while, so we showed them a special page on the holiday that was published in an English-language newspaper and sent to us by N, who lives in Japan.




Anywar Patrick アニワー パトリック 10歳 力尽きました。Anywar Patrick passes away



小さな棺の中に、皆様から頂いていたお見舞いカード、おもちゃ、彼が図書館で使っていたノートなど入れてあげました。遺影用の写真は、安定期に、たまたま自宅の前にいたところを撮ってあったのを拡大して木枠に入れ飾ってもらいました。まさかこんなことに使うとは思ってもいませんでしたがOyoオヨ~(ニックネーム)には、学校に通わせてあげられなかったことが悔やまれますが、後に続くお金がないため義務教育の小学校にさえ通えない多くの孤児たちへの支援を彼のことを心に、できる限り続けていくつもりです。これからも皆様の温かく力強いご声援・支援を心からお願い申し上げます。Apwoyo Ma Tek!!


Anywar Patrick, 10, has died. Since July he had been suffering from a virulent form of malaria that was resistant to existing medications and had been in and out of the hospital. He came down with blackwater fever, one of the most serious complications of malaria, and had been taking the supplements that many of you sent – folic acid, iron, and Vitamin B12. He recovered, and his condition was stable for a while, but in the end he was unable to get the amount of blood required for transfusion, and he passed away. It is truly regrettable.


Into his small coffin we placed the get-well cards and toys you sent to him as well as the notebook he used at the library. For his portrait, we enlarged a photo taken recently when he was out in front of his house while his condition was stable. We never dreamed the photo would be used for this purpose. It is regrettable that we were unable to send Oyo (Patrick’s nickname) to school. But, with thoughts of him, we intend to go on with our endeavors and support the many other children who are unable to get a compulsory education at elementary school because they have no money. Your continued kind, encouraging support would be greatly appreciated. Apoyo ma tek!




新図書館の看板が“99%”できました! Sign for new library 99% complete!!

入手できないスチール製の代わりに木製書棚が地元業者によって製作中、同時に、アヤノさん(68thボランティア)が、今まで皆様から頂戴してあった折り紙などを活用し手作りの看板を作ってくれました! 完成‼”と言いたいのですが、雨風土埃を防ぐためにも仕上げに使おうと決めていた無色透明ラッカーKTGには無い! K’laでなら売っている!!そうですが、アヤノさんの約3か月のボランティア期間も残り少なく、彼女が立つ前に入手は困難なので、99%完成記念写真を図書館寺子屋組の子供たちとパチリ。マラリアが猛威を振るっていますので10名ほどが欠席ですが、次々交代で欠席するので全員集合は“100%完成!”時に。

Because we could not get steel bookcases, wooden ones are being made by a local contractor. Meanwhile, Ayano, our 68th volunteer, has made a new sign for the library using origami and other materials from supporters. We’d like to say it’s finished, but clear and colorless lacquer for weatherproofing the sign, the final step, is not available in Kitgum. It is sold in Kampala, but Ayano’s three-month stay as a volunteer is almost over, and it will be difficult to get the lacquer before she leaves. So, we took a photo of the 99% finished sign with students who study at the library. There is an outbreak of malaria now, so some ten children have been absent, and we had to give up on getting a shot with everyone present.

99%完成記念写真 Ayano, library staff and children pose with the 99% complete sign.

作成中のアヤノさん Ayano makes the new sign.




退院しました!! Out of the hospital! 

皆様のご声援、祈りのおかげで、Anywar Patrick(アニワーパトリック10歳)が、幸運にも再々々輸血を受けることができ、昏睡状態から再び回復しました!!(彼のために輸血が受けられなかった患者さんもいるかもしれないと思うと複雑ですが) 


鎌状赤血球細胞自体を根本的に治すことはできなくても、輸血が必要となる溶血を起こさせないために、血液にダメージを与える感染症にかからないように気を付けなければならないのですが、写真のような住環境電気も水道もなく、生活排水を流す下水路もなし、窓もないワラ屋根土間小屋に大人から乳幼児まで何人もの家族でザコ寝ですから、「マラリアにかかるな!」というほうが無理 日頃から少しでも血液の状態を良く保つため、たくさん皆様からお届けいただいた葉酸鉄分ビタミンB12”などを摂らせます。まとめて渡すと、いくら説明してもガバッと飲んでしまったり、兄弟姉妹たちが食べ?てしまったりするので、近くに住むJoyceに預かってもらい、毎夕1回ずつ服用しに来るようにします。『元気になってね!』の手作りカードをお送りくださった方もいました Apwoyo Ma Te~k!!!!

Thanks to your support and prayers, luckily Anywar Patrick, 10, was able to have a series of transfusions and recovered from his coma once again! (I have mixed feelings when I think that there may have been others who were unable to get transfusions as a result.)


While his sickle cells themselves cannot be repaired, in order to prevent hemolysis that requires transfusion, he must be careful not to catch any infectious diseases that might damage his blood. But, as you can see from the photograph, he lives in a windowless thatch-roofed home with an earthen floor and without electricity, water, or sewer for domestic wastewater. Everyone in the family, from adults to babies, sleeps crowded together. So telling him to avoid catching malaria is pointless. In order to maintain his blood in good condition, we will have him take the folic acid, iron and Vitamin B12 that many of you generously sent. If we give it all to him, no matter how clearly we explain how to take it, he will take too much at one time or his brothers and sisters may eat it. So Joyce, who lives nearby, is keeping it for him. He goes over every evening to Joyces place to take a proper dosage. He also received a handmade get-well card!!!  Apwoyo Ma Te~k!




大至急 “葉酸”を、鉄分を‼  Please Send ‘Folic Acid’&‘Iron’ asap!!

先回お知らせした鎌状細胞貧血にマラリヤを併発し意識不明から回復したAnywar Patrick10歳)、写真のように無事退院し、その後元気に過ごしていると思いきや、容態が急変、わずか1週間ほどで再入院になってしまいました! 

鎌状細胞貧血には根本的治療法はまだ無く、葉酸と“鉄分”の摂取が対症療法として著効が認められているそうです。当地では入手困難ですが、日欧米などでならドラッグストアのチェーン店などでサプリとして比較的お手軽に入手できると思い、AnywarPatrick葉酸を、“鉄分”を、お送りいただけますよう心からお願い申し上げます。厚かましい限りですが、なにとぞ一日も早く、お願いいたします。Apwoyo Ma Tek in advance!!! 


As you can see from the photo, Anywar Patrick, 10, whom we wrote about last time, was discharged from the hospital after being unconscious with sickle cell anemia and malaria. He seemed to be doing well after that, but his condition suddenly deteriorated, and he had to be hospitalized for another week.

There is no cure for sickle cell anemia, but folic acid and iron are recognized as being effective in controlling its symptoms. It is difficult to get folic acid and iron here but relatively easy to buy as supplements at drug stores in Japan, Europe and the United States. We would like to ask our supporters to send donations of folic acid and iron supplements asap for Anywar Patrick. Your cooperation would be greatly appreciated. Apwoyo Ma Tek!




血液が、書棚が、無い!!! Shortage of blood and bookshelves!


The second Term is coming to an end, and final exams are over. Students in the middle and lower grades, who don’t need to attend school through the last day, have been coming to the library, and it is packed, as you can see.

その中、Anywar Patrickアニワーパトリック(10歳 写真前列右端 兄Omara Jamesオマラ ジェームス12歳は就学支援中)が貧血で瀕死の事態に陥ってしまいました! 

彼はもうかれこれ56年図書館に“通学”していて今年1学期から“正式”就学支援する予定でしたが、悪性の貧血*のため体調不良になることが頻繁で、就学手続きの時期を逸し、今学年も引き続き図書館で学んでいました。今回は元々の貧血に加え、マラリアを併発し、意識不明の重体に 多量の輸血が必要でしたが、Kitgumだけでなく北部地域ではGuluなどの大病院でも血液が無い! 母親(前列真ん中)からの輸血も限界で、「もうだめか」と思われましたが、ギリギリのところでようやく血液が届き、ご覧のように回復しました! ずっと付ききりで世話をし、何度も血液を提供しているお母さんも疲れ果てていますが、まずは一安心。数日様子を見、状態が安定すれば退院の予定です。


Among those students, Anywar Patrick, 10, (front row, right) was near death with a severe case of anemia. After studying at the library for five or six years, he was scheduled to receive our support to attend school starting the first term of this school year. (His brother Omara James, 12, receives support from the library.) But he frequently became ill because of his anemia* and missed the chance to enroll in school. So he is studying at the library again this year. In addition to his anemia, he also got malaria and was unconscious in critical condition. He needed numerous transfusions, but there was no blood available in Kitgum or at the big hospital in Gulu, also in northern Uganda. The best he could get was transfusions from his mother (front row, center),but it reached the limit. It was feared he would die, but a supply of blood arrived just in time, and, as you can see from the photo, he has recovered. His mother, who tended him the entire time and repeatedly donated blood for him, is exhausted but relieved. If Anywar Patrick continues to do well, he will be released from the hospital in a few days.

*Many people in this region suffer from sickle-cell anemia and other serious forms of anemia that can be fatal. When anemia is accompanied by malaria, many people die. Life-saving transfusions are necessary. In Kitgum and the rest of northern Uganda, a high percentage of people are infected with malaria as a result of their poor living environment, so there is a constant shortage of blood for transfusions. Even if patients wish to be transported to hospitals in Kampala, many of them are not strong enough or can’t afford to do so. Many of these people become gravely ill.

もう一つ無いのは、新図書館の書棚! 東京の外務省に承認されたBOQ(資材の数量、コストの一覧表)に基づきスチール製を購入しようと業者がKampalaに出向き何日も東奔西走しましたが見つからず 大使館にBOQの書き換えをお願いし、当地の家具作り業者に木材製を作ってもらうことになりました。折悪しく雨期の真っただ中、停電も多く、材料の木材を十分乾燥させるのに時間が必要で、出来上がりはまだ先、従いまして、先月半ばの大使館GGP担当S氏の来訪で一気に進んだのがまた足踏み状態。やっぱりTIA!=This is Africa~!!



There is also a shortage of bookshelves for the new library. The supplier who was to purchase steel bookcases based on the bill of quantities (BOQ) approved by the Foreign Ministry in Tokyo spent several days in Kampala searching for some with no luck. It was decided to ask the embassy to revise the BOQ and have wooden bookcases made by a local furniture maker. Unfortunately, it was in the middle of the rainy season, there were many power outages, and time is required to dry the wood. So the shelves will not be finished for a while. Accordingly, the progress that followed last months visit by S-san, the embassy official in charge of the grant program, has come to a halt. Oh, well. This is Africa! But, Ayano-san is steadily getting things ready for the new library. Right now she is remaking our “LIBRARY” sign. The current sign was made by a former volunteer from cardboard and origami paper. After years of exposure to the weather, it is damaged, but we wanted to stick with a handmade sign.




68thボランティア アヤノさん&新(と古参?)スタッフ        68th Volunteer Ayano and New&(veteran?)Staff Members


Laker Lisa ラケー リサ(14才)に 個人指導中のアヤノさん、オーストラリア留学とフィリピン生活経験のある保育士さんです。Ayano gives personal instruction to Laker Lisa, 14. Ayano is a nursery school teacher who has studied in Australia and lived in the Philippines.

Grace, Nancy(右端奥)スタッフになって3年目,今やベテランです。Eunice, Emma(左端奥)高校在学中から休暇の時手伝ってくれました。高校教師を目指し大学に入学するので間もなくKTGを離れます。 Grace, Nancy ( far right, background) in her third year on the staff, is now veteran. Eunice, Emma (far left, background) started assisting us during his vacation from high school. He will soon leave Kitgum to go to university so he can become a high school teacher.

今日が2日目、最新入りスタッフKibwota Isaac キブウォタ アイザック(左端手前)、8日だけ先輩のAgeno Rwot Euniceアゲノ ルウォット ユーニス(右端)の授業を参観。

On his second day at work, new staff member Kibwota Isaac (left, foreground) observe lessons along with Ageno Rwot Eunice (far right), who has worked at the library a mere eight days longer than Isaac.

アヤノさんと子供たち、今日の勉強が終わってリラックス! Ayano and kids relax after the day’s lessons.

Aciro Grace アチロ グレイス(中央)年少組を指導中。Aciro Grace (center) provides instruction to lower graders.

手前からEunice, Baba Ogen, アヤノさん  (from the foreground) Eunice, Baba Ogen, Ayano 





当初の完成予定201710月より既に18ヶ月以上経過、手間が掛かるだけで先が見えませんでしたが、ここにきて大使館の強力なリーダーシップ、的確な働きかけにより大きく進展! 大使館GGP(日本政府による草の根無償支援事業)担当のS氏がKitgum入り。 



  県知事と異動してきて3日目の副CAOとも会談。68thボランティアのアヤノさん*, CAO補佐, Baba,  S氏, 副CAO(スーツ姿), 県知事, 業者(青シャツ *追ってご紹介します。



鳩首ミーティング1 3人おいてCAO、県エンジニア、CAO補佐


その2 県エンジニア、CAO補佐、2人おいてCAO、県財務局長











PART : Posing with letters from their sponsors, students say “odi”! (Here we say “odi” (ground nut paste) instead of “cheese.”)





We have not been able to give letters from the supporters to children who went back to their villages at the end of the first term and have not yet returned or to  students in the upper forms P.6 and P.7 who have not been able to come to the library because of chores at home, school events, or supplementary lessons on Saturdays. They will likely stop by after final exams, so please be patient.


今年度からSecondary School(ほぼ日本の高校に該当)に通っている3人、Anywar Joel(アニワー ジョエル), Opoka Brian(オポカ ブライアン), Rubangakene Dauzi ルバンがケネ ダウジ)遠距離通学で中々図書館に来られませんが、久しぶりに元気な姿を見せてくれました!Starting this year, three students are commuting to secondary (high) school:  Anywar Joel, Opoka Brian, and Rubangakene Dauzi. They have to go a long way to school, so it is difficult for them to come to the library. It was good to see them looking well!

Aciro Sundayアチロ サンディ、

Laker Beatriceラケー ベアトリス

Pingoloya Giftyピンゴロヤ ギフティ

Pikica Marvineピキチャ マーヴィン,

Omara Jamesオマラ ジェームズ

Ongom Ronald オンゴム ロナルド

Aweko Babra アウェコ バブラ

Opoka,Dauzi,Joel  Secondary生3人、今度は、Dauziがお手紙を受け取りに来たのに付き添ってきました。




2学期スタート!  第1部  Start of the Second Term PARTⅠ


Two new students are among those supported by the library.

1722Aketowanga Sarahアケトワンガ サラ13歳、Aketowanga Beatriceアケトワンガ ベアトリス12歳。二人とも生まれて初めての制服!Public小学校の面接の結果、サラは2年生に、ベアトリスは1年生になりました。

Aketowanga Sarah, 13, and Aketowanga Beatrice, 12, wear school uniforms for the first time! After interviews at Public Primary School, it was decided that Sarah would enter second grade and Beatrice first grade.

1711Joyce, 妹(10歳図書館で学習中)、母、Sarah 

Joyce, her sister (10 years old and studying at the library), their mother, Sarah

Sarah, 妹、母。この小屋で弟(8歳図書館学習中)と5人、母が近所の畑仕事や家事を手伝い生活。父は行方知れず。Sarah with her sister and mother. Five people, including Sarah’s younger brother, 8, who studies at the library, live in this hut. Their mother helps with work in nearby fields and with housework to support the family. The fathers whereabouts are unknown.

伯母(亡母の姉)、Beatrice。父は乳児の時死亡、母と田舎で暮らしてきた   が、母も亡くなり叔母に引き取られた。叔母は小さい畑を持っていて衣食住は何とかなるが学費までは難しいHer aunt (sister of her deceased mother) and Beatrice. Her father died when she was a baby. She was living with her mother in the countryside, but her mother died and she was taken in by her aunt. Her aunt works a small field and manages to eke out a living but does not make enough money to cover school cost.

伯母、Beatrice, Joyce  Aunt,




年一度のAgago県訪問 Annual Visit to Agago District


This year’s visit included Patongo as well as Adilang.

Acen Harriet アチェン ハリエット(P.5 両親なし)Ktg Primary Schoolに通い、成績も上位を維持してきましたが、乳児の時、母親が死去(父親については情報ゼロ)以来育ててくれた親類の事情で今後Agago県のPatongoという町の叔母宅に身を寄せ、この写真の学校に転校することに。検討、相談し、引き続き当PRAfricaで就学支援を続けます。 

Annual Visit to Agago District: This year’s visit included Patongo as well as Adilang.

1704: Acen Harriet, a fifth grader at Kitgum Primary School, has consistently got good grades. Her mother died when she was a baby. (There is no information on her father.) On account of the circumstances of the relatives who have raised her since then, she will go to live with her aunt in the town of Patongo in Agago District and attend the school in this photo. After discussing the matter, we decided that PRAfrica would continue to provide Acen with support.

転校手続きを済ませ一安心。制服も注文しました! 左から、これから世話になる叔父さん、図書館スタッフJoyce, 先生、AcenAcen looks relieved after completing the procedures to transfer to her new school. She also ordered a uniform! From left: the uncle with whom she will live from now on; Joyce, a member of the library staff; a teacher, and Acen

Angee Ireneアンゲー アイリーン(P.6 母あり)とお馴染みAdilangOrina Primary School。彼女も成績良好で順調に進級。土曜なので学校はお休みですが集まってきた近所の子供たちと。

Angee Irene (sixth grade) and the Orina Primary School in Adilang. Angee also gets good grades and has steadily been promoted. It’s Saturday, so there is no school, but she has joined other neighborhood children. 

母、弟妹、祖母、親類一同、近所の人たちと。With her mother, siblings, grandmother, other relatives, and neighborhood children.




ハイ、Odee~‼(こちらではチーズではなく野菜料理の一つオディーといいます) Say “odi”! (Here we say “odi” (ground nut paste) instead of “cheese.”)




With the approach of the start of the second semester, children have begun to appear at the library after returning to town from villages in the countryside where they spent their vacation helping in the fields. We have been passing out letters from supporters that arrived while the children were on holiday. (The underlined names are those by which the children are ordinarily addressed.)

Akello Sharon (P.2)


Sisters Aber Fortunate (left P.3) and Agenorwot Mercy Oyella (right P.)


Lubanga Ngeyo Emmanuel (left) (P.2) and Wokorac Dick (right) (P.7)


Rwot Omiya Innocent (P.5)


Aol Fiona (P.6)





Adyero Priska(アディエロ プリスカ 左から二人目)に、M.Wさんからいただきました。来週行われる実力テスト代をもらいに、補習(全員必修!)を受けに登校する途中、図書館に偶然立ち寄りました。同じ6年生の3人にも喜ばれてこの笑顔!

Otema Brian(オテマ ブライアン左)M.YさんからとAgenorwot Mercy Oyella(アゲノルヲット マーシー オイェラ 右)Y.Tさんからいただきました。

他にもK.I,  H.T,  T.Y,  N.R,  M.O,  Y.S,  I.K (敬称略)から頂戴していますが、中・高学年以上の子ども達は、毎週土曜日、学校で全員対象の補習を受けるため、図書館ミーティングに来られません。平日も朝は7時前には家を出、帰宅は夕方遅くですので、図書館に来られるのは日曜のみ、しかし体調を崩したり、何か家で用事があったりと、2,3週間顔を見せないこともあり、お手紙を手渡し写真を撮ることがままなりません。今日は、受取人本人に代わって、ミーティング参加の低学年組の感謝の笑顔をパチリ‼!本人への手渡しと写真は、私共が一時帰国から戻ってからになってしまいます。ご了承ください。





67番目volunteer マリナさん 2018年 11月と2019年1月 67th Volunteer MARINA-san November 2018 & January 2019

Such a long time!!! 何年ぶりでしょうか、久々、”ヴォランティア手記”に新掲載!!





新図書館工事と図書館寺子屋 Work on the New Library and Our Private School

読書室の天井に亀裂が‼! 「天井が落ちてくるようなことは無い。ペンキを塗るだけで大丈夫。」とワーカーは言いますが…??? 
After no progress on the construction for 80 days, a few small repair jobs have finally ended. The outdoor lighting, which had not worked properly since right after the installation of the solar system, finally works! But the indoor outlet for the solar power doesn’t. It is supposed to be repaired later, but just in case we spoke to the district administrative staff ( Principal Asst CAO ) about it.
Repainting of the moisture-repellent section at the bottom of the exterior walls (the black part) has been completed. We wonder if it’s any better than before...
A crack appeared in the ceiling of the reading room! A worker said, “The ceiling won’t collapse. It just needs to be painted over.” Really?

The new school year has begun, so young library patrons are no longer seen on weekdays. But some children can’t go to school because they can’t pay their school expenses, which are high even at government schools, or provide the required brooms, toilet paper, detergent or other supplies, or prepare their uniforms or school supplies. Many of these children have been coming to the library hoping to attend its school. At the end of last year there were 20-some students. This year that number has more than doubled! Even if they crowd in, there is not enough room for all of them. So, although children start school at age 6, we have had to send the 6- and 7-year-olds home. But even if we tell them not to come, some come every day. Baba teaches them to count to 10 on their fingers.





11月~12月に来てくれた67番目ボランティアのマリナさんのキトゥグム再訪‼! 二度目のケアプログラム実施。今回は、計画、準備の段階から、当日の進行、運営まで、当方のスタッフを前面に立て、ご自分は裏方に回り、助言者、相談役等を務めてくれました。今回のテーマは、『勉強に関連した辛い嫌な体験・良かった嬉しかった体験』。難しそうだったので、支援生の参加は中・上級生以上だけに絞り、一般の来館者も数名入れました。見つかった課題も含め、次につながる貴重な経験ができました。
Our 67th volunteer, Marina, who was here in November and December, returned to Kitgum to carry out the second care program. This time library staff handled everything from planning and preparation through implementation while Marina worked behind the scenes offering advice. The theme of the latest program was “Unpleasant and Happy Experiences Related to Studying.” It seemed like a difficult topic, so participation was limited to students in the middle and upper grades who receive support from the library along with several other library users. Including the problems that were found, the program was a valuable experience that we will be able to build on.

初登校日!! 青シャツは、これまでと同じPrimary小学校、白シャツはPublic小学校。
First day of school! As before, blue shirts are worn by students in Kitgum Primary school, while white shirts are worn by those in Kitgum Public school.
These girls live too far from Primary school, so, after considering various options, it was decided that they would attend Public school, which is a little closer.


Akello Sharonアケロ シャロン(12歳)、Aciro Sundayアチロ サンディ(13歳)、Awilo Agnesアウィロ アグネス(8歳)、Adong Rose アドング ローズ(8歳)、Laker Beatriceラケー ベアトリス(9歳)同じ村の仲良し5人組。初めAgnesが図書館に。あと次々と。悪路片道1時間以上の遠距離にもかかわらず、全員ほぼ皆勤賞! 熱心な学習態度で、当初はA,B,C…も名前も数字1,2,3…も書けなかったのが、力をつけ、今年度から就学支援することに。Public小は面接だけなので、以前少しだけ学校経験のあるシャロンだけが2年生、後の4人は揃って1年生、同じクラスに。

Lubanga ngeyo Emmanuelルバンガ ニェヨ エマニュエル(11歳)実父は彼が赤ちゃんの時ゲリラに殺され、村で育ったが実母も一昨年HIVで死に、Kitgumの祖母に引き取られ、図書館に通うように。学校に通うのは、生まれて初めて。でも、図書館での勉強が生きて、転入テストで、2年生に編入! 担任の先生(右側)と。

Visits are paid to the homes of students who will receive support during the new school year, which starts in February.











「Facial Board(軒下の周囲に廻らされた白ペンキで塗られた板材)が既に撓みを生じている! 






やっつけ仕事写真 第二弾

コンクリートの強度を高めるのに必要な水やりをせず、セメントを塗って直ぐ黒タールを塗っている! 仕方なくBabaと子どもたちが、バケツで水を汲んできて撒いたが、ご覧の通りの雑な仕事のまま、姿を消して早や45日! 



雑なタール塗りだけでなく、ドアとドア枠が合っていないことも写っていた! 上の方は隙間がないが、下の方にいくにしたがって、間が最大5㎝程広くなっている。





新図書館工事 問題箇所の写真 第一弾

Apwoyo Katoo Mwaka~!! 明けましておめでとうございます。




「これでは すぐ使いものにならなくなってしまう。適切なものを用意するように」とクレームしたにも拘わらず、誰も気づかないうちに、敷いて行ってしまった!





先日そのことをお知らせして以来,1か月以上経ちましたが、県側からも施工業者側からも誰一人現場に顔を見せることなく、何一つ進まないままクリスマス~年末年始の休暇に入ってしまいました。9月から3か月間、多少なりとも作業が行われたのはわずか2週間程度、この計算でいくと、1年間で実働は8週間⁉!,このまま、どこからも誰からも何も言われなければ県側、業者側共に安閑とし続けるでしょう。 『時間がかかっても、良いものを』という大使館の意向で、我慢を重ねてきました。しかし、『時間ばかりかお金(我々の税金!)もタ~ップリ湯水のごとくかけ、欠陥だらけ‼?!』のまま、当初の完成予定(2017年10月)より既に1年数か月遅れ、この先も全く見通せない状況です。
1:外壁の上方、角が一部崩落 →虫歯治療のように、穴のあいたところにセメントを埋め
 2:外壁の下部の水膨れ、漆喰ハガレと傷 →セメントの帯を建物の周囲に貼り廻らし、その
 3:シロアリの再発生 → 上述2.の黒いタール状のものは、シロアリも防ぐという話だっ
5:高架水タンクの歪み・変形防止のためのマット →廃材トタンを敷こうとしたので、
6:水もれ →手つかず。県側、業者側双方、責任は相手側と主張。そのため元栓を止めて
 7:外ドアの下、床との間が空き過ぎ、蛇など小動物が出入りする →当初、業者は、問題
 県事務方の担当者に話すと、「自分たち(PR Africa)がお金を出しているわけでもないのに、なぜ関わるのか?」と。「支援者も我々も納税者なのだから、税金の使い道に関心がある。」といいましたら、笑いますので、日本政府の支援による施設やクルマなどに貼られているステッカーの言葉、“From the People of Japan”のthe Peopleの中には、私共一同も含まれていることを教えましたが、理解は難しいようです…。 





We would like to give you an update on the new library. In August we received approval for additional funds, and construction resumed in September. At that time Kitgum district officials and the engineer said that the building would be finished within the year, but, as we predicted, that is completely impossible.
 We have persevered in line with the Japanese embassys belief that it is better to take plenty of time in order to do a good job. We have not only spent a lot of time but have also poured a lot of money into the project. Nevertheless, the building has numerous defects, and, as we watch the construction work, we feel it is our duty to inform you of this situation.
We have repeatedly called for a proper managerial and supervisory structure, and we cant help but feel that the lack of such a structure thus far has caught up with us all at once. Problems have been discovered one after another. Well provide details on them another time.
For now we would like you to take a look at these photos of the children as they struggle to write their annual letters to you. The all staff members provide individual assistance to the children, especially those in the lower and middle grades of primary school. But just copying each letter and word is not easy for them. They must do it over and over again. Even then it may not be perfect, but please read their letters to you, which should arrive during the holiday season. After you receive your letter, please send a reply to your child. A postcard even only in Japanese is fine. If you dont want to write it yourself, feel free to ask one of your children or grandchildren or someone else to write it for you. Your cooperation would be greatly appreciated.


左から、Aciro Sunday アチロ サンディ(13歳 通学経験なし) Akello Shaonアケロ シャロン(11歳1年間だけ通学)
Laker Betriceラケー ベアトリス(11歳通学経験なし)  Alimocan Eveline アリモチャン エヴァリン(11歳3年生まで通学)  一人置いて Lubanga nyeyo Emmanuel ルバンガ ニェヨ エマニュエル(13歳通学経験なし)





67番目ボランティア マリナさんが、研修中の某有名NGOで主に取り組んでいるトラウマを抱えた子ども達への“ケアプログラム”を私共の支援子供を対象に実施してくれました。
グループ1,2,3に分かれ、各グループ毎の『チェックイン(導入、自己紹介)、アクティヴィティ①(今回は お絵描き)、 アクティヴィティ②(絵について本人が語る)、チェックアウト(締め括り)』、小休憩を含めて約3時間の活動でした。 子どもたちが集中できるか、反応はどうか、と心配でしたが、活動中にもマリナさんに何度も「すごく良い‼」と言っていただき、私共スタッフ一同から見ても、子ども達が生き生きと楽しそうに活動しているのが良くわかりました。 終了後に撮った写真にも、子どもたちの満足感が溢れていると思います。次は、「我々だけでも、やろう!」とスタッフもやる気満々です。
 Our 67th volunteer, Marina, who is doing training at a well known NGO, recently conducted a “care program” for the children supported by the library. The program, which is intended for children who have experienced trauma, is Marina’s main endeavor at the NGO. Unfortunately, six children had to cancel their participation in order to attend the funeral of a relative and for other reasons.
The participants were divided into three groups. After checking in (joining their groups and introducing themselves), the members participated in two activities: drawing a picture and describing it. Then they checked out as the program was brought to a close. Including a short break, the program lasted a total of three hours. We were concerned about whether or not the children would be able to concentrate and what their reactions would be, but Marina gave us a lot of praise throughout the program, and we could see that the children were really enjoying themselves. The childrens sense of satisfaction is apparent in the photographs taken during and after the program as well. We staff members are eager to undertake the program ourselves!
Between daily library activities and preparing for the care program, Marina was busy visiting homes, facilities for physically disabled children and camps for refugees from South Sudan. Afterwards she returned to her NGO.

チェックイン                チェックアウト


グループ 1           グループ 2         グループ 3






緊急&重要‼ 年末年始ご挨拶状について


月日の経つのは本当に早いですね。早や師走‼ 今年も、子ども達が支援者の皆様に年一度の挨拶状を差し上げる時期になりました。
例年、予め皆様にメールで、ご住所の確認や、お返事をいただけるかどうかご都合をお伺いしてまいりましたが、今年は、私のPCが故障、修理できないまま今になってしまい、皆様のメルアドが分かりませんので。この記事でご住所の確認やご都合のお伺いに代えさせていただくしかありません。ご住所に変更あり、また、子どもにお返事を書いて頂けないという方は、大変恐れ入りますが、128日㈯までに、kktmf142@ybb.ne.jp までお知らせいただけますよう、お願い申し上げます。




Time really flies. December is already here! It’s time once again for the children to send greetings to their supporters. In previous years, we have contacted you via e-mail to confirm your mailing addresses and willingness to reply to the children. But this year our computer is broken, so we no longer have everyone’s e-mail address and must try to reach you via this notice. If your address has changed or you will be unable to send a reply to a child, please notify us at kktmf142@ybb.ne.jp by Saturday, Dec. 8.
If you know someone who is unlikely to see this notice on our website, please convey this information to that person also.
As in previous years, replies to the children may be sent via regular air mail. Thank you.



 These are some of the replies we received last year. Unfortunately, by the time the cards arrived, we were no longer in contact with some of the children and are still unable to deliver those cards to their recipients.




67人目ボランティアのマリナさん&支援者の皆様から送って頂いた本 The 67th Volunteer Marina and Books Sent by Supporters

About Marina:  Marina is a university student doing training at a well known NGO on the outskirts of Kampala. After learning about PR Africa, she got permission from the NGO to come to Kitgum for 15 days.
マリナさんを大歓迎のスタッフ一同   The staff welcomes Marina to the library.
Marina observes students studying at the library - juku.
が、ご存知のように、工事は大幅に遅れていて、完成の目途は立っていません。大変に残念ですが、完成まで、この立派な本々も、きちんと保管できるところが無く、埃をかぶらせておくだけ…。 まことに勝手ですが、ご発送は今しばらくお待ちいただけますよう謹んでお願い申し上げます。加えて、今から発送いただきますと、当地への到着は、私どもの一時帰国中になる可能性が高く、受け取りが困難です。ご高配のほど、宜しくお願い申し上げます。
About books:  Several supporters sent books to the new library, for which we are very grateful. But, as you know, construction is way behind schedule, and it is unclear when the new library will be completed. Unfortunately, we have no place to properly store these wonderful books until then, and they will just collect dust. So please do not send books for the time being. Also, books sent now are likely to arrive while we are in Japan, making it difficult for us to receive them. Your consideration would be appreciated. Thank you.
余裕の笑顔のP.7生 左からOpoka BrianRubanga Kene Dauzi, Anywar Joel 3人とも両親がいませんが、頑張屋です。
Seventh-graders Opoka Brian, Rubanga Kene Dauzi and Anywar Joel are all smiles after completing their Primary Leaving Examinations. Results will be announced nationwide in January. Despite being orphans, all three students study hard.
P.2P.3生 今週後半から期末テストが始まっています、余裕シャクシャク?!
Year -end exams will begin later this week for these second- and third-graders, but they are relaxed!
P.4P.6生 来週月曜から期末テスト開始。余裕あり?なし?
Year -end exams will begin next Monday for these fourth- and sixth-graders. Are they relaxed or not?
P.5生 共通の難敵は高学年になって急に内容が難しくなった算数、理科…
The shared enemies of fifth-graders are the difficult subjects they face upon becoming upper graders, including, maths, science, and….




新図書館:建物周囲の舗装と待望のガラスブロックの設置 Paving around the Building and Installation of Glass Blocks

The concrete paving blocks around the new library are seen in this shot taken from the second floor of the neighboring War Museum.
工事が大幅に遅れた最大要因のガラスブロックが到着!注文通り10mmの厚さがあるか、物差しで測るBaba Ogen.
After the arrival of the glass bricks, the main cause of the delay in the construction, Baba Ogen measures them to be sure they are 10mm thick as ordered.

全3枚のうちの1枚目と3枚目を嵌め込むワーカーたち。Workers put the first and the third of the three glass blocks into place.

来館者のほとんどが小学生以下の子どもなので、ガラスが外れて落ちたりしたら大変!! 念のため、溶接で、落下防止の鉄の桟をしっかり止めています。1週間ほど様子を見て、しっかり留まったら、きれいにペンキを塗り直すそうです。







An urgent meeting is held for students whose schooling is supported by PR Africa and their  and guardians. After a discussion and time for questions, the students were asked to sign a written agreement to reaffirm the terms of the verbal agreement made when they began receiving support. Although over a month had passed since the start of the third term, several students had not returned to school or the library from villages in the interior and could not be reached, so it was feared they had dropped out. The meeting was held to raise awareness so that anything unusual would be noticed and addressed promptly and this problem would not recur.


Even P.7 students(seventh graders), who are used to writing, look nervous.

慣れていない保護者に、ペンの握り方を教えるスタッフ。 心配そうにのぞき込む孫娘たち。

A staff member shows a guardian who is not accustomed to writing how to hold the pen as her granddaughters look on anxiously.


A granddaughter looks relieved after completing the agreement, to which her grandmother wrote her name and affixed her thumbprint.




新図書館進捗:150Wソーラーパネル4枚が付きました。Four 150-watt Solar Panels were installed!!

The district engineer in charge of the library construction and an administrative official speak with Baba prior to the resumption of work on the project.
Workers unpack four 150-watt solar panels.
Workers install solar panels on the roof.

A check of the ceiling lights in the multipurpose room is conducted. The reddish-brown steel frame in the foreground is for glass blocks. The initial plan called for aluminum frames, but an error in the preparation of the bill of quantities by the GOVT ? and the contractor?? led to the use of low-cost steel. What’s important, though, is not appearance but the glass blocks themselves.


Baba looks on as a security light is installed at the front entrance.


Emma and Joyce, members of the library staff, are all smiles when the work is completed.







At a Saturday meeting, the second, third and fifth graders supported by the library pose with pictures sent by junior high school students in Japan. The students in other grades were off at school activities. In Kitgum people say “odi,” (ground nut paste) instead of “cheese” when posing for pictures.



Students hold plastic bottles containing well water that they have brought from home to drink and to wash their hands as the water supply at the district offices where the library is located is frequently cut off. These days more than 30 children come to the library-juku because they cannot afford to go to regular schools.


The district educational officer visits the library at the start of the third term, which is crowded even though students who attend school have stopped coming.




図書館工事再開! そして日本の中学生から絵が届きました。

本プロジェクトのKitgum県責任者CAO代理のStephenが久しぶりに現場に。 彼の話では、1か月半くらいで,建物周囲の整地が終わり、敷石を敷いたり、植樹、花壇等を整えるとのこと。同時に、建物内部の未了部分(ガラスブロック!)やソーラー、雨水利用のための雨どいやタンクの設置、机やいす、書棚などの取り付け設置etc、順調にいって、概ね3か月位で、完了の予定・・・とのこと。楽しみです!!



















期末テスト前後のアレコレが一段落し、マラリア病欠の2名を除いて、下級生(P.2P.4)が集まりました! 天の恵みのカボチャは、Aweko Babra(p5 両親ナシ) を預かってくれているPingoloya Gifty(P5母のみあり)の一家に贈呈しました。









新図書館建設 最新情報!!

 深い中で眠っている新図書館を久しぶりに見に行きましたら、な、な、な~んと、カボチャが実をつけていました!聞けば、鳥か何かが落としていった種から芽吹いたのでは?と。10月か11月頃まで、まだまだ成長するそうです!! 写真を撮った後、誰かに取っていかれないように、葉っぱで隠すようにしてきましたが、さて、無事に収穫時を迎 えられるでしょうか…? 





支援者の方々からいただいたお便りを手に、笑顔の、左からObedi Andrew(P4 両親なし)、Agenorwot Mercy Oyella(P2 母のみ)、Aol Fiona( P.5 両親なし)です。











そのせいでどこかで電信柱が倒れたのかどうか、電気がほとんどありません!! 夜 宿舎での2時間ほどのジェネレーターが頼み、しかし、これで溜めた電気は翌日の図書館活動にとっておかなければならないので、撮りたまる一方の写真のupもままなりませんが、ようやく一部をupします。


Angee Irene(アンゲー アイリーン P.5 母のみ) Agago県(KItgum県から、クルマで悪路を片道3,4時間位)に恒例の訪問。 文具と支援者の方からの手紙を手にニッコリ!
 家族8人で暮らす住居小屋の前で。昨年より2人妹弟が増えていました!! 聞けば、母親が3人目の夫と再々婚。抱いている赤ちゃんはその間の子。紫色の服の妹は、2人目の夫との間に生まれ、今まで親類に預けられていたけれど最近引き取られ、一緒に暮らすことになったとのこと…


Omara James(オマラ ジェームス P.3 母のみ) 今学期から就学支援することになりました。面接とクラス分けテストの結果、3年生に編入。支援開始に先立って、家庭訪問を実施。左から2人目の黄色と黒の縞のT-シャツ姿が本人です。写っている子どもは全て兄弟妹姉(母親が複数の夫たちとの間に11人生み、うち4人死亡、生存が7人。)Jamesの左隣のAnywar Patrick(アニワー パトリックも図書館塾の生徒です!



 Opwonya Kenneth ( P.6 両親ナシ) Rubanga kene Dauzi (P.7 両親ナシ) 
 Can Kuru Nigrey( P.3 両親ナシ)











CAO( Chief Administrative Officer 県事務官のトップ 中央政府が指名任命)