2023年度3学期も、アレヨアレヨという間に修了‼ The third term is over before you know it!

Although some time has passed, we’d like to introduce a few of the not-so-bad photos we’ve taken over the past several months along with some more recent shots.


The first and last meeting of the school year at which children were accompanied by their guardians.


家族ごとでの話し合いタイム。  Time for talking with each family.


Acen Harrietアチェン ハリエット(S.1)とオジ、Lubangangeyo Stephenルバンガニェヨ スティーブン(P.5)とオバ。どちらも遠方在住、ミーティング当日は都合がつかず数日後、偶然同時に来館。“寺子屋学習組”だった頃の旧交を温めていました。
 Acen Harriet (secondary school, first year) and her uncle, Lubangagneyo Stephen 5th grade) and his aunt. Both families live far away and were unable to attend the meeting but came to the library at the same time several days later. They formerly attended lessons together at the library, and rekindled old ties.


“女の子を連れてきたLa賞”のXmasバージョン(折り紙サンタクロース*付き!)を被ってご満悦の子供たち‼ *こちらでは、“サンタクロース”ではなく、“Mr.クリスマス”というのが普通のようです。  
 The winners of the Christmas version of the La Prize for bringing a new girl to the library look satisfied with their prizes (complete with an origami Santa Claus). (Here people refer to “Mr. Christmas,” not Santa Claus.) 


  学年代表として、某NGO主催の青少年リーダー育成プログラムに参加。修了証と記念品のTシャツを手に、“オディ~”(現地食名ピーナッツソース青菜あえ?)!! こちらでは、“チ~ズ!!”の代わりに”オディ~“といいます。 ラケーサンディ、チャンワット ブライアン, アケトワンガ サラ。3人ともP.5  
   Laker Sundayラケー サンディ, Canwat Brian チャンワット ブライアン, and Aketowanga Sarah アケトワンガ サラ, class presidents who completed a leadership development program sponsored by an NGO, hold the certificates and T-shirts they received. (Here people say “odi” (ground nut paste) instead of “cheese” when posing for pictures.) All three students are in the fifth grade.


ある日曜。開館までかなり時間があり、スタッフが揃わないので、UG国歌を斉唱! 英語なので、特に低年齢の子供には難し~ようです。
 One Sunday there was quite a bit of time before opening, and the staff were not all there yet, so we sang the Ugandan national anthem.

 A nun who was introduced to us by Sally years ago came by for a visit. (For more about Sally, refer to the previous blog entry and posts about volunteers.)




2学期終了、…と思う間もなく、3学期が始まります!:Second term ends, and before you know it third term begins!

2学期が終わり、Lumure村から3人の支援生が図書館に姿を見せました! 凸凹荒れ泥道を片道2時間もかけて徒歩での往復です。帰路、この頃連日のように夕方起こる雷付き強風雨に出会ってしまうおそれがあるので、近況を聞くのもそこそこに、早く帰してあげないと、と、大好きなビスケットも急いで食べさせるしかありません。     
Three children from the village of Lumure who are supported by the library showed up one day after the end of the second term. It is a two-hour walk each way along a bumpy, muddy road. Recently there have been storms with strong winds, heavy rain and lightning several evenings in a row. There was a risk of them getting caught in one of those storms on their way home, so we had little time to ask what they’d been doing before sending them home. There was only enough time for them to eat their favorite biscuits. 

Ktgタウンの支援子供たちにも、大人気のビスケット! 1袋30枚弱入り4000シル(約160円)! 水と粉を練って焼いただけ、ミルクやバターなど一切入っていない非常に素朴なモノですが、時々何かの折に一人2,3枚ずつ振る舞います。これを楽しみに図書館に通ってくるらしき子もいるとかいないとか…!?!   
These biscuits are popular with the kids we support in Kitgum too! There are slightly fewer than 30 biscuits in a bag, which costs 4,000 shillings(=about160yen). They are very simple biscuits made of water and flour that has been kneaded together and baked. There is no milk or butter in them. We give two or three to a child now and then. There may be some children who come to the library just in hopes of getting biscuits.

3学期までの約3週間、別途費用を払って学校での補習に参加することを勧められますが、お金がない子は?!? そこで、図書館では、例によって通常の寺子屋を拡大充実し学習の機会を無料提供! この子たちにも時たまビスケットをふるまうので、それを目当てに来ているのかもしれません?!  
Children are advised to participate in supplemental lessons that are conducted for three weeks before the start of the third term. But students must pay extra for these lessons. So, what about the children who have no money? At those times the library expands its services to offer free extra lessons. We occasionally give these children biscuits too. Perhaps that’s why they come. 

In order to make room for other children who come to the library to read, children in the lower grades (first through fourth) study in the new library while those in the upper grades (fifth through seventh) study in the old library. Students are divided into classes of from two to six children with one teacher. The students review the errors they made on final exams in school and study with special vacation workbooks. (Each workbook covers mathematics, English, science, and social studies. At wealthy private schools each child is required to purchase one of these workbooks. Here we buy one workbook for each class and the students share it.) Unlike the supplemental lessons at schools, in which there may be anywhere from 50 to 100 students in a class, our classes are small. They are popular with the students because the lessons are easy to understand and helpful.

During her summer vacation Sally Haiselden came back for a visit for the first time in more than 10 years. (See the volunteer area.) She is now the head teacher at a primary school in her homeland of England. She talked with the children with her usual kind smile on her face. 

 One Sunday there was a long line in front of the library long before it opened. The library was full, and we had to limit admission. When one child left, another came in. Outside the door that can be seen in the background on the right, children formed a line to get in. That day we set a record for new visitors to the library (since the coronavirus pandemic).  

These two girls, the last to come to the library that day, invited each other to come with one another. They each were awarded the Prize for Bringing a New Girl.  




2学期が始まりました! その2 近在組リポート Second term begins (Part 2): Report on students nearby

 こちら、ようやく雨季らしく雨が降るようになってきました! 誰もかれも総出で、畑仕事に取り組んでいる感じです。みんな大好き貴重な蛋白源であるハネアリ(翅を取って生食したり、炒め煮にしたり)が大量発生し、犬猫までも大喜び!! こちらの人はwhite antsといいますが、百害あって一利なしのシロアリ(こちらはtermiteと呼ばれます。)とは違うとされます。私ども二人は、どちらも×ですが。。    今回は《近在組》の様子をお知らせします。
 Rain typical of the rainy season has finally begun to fall. Everyone seems to have come out to work in the fields. Winged ants, an important source of protein popular with everyone, are out in force. Even dogs and cats are rejoicing! (People pull off their wings and eat the ants raw or stir-fry them.) These ants are referred to locally as “white ants,” but they are different from termites (also sometimes called “white ants”), which do nothing but harm. Personally, we don’t like either of them.        This report focuses on children living nearby.   

 就学支援継続中の10人。Laker Sundayラケーサンディ(P.5), Latabu Jacklineラタブジャクリン(P.6), Aber Fortunateアベーフォチュネト(p.6),Otema Brianオテマ ブライアン(P.6), Agenorwot Marcy Oyella(P.6) アゲノルォト マーシーオイェラ(P.6),Pikica Marvineピキチャマーヴィン(P.7), Aketowanga Sarahアケトワンガ サラ(P.5)、Anenocan Mirriamアネノチャン ミリアム(P.7)。  2学期が始まってようやくもらえた1学期の通知表を手に、意気軒昂です。  
 Anywar Joelアニワ―ジョエル(S.4)、Wokorac Dickウォコラチ ディック(S.3)Secondaryに通う2名。JoelはO.レベル(日本の中高レベル)の最終学年。UCE(卒業認定テスト)を控え、猛勉強中。Dickは、日曜など図書館を手伝ってくれていますが、来年はUCE受験生!! 二人ともコロナに翻弄され、生活苦に堪え、何度もドロップアウトしかけましたが、何とかここまで踏ん張って来ています。  
 The schooling of 10 children is being paid for by the library. Laker Sunday (5th grade), Latabu Jackline (6th grade), Aber Fortunate (6th grade), Otema Brian (6th grade), Agenorwot Marcy Oyella (6th grade), Pikica Marvine (7th grade), Aketowanga Sarah (5th grade), and Anenocan Mirriam (7th grade) are in high spirits as they hold their report cards for the first term. The second term has already begun. 
Anywar Joel and Wokorac Dick are in the fourth and third years of secondary school, respectively. Joel is studying hard for the Uganda Certificate of Education examinations, comparable to the GCE O-level in the United Kingdom. Dick helps out at the library on Sundays. Next year he will take the UCE examinations also. Both of them were affected by the pandemic and have had hard lives. After having dropped out of school numerous times, the two of them have somehow managed to get this far. 

Aber Lydia アベ―リディア(P.1)祖母(赤いT-シャツ 姿)の左側  Agenorwot Priskaアゲノルウォット プリスカ(P.1) 祖母の右側。手製の酒(密造酒?)を売ってこの長屋で孫たちを養う祖母と暮らし、入学手続き後数日通っただけで、学校から追われ、図書館寺子屋に通うようになり、今学期から、当方の支援就学生の輪に加わりました。左側の3少年、この家庭訪問時は、某NGOが支援する貧しい子供のための“特設学級”*に通学中、という話でした。  
 Aber Lydia (1st grade) to the left of her grandmother (in the red T-shirt) and Agenorwot Priska (1st grade) to the right of her grandmother, who sells homemade liquor (moonshine?) and raises her 5 grandchildren in this row house. Priska completed the enrollment procedures and started school. But after a few days she was sent home because of money and began studying at the library. From this term her schooling will be supported by the library. During our visit to her home, we were told that the three boys on the left were going to a special class for poor children supported by a non-governmental organization. 

 A. Priskaと A.Lydia。登校初日。校納金等支払い手続き後、初めて教室に。制服はこのあと仕立て屋に行き採寸注文。できるまであと数日、私服登校の許可をもらいました。当地(東アフリカ、多分アフリカ全体!)では、公立でもナーサリーから全て制服必着! 汚れ、痛み、サイズなど厳しく✓され、×だと追い返されることも!  
 Priska and Lydia on their first day of school. After paying their tuition and other expenses, they went to a classroom for the first time. After that they went to a tailor to be measured for uniforms. It takes several days for the uniforms to be finished, so they received permission to attend school in their own clothes until then. In eastern Africa (or perhaps all of Africa) even in public school children wear uniforms from nursery school on. The uniforms are regularly inspected for cleanliness, wear, and fit, and children are sometimes sent home if their uniforms are not in order.

Lakica Babraラキチャ バブラ(P.1)上述LydiaやPriskaと同じく今学期から当方の支援就学生になりました。オジ夫婦に養われ学校に通うのは初めてです。
Like Lydia and Priska, the expenses of Lakica Babra (1st grade) are being paid for by the library starting this term. She is being raised by her aunt and uncle. This is her first time to attend school.  

L.Babra : Ktgで病院を経営するオーストラリア人医師A.Wright(右端)とオーストラリアから来訪中の友人夫妻に、生まれて初めての制服姿をお披露目。  Babra shows off her first-ever uniform for Dr. Andrew Wright (far right), an Australian who runs a hospital in Kitgum, and friends who came to visit from Australia.

オジ夫婦とその子と。 オジは教会とその周辺一帯の草刈り人。  
Babra with her aunt and uncle, who cuts the grass at the local church and the surrounding area.

A. Lydia & A. Priska(Public p/s) 制服を着て初めて登校。go to school for the first time in their new uniforms. 

L. Babra(Ktg B p/s) go to school for the first time in their new uniforms. 

A.Lydia,A.Priska,L.Babra 初めての土曜ミーティング参加。しかしこの日は先輩上級生たちは、テストや補習などで登校日のため不在でした。当地では、前日㈮夕方にならないと翌日㈯が登校か休みか分からないので、連絡できず、一部だけ出席という事態が頻繁に起こります…。  
266 2582: Lydia, Priska, and Babra participate in a Saturday meeting for the first time. That day upper-graders were unable to attend because they had to go to school for tests or supplementary lessons. In this area students don’t find out until Friday evening whether or not there will be school on Saturday, so often only some of the students can come on Saturdays.

上述某NGO の”特設学級”*が打ち切りになり、また図書館寺子屋に戻ってきた3人、手前から、Okema Denishオケマ デニシュ(P.3), Oola Peter Ronald オーラ ピーター ロナルド(P.4), Omara Oscarオマラ オスカー(P.4)。  
The NGO’s special class was canceled, so the three boys, (from the front) Okema Denish (3rd grade), Oola Peter Ronald (4th grade), and Omara Oscar (4th grade), returned to the library to study.

Lakica Graceラキチャ グレイス(推定7歳)。彼女自身の3人の子のシングルマザーであるオバ一人の稼ぎでは、上の子たちを学校に通わせるだけでも四苦八苦。Graceは寺子屋生になりました。奥は、Laker Lisa ラケー リサ(15歳)。彼女はいわゆる学習困難児。経済的には就学可能ですが、何校も尋ねて、試しに受け入れてくれた学校からも結局断られ、もう何年も図書館に通ってきています。祖母、両親、家族で、将来について話し合ってはいるものの、今しばらくはこのまま寺子屋通いを続けたいようです。天使のような子です! 

 Lakica Grace, who is about 7 years old, is being raised by her aunt, who is single, along with her own three children. It is a struggle for the aunt just to send her older children to school. So Grace began studying at the library. In the background is Laker Lisa, 15, who has a learning disability. Her family could afford to send her to school, but after visits to several schools, even those that initially admitted her ultimately declined to let her attend. So she has been coming to the library for several years. She has discussed her future with her grandmother, parents, and other family members, but she wants to continue to study at the library for a while longer. She is as sweet as an angel.

《遠方組》のAromorac Babra(P.7), Lubangangeyo Emmanuel(P.6),Lubangakene Stephen(P.5)の3人、悪路を片道2時間ほど歩いて図書館に。今朝郵便局で受けとったばかりの新しい本(支援者の方が、高い書留料金を払って送ってくれました!)を手に。天気が心配だったので、短時間で出発させましたが、間もなく降り出し、田舎道沿いには雨宿りできるような建物も無い(木は、落雷の怖れがあり×!)ので、ビショぬれになっただろうと…。 
Aromorac Babra (7th grade), Lubangangeyo Emmanuel (6th grade), and Lubangakene Stephen (5th grade), who live in a remote area, walked about two hours over poor roads to get to the library. They are holding new books that had just arrived that morning via the post, sent at great expense by a supporter. We sent the children home after a short time because we were concerned about the weather. Not long after they left, it began to rain. There is no place along the rural roads to take shelter from the rain, so they must have got soaking wet. (Trees may be struck by lightning, so sheltering under a tree is no good.) 




炎天下、2学期が始まりました! その1:遠方組リポート Second term begins under a blazing sun: Part 1 Report on students in remote areas 

UGは、といっても、ここKitgumを含む北部・北東部だけなのかもしれませんが、雨季の真っ最中のはずが、雨がほとんど降らず、青物葉物野菜が取れず、穀類豆類や他のものにまで物価高騰が及び、人々は、このままでは、旱魃、飢饉になる!と恐れています。空腹を紛らしてくれたアチコチに自生?!するマンゴーの季節も過ぎてしまい…。 そんな中、2学期が始まりました。何日かに分けて、他県、またKitgum県内でも奥まった村々に転居した支援子供の家庭や学校訪問をしました。タウン内や近在の子供たちのところは、Podiまだ、ですが、先ずは“遠方組”の訪問の様子をご覧ください。”近在組“についても、追ってお知らせしますので、折々、✓お願いいたします。
 In Japan the season of fresh greenery is no doubt over, and the dreary rainy season must have begun. In Uganda – or at least the north/northeastern regions where Kitgum is – we should be in the middle of the rainy season. But very little rain has fallen, and green leafy vegetables cannot be grown. Their price and the prices of cereals, beans and other foods have risen sharply, and people are concerned that they will face drought and starvation. Mangoes, which grow wild throughout the area and which people had been eating to fill their bellies, are no longer in season.
 Meanwhile the second school term has begun. Over several days we visited the homes and schools of children supported by the library who have moved to other districts or to rural villages in the Kitgum District and other districts. We have not yet visited students nearby, including those in town or in nearby villages.

ルバンガニェヨ マニュエル(P.6)。今後一緒に暮らすことになったオジさん家の前で。Lubangngeyo Emmanuel (6th grade) in front of the home of his uncle, with whom he will live.

同じ敷地内に点在する家々に住む親類たちと。 With relatives who live on the same property. 

ルバンガニェヨ スティーブン(P.5)、ルバン エマ, アロモラチ バブラ(P.7)  コロナ以前、図書館寺子屋で一緒に勉強したことのある3人が偶然また同じ学校で学ぶことになりました。

Lubanganyeyo Stephen (5th grade), Luban.Emma, Aromorach Babra (7th grade)  Before the pandemic,studied together at the library. By coincidence, they now attend the same school. 

 They are holding the report cards they received once the second term began. (In this country, students rarely receive their report cards on the last day of the term. There is a break of about one week between final exams and the last day of the term. During that time, tests are scored and grades are compiled, though.) They were all smiles seeing that their marks reflected their hard work. Their head teacher is on the right in the front row. 

アケロ シャロン(P.7) 祖母と暮らす家の前で。「藁屋根を修理したいけど、お金がなくて…」と、おバアちゃん。Akello Sharon (P.7 7th grade)  in front of the house where she lives with her grandmother, who said she would like to repair the thatch roof but has no money to do so.

受け取ったばかり通知表を手に。3学期のPLE(Primary Leaving Examinations全国のP.7生が一斉に受ける卒業認定テスト)に向けて、やる気マンマン!?  Here she holds the report card. She is a candidate for the Primary Leaving Examinations, which is taken by seventh graders nationwide November in the third term. She is full of ambition.  

アドング ローズ(P.5)。遥かAgago県でオジさん一家と暮らしています。通知表はPodiまだ、です。広~い校庭では牛が遊んでいます!  Adong Rose (5th grade) lives in the distant Agago District with her uncle and his family. Her class has not yet received their report cards although they are two weeks into the second term. Cows frolic in the large schoolyard.

She was happy to be able to use Baba Ogen So’s phone to speak with her brother, who lives far away, for the first time in more than six months.

 アチェン ハリエット(S.1)今年度1学期からPader 県のSecondaryに進みました! ようやく私どもが初めて学校訪問できた日は、1学期の終業日、もらったばかりの通知表を手に。
 Acen Harriet (1st grade) advanced to secondary school in the Pader District in the first term. When we were finally able to visit her school for the first time, it was the last day of the first term and she had just received her report card.   

 Kitgumに来県する用があったオジさんに連れられて来館‼ 新図書館ができる前にAgago県の親戚に引き取られた彼女には初めて見る“新“図書館です。  Her uncle, who came to Kitgum on an errand, brought her to the library. She was taken in by relatives in the Agago District before the new library was built, so it was her first time to see it.




こちらKitgumに戻り早や4週間超 Four weeks since returning to Uganda

雨季の真っただ中!のハズなのに、カーッと晴れ渡った青空が、もう数週間続いています。K’laからの途中では、洪水で、道路が冠水し、騒ぎになっているところもあったのですが、北部や東北部はカラッカラに干上がっています‼ 種まき、植え付けができない!! と村々から悲鳴が上がり、町の市場からは、青物葉物が姿を消し、たまにあってもメチャ高~!!!   
 Although we should be in the middle of the rainy season, we have had clear blue skies for several weeks. On the way back from Kampala the roads were submerged in some places on account of flooding, and it was a bit of a mess. But in the north and northeast it is very dry. People in the villages are lamenting that they cannot do any sowing or planting. No green vegetables can be seen in the markets, and when they are, they are very expensive.

初ミーティングに来られた子供たちからも、「食事が満足に摂れない!」と訴えが…、しかし学校の給食費は、バカ高くて、とても全員分は負担できないし…。メイズ、イモ類、マメ類、これから旬を迎えるマンゴーなどで何とか乗りきるしか‼ そんな状況で、Rubangakene Dauzi, Opoka Brian, Omara James Aryemo Sundayが、間もなく1学期期末テストが始まるかというこの時期になっても、図書館にも学校にも姿を見せません。Acen HarrietとLubangangeyo Emmanuelの二人とは、ようやく保護者(二人とも孤児で、オバ、オジが保護者)と連絡がとれ、Emmanuelは学校に戻り、図書館にも姿を見せました。Acenは遠方のうえ、この1学期から、新しく入学したSecondaryもさらに遠方で、学校と連絡がとれず未確認、写真もありませんが。。
 The children who came to the first meeting said they are not getting enough to eat. But school lunch fees are so high that we cannot cover them for all of the children. They just have to get by on maize, potatoes, beans, and mangos which will soon be in season. Rubangakene Dauzi, Opoka Brian, Omara James, and Aryemo Sunday, who should soon be taking end-of-term exams, have not been seen at the library or at school. We were finally able to contact the guardians of Acen Harriet and Lubangangeyo Emmanuel. (Both children are orphans being raised by her aunt and his uncle.) Emmanuel went back to school and has also come to the library. Acen is now living far away, and the secondary school she newly entered is even more distant. We have not been able to contact the school to find out about her. Nor do we have a photograph. 


遠方ですが、引き続き同じ村々で、前と同じ学校に通う子供たちは、私どもがまだUGに戻る前に、Joyceが訪問し、校納金支払いなど済ませました。  Before we returned to Uganda, Joyce visited the distant homes of the students who continue to live in the same villages and attend the same schools and paid their school fees.

Aciro Rose (5th grade)

Aromorac Babra (7th grade), Lubanganyeyo Stephen (5th grade)

引き続きKitgum primary Schoolに通学中。  Otema Brian (6th grade), Agenorwot Mercy Oyella (6th grade), Pikica Marvine (7th grade), and Aber Fortunate (6th grade) are also continuing in Kitgum Primary school.

 Akello Sharon(p.7)

この新学年から同じSecondary に通う 
Wokorac Dick and Anywar Joel are attending the same secondary school this year. They are in their third and fourth years, respectively. 

引き続きPublic P/Sに通学中 Canwat Brian (5th grade), Laker Sunday (5th grade), Anenocan Mirriam (7th grade), Aketowanga Sarah (5th grade), and Latabu Jackline (6th grade) are continuing in Kitgum Public primary school. 

 支援者の皆様からの年末年始のお便りが届き始めました。まだ…、の子供たちは自分にはいつ来るのかな、と楽しみにしています。普通の航空便(エアメール)だと、2か月前後かかるようですので、できるだけお早く、どうぞよろしくお願いいたします。 Letters from supporters that were sent during the year-end and New Year holiday season have begun to arrive. Children who have not received letters yet are eagerly awaiting theirs. Air mail takes about two months to arrive, so please mail letters early.  

Pikica Marvine with Lub. Emmanuel
Pikica Marvineは、ごく最近、小さいころから母親代わりに育ててくれた祖母を病気で亡くし、今は遠縁の家に身を寄せています。今日は、支援者の方からのお手紙に、久しぶりに笑顔が! 偶然来館したLubangangeyo Emmanuelと。

 Pikica Marvine recently lost her grandmother, who had raised her since  she was a baby. She is now living with distant relatives. A letter from a supporter put a smile on her face, the first we’ve seen in a while. Here she is shown with Lubangangeyo Emmanuel, who happened to come to the library at the same time.  

.  “皆さんに!”といただいたクリスマス音楽メドレーオルゴール付きのカード、 就学支援中の子供たちに披露。今年のクリスマスシーズンには、一般の来館者に向けても大いに活用したいと思います。  A card that plays a medley of Christmas music was sent to the library to be enjoyed by all the children. Here we play the card for the children. We hope to make good use of the card next Christmas season for general library users as well.   




こちらUGに戻り早や2週間超 Two weeks since returning to Uganda

As is typical of Africa and Uganda, problems have been occurring one after another. We’re still tackling them, but meanwhile we’ve managed to put together this latest edition of our blog. Please take a look at the photos. 

 以前から気になってはいた新図書館の屋根に覆いかぶさっていた高~い巨木! ついに、土中から大きな根っこが浮き上がり、巨体全身で建物にのしかかり、このままでは建物が破壊される!!という緊急非常事態。大騒ぎの末、ようやく片付けました。木を切るのは偲びなかったのですが…。
 We had been concerned about a very tall tree whose branches spread over the new library’s roof. A large root also broke through the ground. The weight of the tree overhung the building, and there was a danger of it destroying the library if nothing was done. After a lot of commotion, this emergency was dealt with. We didn’t have the heart to cut the tree down, though. 


 またまたシロアリ来襲! 旧図書館では約20冊ほど被害に、残念ですが処分! さらに新図書館の外側にも魔の手が!! 幸いまだ内部は無事なようですが、用心のため薬剤を散布。いつもながらJoyceが献身的に。
 Termites continue to attack! About 20 books in the old library were damaged, so, unfortunately, we had to dispose of them. The demonic termites have also begun attacking the exterior of the new library. Luckily, the interior is still unaffected, but as a precautionary measure we sprayed pesticide. As usual, Joyce was a devoted worker as always. 

 Children patrons somehow learned of the library’s reopening and came the first day as they had no classes at school.

 再開前の清掃。就学支援中の子供の中で、「授業がない」Canwat Brian, Latabu Jackline, Laker Sunday, Aber Fortunateが汗を流してくれました。 ≪今日は以上ですが、まだまだ続きます。近日中、乞うご期待!≫ 
 Canwat Brian, Latabu Jackline, Laker Sunday, and Aber Fortunate, whose schooling is supported by the library, helped clean the library before its reopening as they had no classes. They worked up a good sweat.   
《  That’s it for today. Until next time! Maybe very soon!! 》