活動への参加 ― Volunteers Needed in Kitgum /from Home


A : Volunteering in Kitgum

 •Types of Volunteer Work

 PRA is a non-governmental volunteer organization funded entirely by its founder, K.Hatsue Miyamoto, and other individuals. A variety of simple yet troublesome tasks must be performed in order for PRA to carry out its main activities. We are seeking people who are flexible and who can enjoy providing assistance by doing whatever PRA believes is necessary to benefit the local community and the children over the long term.


 ・Assisting Ms. Miyamoto generally consists of the following:

  1. Running the childrens library/teaching materials center in Kitgum; sorting, managing and repairing books in the librarys collection (approx. 10,000 donated used English-language books)

  2. Participating in the support program for children who cannot go to school for financial reasons: visiting homes and schools, communicating with sponsors, conducting lessons in science, arithmetic or English for elementary- or junior high school-level students

3.  Interacting with children making use of your specialized knowledge, skills or interests


Examples of volunteer activities that have been conducted

 ・ Talks, picture-card shows, skits on topics such as medical care, public health, sanitation or nutrition

 ・ Sports, performances on musical instruments, singing, dancing, games

 ・ Making things such as simple toys like a string telephone, simple washbasins; handicrafts

Lessons in science, arithmetic or English for elementary- or junior high school-level students  ・ Reading English-language stories aloud

 ・ Drawing pictures, origami

 Please note that the nature of volunteer activities is largely dictated by the situation in Kitgum. This can include school holidays, weather and climate such as the rainy and dry seasons, road conditions, the price of gasoline, the quality of the interpreting between the local language and English, and the availability of drivers for bad roads. Also, the three gas stations in Kitgum are frequently out of gasoline, and there is a limit to how much PRA can afford to spend on gasoline.

 If you are interested in volunteering, please contact us at the e-mail address below for further information:


 We have a roll-up electronic piano keyboard donated by our 61stvolunteer,Ruiko (center of the photo). We would welcome volunteers who know how to play it.


B : Lend Your Support from Home


 PRA welcomes support from those who would like to help but can’t come to Kitgum. Here is how you can help:

  ・Make a donation in any amount. (One-time donations are welcome.)

  ・Support PRAs Educational Support program.

  ・Donate used or unneeded items. Schoolbags and shoes are particularly welcome. For details, please contact PRA via e-mail at the address above.




 PRAfricaはママ ウガンダ(宮本)を含め、活動費を全て個人負担するボランティアのみで成り立つNGOです。”表”の活動を行うために、裏方的な、地味で煩雑な、雑用とも思える仕事が欠かせません。長い目で見て、地域社会のため、子ども達のため、当方が“必要”と考えることを、好き嫌いなく、積極的に、楽しんで、お手伝いいただける方を募集しています。


ママ ウガンダ等と共に行動し、アシストしていただく仕事は、


① キトゥグムタウンでの子ども図書館(兼教師資料センター)の運営、蔵書とする英語図書(約1万札の寄贈中古本)の整理、管理や修繕など


② 経済的理由で“学校に通えない子ども達”の就学支援活動




③ ボランティアの方の専門、特技、趣味などを活かした子ども達との交流



 ・ 医学、保健、衛生、栄養などの知識を生かした話、紙芝居、寸劇

 ・ スポーツ、楽器演奏、歌、ダンス指導、ゲーム

 ・ モノ(糸電話など簡単なおもちゃや簡易手洗いタンクなど)作りや手芸

 ・ 小学校低~中学校低学年程度の理科や算数、英語の授業

 ・ 英語本の読み聞かせ

 ・ お絵かき、折り紙    など。


学校の休暇、雨・乾期などの気候・天候、道路の状態、ガソリンの値段、現地語⇔英語の通訳 兼 

悪路向けドライバーの確保、キトゥグムの3件のガソリンスタンド全てでガソリンが売り切れになることも頻繁にあり、他の地域より高いガソリン代もママ ウガンダのポケットマネーなので限りがあり…などの状況次第で、活動内容が大きく左右されることをご理解ください。




61th ボランティア、ルイさん(写真中,彼女のボランティア






  ・ 献金・カンパをしていただく(少額でも、一度きりでも大変有難いです。)

  ・ 『PRAfrica就学支援活動』を支援していただく

  ・ 中古、不用品を寄付していただく