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:::::: The Process

The receiving organisations from the five districts were drawn from an array of applications. One of the projects is a library for the Kitgum local government, of the districts in the country with low literacy levels, according to the Uganda Bureau of Statistics.

Kitgum District chief administrative officer Joseph Lomongin said the district has been trailing nationwide in education standards but expressed optimism that the construction of a functional adult literacy centre and child protection programmes, “will contribute increased children’s access to books and learning.

CAO(県行政の長)Lomongin Joseph(左から2人目、英文記事↑を、お読みください)が、図書館に。

残念ながら、既に子どもたちが全員帰った後、… 今の時期、日中は、頭がクラクラするほどの日差し、砂嵐のような土埃…なので、子どもたちは、朝開館前から押しかけ、1時過ぎにはいなくなります… ので、スタッフだけでしたが。  将来の利用者?、Levi(1歳3か月、Joyceの長男)と握手!!