Apwoyo Katoo Mwaka~アプォヨ カド ムワカ~!!! Happy New Year~!!! 

《お手紙を手にオディ~》 と 《新図書館近況》

Children pose with letters & an update on the new library

走行距離25万キロオーバーの超オンボロクルマの修繕等々に手こずってる間に、1月も下旬になってしまいました! 1通また1通と皆様からのお手紙がご到着中~!! ンが、受取人(=子供たち)が、3学期終了後、クリスマス前後から、Ktgよりさらに奥の村々に行ったままなので、手渡しして写真を撮ることができません! 1か月以内位には、全員戻ってくることを期待していますが…。〈写真説明は全て左から右〉
Time flew while we dealt with having repairs done on our old, worn-out car, which has more than 250,000 km on it, and it’s already late January. Letters from you are coming in, but many of the recipients (children) have been in villages more remote than Kitgum since Christmastime after the end of the third term, so we haven’t been able to take pictures of them with your letters. We hope all of the children will return by the end of January, but for now here are five children saying “odi” (cheese) with the letters they have received.

Pikica Marvin(ピキチャ マーヴィンP.4⇒2月からP.5)とAgenorwot Mercy Oyella(アゲノルォット マーシー オイェラP.3⇒2月からP.4)

Pikica Marvin (fourth grade, fifth grade from February) and Agenorwot Mercy Oyella (third grade, fourth grade from February)

Laker Sunday(ラケー サンディ図書館塾生*) とAryemo Sunday(アリェモ サンディ図書館塾生*) Aketowanga Sarah(アケトワンガ  サラP.2⇒2月からP.3),

Laker Sunday and Aryemo Sunday (both students at the library*)  Aketowanga Sarah (second grade, third grade from February)

* 2020年度(来月2月スタート)から、就学支援生に加えようと内々候補にしている子供がこの2名を含めて図書館塾生の中に 5名ほどいます。これまで繰り返し保護者を交えて面談して絞ってきました。今後、家庭訪問し、LC(地域の民生リーダーたち)と意見交換し決定します。早く決めたいのですが、子供本人や保護者が田舎に行ったきりだったり、訪問を早めにしても、新学年スタートまでに、その家の事情が良くも悪くも急変し、事前準備に大変な手間ヒマをかけた家庭訪問や懇談が無駄になってしまったり、します。このロスを最小限にするため、できるだけギリギリに訪問、懇談を行います。*Five children who study at the library, including these two, are being considered for educational support from PRA when the new school year starts in February. These students were selected after several meetings at which their guardians were present. The final decision will be made after visits to their homes and discussions with the leaders of the local council. We would like to make a decision as soon as possible, but the children and their guardians sometimes go off to the countryside for a while. And even if we visit their homes in the near future, before the new school year starts their family circumstances may suddenly change for better or worse and the visits to the home and talks with the family, which require a lot of advance preparation, may be for naught. In order to minimize this waste of time and effort, the visits and talks will be conducted as close to the start of the school year as possible.

Left: 銘板〈左奥〉と UG国旗と日の丸掲揚用のポールとBaba Ogen。Plaque (background, left), flagpoles for the flags of Uganda and Japan, and Baba Ogen.

Right: 銘板〈左端〉とポール2本。大理石の銘板には、“THIS LIBRARY WAS CONSTRUCTED WITH SUPPORT FROM THE GOVERNMENT OF JAPAN ……この図書館は日本政府からの支援で建設された……”等々と刻まれています。“引き渡し式”に向け、少しづつ準備が進んでいます。 Plaque (far left) and flagpoles. The inscription on the marble plaque states: “This library was constructed with support from the government of Japan.” Preparations for the handover ceremony are being made.