68thボランティア アヤノさん&新(と古参?)スタッフ        68th Volunteer Ayano and New&(veteran?)Staff Members


Laker Lisa ラケー リサ(14才)に 個人指導中のアヤノさん、オーストラリア留学とフィリピン生活経験のある保育士さんです。Ayano gives personal instruction to Laker Lisa, 14. Ayano is a nursery school teacher who has studied in Australia and lived in the Philippines.

Grace, Nancy(右端奥)スタッフになって3年目,今やベテランです。Eunice, Emma(左端奥)高校在学中から休暇の時手伝ってくれました。高校教師を目指し大学に入学するので間もなくKTGを離れます。 Grace, Nancy ( far right, background) in her third year on the staff, is now veteran. Eunice, Emma (far left, background) started assisting us during his vacation from high school. He will soon leave Kitgum to go to university so he can become a high school teacher.

今日が2日目、最新入りスタッフKibwota Isaac キブウォタ アイザック(左端手前)、8日だけ先輩のAgeno Rwot Euniceアゲノ ルウォット ユーニス(右端)の授業を参観。

On his second day at work, new staff member Kibwota Isaac (left, foreground) observe lessons along with Ageno Rwot Eunice (far right), who has worked at the library a mere eight days longer than Isaac.

アヤノさんと子供たち、今日の勉強が終わってリラックス! Ayano and kids relax after the day’s lessons.

Aciro Grace アチロ グレイス(中央)年少組を指導中。Aciro Grace (center) provides instruction to lower graders.

手前からEunice, Baba Ogen, アヤノさん  (from the foreground) Eunice, Baba Ogen, Ayano