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Announcement from TRC Library

It has been nearly 5 years since we set up the library for Teachers and Children at the request of Kitgum District Local Government.

  In the course of offering free services in the daytime on weekdays during school terms, we noticed quite a lot of primary school age children could not go to school.

Most of them are orphans and their guardians--- almost are single mothers, grandmothers or aunts with many children--- are too poor to pay the expenses for schooling.

Also we have noticed that most of them are coming to the library instead of going to school while longing for schooling.

Therefore, we started supporting some of them by paying the expenses for schooling.

Ideally we could support all of them go to school, however PRAfrica has no ample funds and depends on several friends’ contributions besides Miyamoto’s private savings.   

After assessing each child’s temperament and performance for a certain period, at least 1 term + term holidays, we have added some more children and then we are currently supporting 19 children’s schooling.

Meanwhile, almost every day weekdays about 20 children other than the schooling children come to the library hoping to study, so we are giving them very basic lessons of arithmetic, English etc. with parental feelings and care because we believe that anyone who has fallen into financial hardship must prefer for his/her children reading books or/and learning even by bits to passing the time idly.

We are deeply encouraged by a remark of a certain specialist in education, ” Now the kids are like your children and the library is like your home, so this is home study. Home study has no need of qualified teachers, right?” 

We wish to continue our activities hoping for all the children including the poorest of the poor children to guarantee the right to education.   

We would like to ask for your cooperation. 

Thank you.

PRAfrica Management


Kitgum District Local Goverment agrees to continue supplying any current resources to the Center, such as the existing full time secretary* , electricity, and maintenance activities.



Kitgum District Local Goverment will be responsible for securing sources of funding and providing management to continue the operation of Kitgum Children's Library (e.g. paying staff* , providing supplies, providing elecricity/water, providing oversight to make sure the library is being run effectively).

  *  However, none of us has been paid by the government ever since we started the library.