2019年度が終わり年一度のご挨拶状書きを開始! School year ends, annual writing of greeting cards begins!

昨年より1週間ほど早く作業開始。昨年は、支援者の皆様のお手元に届くのが大変遅く、「半年以上もかかった!」という方もいますが、今年はできれば年内~月頃までに届くように、と子供たちもスタッフ一同も張り切っています。  写真説明は全て左から右です。

This year the children began writing their cards about one week earlier than last year. Last year’s cards arrived very late. In fact, some people said it took more than six months for their cards to reach them! This year the children and staff are working to ensure that supporters receive their cards in December or early January.

図書館塾生の5人。人生初めての英語の手紙書きに挑戦! 前列 ラタブ ジャクリン, アリエモ サンディ, アロモラチ バブラ, ラケー サンディ, 後列 アニワー ジョエル(今年から、S.S.* O.1。自分の手紙は即日終了。後輩たちの面倒を見てくれています), スタッフ(s) Isaac, Joyce, Grace,アジョク スコヴィア。

5人とも来年度から就学支援する予定です。S.S.*=Secondary School ほぼ日本の高校に該当。最初の4年間がO(Ordinary)レベル,後の2年間が(Advance)レベル。
Five students who study at the library for over 1 year show off the first letters they have ever written in English. Front row: Latabu Jackline, Aryemo Sunday, Aromorac Babra, Laker Sunday. Back row: Anywar Joel; staff members Isaac, Joyce, and Grace; Ajok Scovia. Anywar Joel, who is in Secondary School O. 1*, finished his letter in a jiffy and then helped the younger students with theirs. All five students will receive educational support for the next school year.
*A six-year program consisting of four years at Ordinary level followed by two years at Advanced level.

L.Sunday,  A. Joel

L.Jackline,  A. Sunday,  Joyce(s)

L.Sunday,  L. Jackline,  A. Joel

A. Sarah

L. Emmanuel,   Isaac(s)

A. Babra

前列 マーシー オィエラ, ピキチャ マーヴィン,
後列 アベー フォーチュネト, オマラ ジェイムズ, ルバンガニェヨ エマニュエル, オテマ ブライアン。
Primary school students who receive support from the library stop by on their way home from school. Front row: Mercy Oyella, Pikica Marvine. Back row: Aber Fortunate, Omara James, Lubangangeyo Emmanuel, Otema Brian.

さすが就学生、早くもほぼ完成! 右端2名は初めて書いたアドング ローズ、アケトワンガ サラ
These students finished their letters in no time! O. Brian, A. Fortunate, O. James, P. Marvine, Adong Rose, Aketowanga Sarah

Isaac(s),  A. Scovia

L.Sunday,  L. Jackline,  A. Joel

Grace(s),  Sam(s), 

Aketowanga Beatrice アケトワンガ ベアトリス

A. Rose,  A. Sharon




新・図書館の周りに植樹しました! Seedlings planted around new library!

建設を始める時、用地の向き、形状などの関係で仕方なく、木を2本ほど伐りました。その代わりにはなりませんが、新図書館全体をグルリと取り囲もうと苗木を植えました。屋根より高い木だと雨どいに落ち葉が詰り、雨水利用に差し支えたり、枝が折れるなどソーラーパネルに障害が出たりしますので、成長しても屋根より下までの高さにしかならない生垣、葉色は、新図書館の外見の色にマッチした黄緑です。十分大きくなるまでには数年かかるそうですが、来年2月頃、大使館KTG私どもPR Africa引き渡し時には、数十センチの高さに一列に並んで来館者の目を楽しませてくれるでしょう!!といいたいのですが、さしもの雨季も終盤、雨が降る日の間隔が開き、雨量も激減しています。1日でも降らないと乾燥がひどく、ちゃんと根付いてくれるかどうか。図書館学習組の子供たちが、整地、植え付けから、毎朝の水やり、雑草取り等々、一生懸命世話してくれています。幼い頃から、畑の手伝いで鍛えているからでしょう、鍬の使い方、苗の扱い方など、堂に入ったものです。約160本の苗木を植え終わり記念写真、ハイ, Ode(オディ~)!!、今日は、ご褒美のビスケットを一枚ずつ手に、もう一度Ode~‼

 When construction on the new library began, because of the direction the site faced and its shape, unfortunately we had to cut down two trees. Though they can’t replace those trees, we recently planted seedlings all around the new library. The leaves from trees taller than the roof would clog the rain gutters and interfere with our using rain water. And branches might break off and damage the solar panels, so we planted a hedge that will grow no taller than the roof and whose yellowish green leaves will match the color of the library’s exterior.

We were told it will take several years for the plants to reach their full height, but they should be 20 or 30 centimeters tall by next February and delight our guests when the library is turned over to PR Africa by the Japanese embassy and the local government. Or at least that’s what we hope. For now, the rainy season has ended, so there will be days with no rain. And the amount of rain has decreased considerably. When rain doesn’t fall for even one day it gets quite dry, so we’re not sure if our seedlings will take root.

The children who study at the library have worked hard to take care of everything from preparing the soil and planting to daily watering and weeding. Perhaps because they have been working in the fields since they were small, they are very good at using a hoe and caring for the seedlings. We gathered for a group photo after planting about 160 seedlings. Say odi! (the local version of “Say cheese!”) After giving everyone a cookie as a reward, we posed for another photo. Once more: odi!




新・図書館、工事完了!!  New library completed!

2017年2月下旬に着工、8か月後の10月に完成の計画でした。長~い長い道のり、何度も挫けそうになりましたが、皆様の励ましで遂にここまでたどり着きました! この後、工事完了承認を受けるための各種文書が大使館を通して、外務省とKitgum県との間で行き交い、最終的には来年2月頃に、いよいよ私どもPRAfricaに利用運営が委ねられる予定です。
Construction of the new library began in late February 2017 and was scheduled for completion eight months later in October. It was a long haul, and we were often frustrated, but with your encouragement, the building has finally been completed. Next, documents to certify the structure’s completion will be processed by the Foreign Ministry and government officials in Kitgum via the Japanese embassy, and in February operation of the library will officially be turned over to PR Africa.

 Bookshelves and desks Baba and others spent two days ordering arrived after we managed to get approval for them.





風疹* 北部一帯で流行りだし、WHO、赤十字、医療NGOなどが子供に無料の予防接種を実施。ところが、「毒だ!受けさせるな!」という風評があり、図書館組の子供の中にも、保護者が“受けさせない!”という事例が発生! 同じ家の兄弟姉妹なのに、就学生は学校で一律に受けさせられ接種済み、図書館生は未接種、という事態が起きています。
Students we are supporting to school pose with the 99% complete library sign at the weekly Saturday meeting. All upper graders were absent in order to attend supplementary lessons at school, while several middle and lower graders missed the meeting on account of malaria. (There has also been an outbreak of rubella* recently.) But we couldn’t wait any longer as Ayano was about to leave Kitgum, so we gathered for this group photo.

*Rubella is prevalent throughout northern Uganda. The World Health Organization, Red Cross, and medical non-governmental organizations give free vaccinations to children. But groundless rumors that the vaccine is harmful circulate, and the guardians of several of the children who study at the library have told them not to get the shot. In some cases, among children in the same household, those who attend school have been vaccinated while those who study at the library have not.  


10月9日はウガンダの独立記念日、今年は57回目。以前は、多少、学校に通ったことがありそうな人たちでさえも「独立記念日? 何それ? ヘ~、アッ、ソッ」というような人がほとんどでしたが、ここ数年はラジオの普及が進み、認知度が少しは上がったかと…今日は久々P.6 生が来館しましたので、日本在住のNさんから届いた英字新聞を紹介。 

Oct. 9 marked the 57th anniversary of Uganda’s independence from the United Kingdom in 1962. In the past, even people who had had some schooling seemed to be unfamiliar with Independence Day, but with the proliferation of radios over the last few years awareness of the holiday has a bit increased. On the day this photo was taken sixth graders had come to the library for the first time in a while, so we showed them a special page on the holiday that was published in an English-language newspaper and sent to us by N, who lives in Japan.




Anywar Patrick アニワー パトリック 10歳 力尽きました。Anywar Patrick passes away



小さな棺の中に、皆様から頂いていたお見舞いカード、おもちゃ、彼が図書館で使っていたノートなど入れてあげました。遺影用の写真は、安定期に、たまたま自宅の前にいたところを撮ってあったのを拡大して木枠に入れ飾ってもらいました。まさかこんなことに使うとは思ってもいませんでしたがOyoオヨ~(ニックネーム)には、学校に通わせてあげられなかったことが悔やまれますが、後に続くお金がないため義務教育の小学校にさえ通えない多くの孤児たちへの支援を彼のことを心に、できる限り続けていくつもりです。これからも皆様の温かく力強いご声援・支援を心からお願い申し上げます。Apwoyo Ma Tek!!


Anywar Patrick, 10, has died. Since July he had been suffering from a virulent form of malaria that was resistant to existing medications and had been in and out of the hospital. He came down with blackwater fever, one of the most serious complications of malaria, and had been taking the supplements that many of you sent – folic acid, iron, and Vitamin B12. He recovered, and his condition was stable for a while, but in the end he was unable to get the amount of blood required for transfusion, and he passed away. It is truly regrettable.


Into his small coffin we placed the get-well cards and toys you sent to him as well as the notebook he used at the library. For his portrait, we enlarged a photo taken recently when he was out in front of his house while his condition was stable. We never dreamed the photo would be used for this purpose. It is regrettable that we were unable to send Oyo (Patrick’s nickname) to school. But, with thoughts of him, we intend to go on with our endeavors and support the many other children who are unable to get a compulsory education at elementary school because they have no money. Your continued kind, encouraging support would be greatly appreciated. Apoyo ma tek!




新図書館の看板が“99%”できました! Sign for new library 99% complete!!

入手できないスチール製の代わりに木製書棚が地元業者によって製作中、同時に、アヤノさん(68thボランティア)が、今まで皆様から頂戴してあった折り紙などを活用し手作りの看板を作ってくれました! 完成‼”と言いたいのですが、雨風土埃を防ぐためにも仕上げに使おうと決めていた無色透明ラッカーKTGには無い! K’laでなら売っている!!そうですが、アヤノさんの約3か月のボランティア期間も残り少なく、彼女が立つ前に入手は困難なので、99%完成記念写真を図書館寺子屋組の子供たちとパチリ。マラリアが猛威を振るっていますので10名ほどが欠席ですが、次々交代で欠席するので全員集合は“100%完成!”時に。

Because we could not get steel bookcases, wooden ones are being made by a local contractor. Meanwhile, Ayano, our 68th volunteer, has made a new sign for the library using origami and other materials from supporters. We’d like to say it’s finished, but clear and colorless lacquer for weatherproofing the sign, the final step, is not available in Kitgum. It is sold in Kampala, but Ayano’s three-month stay as a volunteer is almost over, and it will be difficult to get the lacquer before she leaves. So, we took a photo of the 99% finished sign with students who study at the library. There is an outbreak of malaria now, so some ten children have been absent, and we had to give up on getting a shot with everyone present.

99%完成記念写真 Ayano, library staff and children pose with the 99% complete sign.

作成中のアヤノさん Ayano makes the new sign.




退院しました!! Out of the hospital! 

皆様のご声援、祈りのおかげで、Anywar Patrick(アニワーパトリック10歳)が、幸運にも再々々輸血を受けることができ、昏睡状態から再び回復しました!!(彼のために輸血が受けられなかった患者さんもいるかもしれないと思うと複雑ですが) 


鎌状赤血球細胞自体を根本的に治すことはできなくても、輸血が必要となる溶血を起こさせないために、血液にダメージを与える感染症にかからないように気を付けなければならないのですが、写真のような住環境電気も水道もなく、生活排水を流す下水路もなし、窓もないワラ屋根土間小屋に大人から乳幼児まで何人もの家族でザコ寝ですから、「マラリアにかかるな!」というほうが無理 日頃から少しでも血液の状態を良く保つため、たくさん皆様からお届けいただいた葉酸鉄分ビタミンB12”などを摂らせます。まとめて渡すと、いくら説明してもガバッと飲んでしまったり、兄弟姉妹たちが食べ?てしまったりするので、近くに住むJoyceに預かってもらい、毎夕1回ずつ服用しに来るようにします。『元気になってね!』の手作りカードをお送りくださった方もいました Apwoyo Ma Te~k!!!!

Thanks to your support and prayers, luckily Anywar Patrick, 10, was able to have a series of transfusions and recovered from his coma once again! (I have mixed feelings when I think that there may have been others who were unable to get transfusions as a result.)


While his sickle cells themselves cannot be repaired, in order to prevent hemolysis that requires transfusion, he must be careful not to catch any infectious diseases that might damage his blood. But, as you can see from the photograph, he lives in a windowless thatch-roofed home with an earthen floor and without electricity, water, or sewer for domestic wastewater. Everyone in the family, from adults to babies, sleeps crowded together. So telling him to avoid catching malaria is pointless. In order to maintain his blood in good condition, we will have him take the folic acid, iron and Vitamin B12 that many of you generously sent. If we give it all to him, no matter how clearly we explain how to take it, he will take too much at one time or his brothers and sisters may eat it. So Joyce, who lives nearby, is keeping it for him. He goes over every evening to Joyces place to take a proper dosage. He also received a handmade get-well card!!!  Apwoyo Ma Te~k!




大至急 “葉酸”を、鉄分を‼  Please Send ‘Folic Acid’&‘Iron’ asap!!

先回お知らせした鎌状細胞貧血にマラリヤを併発し意識不明から回復したAnywar Patrick10歳)、写真のように無事退院し、その後元気に過ごしていると思いきや、容態が急変、わずか1週間ほどで再入院になってしまいました! 

鎌状細胞貧血には根本的治療法はまだ無く、葉酸と“鉄分”の摂取が対症療法として著効が認められているそうです。当地では入手困難ですが、日欧米などでならドラッグストアのチェーン店などでサプリとして比較的お手軽に入手できると思い、AnywarPatrick葉酸を、“鉄分”を、お送りいただけますよう心からお願い申し上げます。厚かましい限りですが、なにとぞ一日も早く、お願いいたします。Apwoyo Ma Tek in advance!!! 


As you can see from the photo, Anywar Patrick, 10, whom we wrote about last time, was discharged from the hospital after being unconscious with sickle cell anemia and malaria. He seemed to be doing well after that, but his condition suddenly deteriorated, and he had to be hospitalized for another week.

There is no cure for sickle cell anemia, but folic acid and iron are recognized as being effective in controlling its symptoms. It is difficult to get folic acid and iron here but relatively easy to buy as supplements at drug stores in Japan, Europe and the United States. We would like to ask our supporters to send donations of folic acid and iron supplements asap for Anywar Patrick. Your cooperation would be greatly appreciated. Apwoyo Ma Tek!




血液が、書棚が、無い!!! Shortage of blood and bookshelves!


The second Term is coming to an end, and final exams are over. Students in the middle and lower grades, who don’t need to attend school through the last day, have been coming to the library, and it is packed, as you can see.

その中、Anywar Patrickアニワーパトリック(10歳 写真前列右端 兄Omara Jamesオマラ ジェームス12歳は就学支援中)が貧血で瀕死の事態に陥ってしまいました! 

彼はもうかれこれ56年図書館に“通学”していて今年1学期から“正式”就学支援する予定でしたが、悪性の貧血*のため体調不良になることが頻繁で、就学手続きの時期を逸し、今学年も引き続き図書館で学んでいました。今回は元々の貧血に加え、マラリアを併発し、意識不明の重体に 多量の輸血が必要でしたが、Kitgumだけでなく北部地域ではGuluなどの大病院でも血液が無い! 母親(前列真ん中)からの輸血も限界で、「もうだめか」と思われましたが、ギリギリのところでようやく血液が届き、ご覧のように回復しました! ずっと付ききりで世話をし、何度も血液を提供しているお母さんも疲れ果てていますが、まずは一安心。数日様子を見、状態が安定すれば退院の予定です。


Among those students, Anywar Patrick, 10, (front row, right) was near death with a severe case of anemia. After studying at the library for five or six years, he was scheduled to receive our support to attend school starting the first term of this school year. (His brother Omara James, 12, receives support from the library.) But he frequently became ill because of his anemia* and missed the chance to enroll in school. So he is studying at the library again this year. In addition to his anemia, he also got malaria and was unconscious in critical condition. He needed numerous transfusions, but there was no blood available in Kitgum or at the big hospital in Gulu, also in northern Uganda. The best he could get was transfusions from his mother (front row, center),but it reached the limit. It was feared he would die, but a supply of blood arrived just in time, and, as you can see from the photo, he has recovered. His mother, who tended him the entire time and repeatedly donated blood for him, is exhausted but relieved. If Anywar Patrick continues to do well, he will be released from the hospital in a few days.

*Many people in this region suffer from sickle-cell anemia and other serious forms of anemia that can be fatal. When anemia is accompanied by malaria, many people die. Life-saving transfusions are necessary. In Kitgum and the rest of northern Uganda, a high percentage of people are infected with malaria as a result of their poor living environment, so there is a constant shortage of blood for transfusions. Even if patients wish to be transported to hospitals in Kampala, many of them are not strong enough or can’t afford to do so. Many of these people become gravely ill.

もう一つ無いのは、新図書館の書棚! 東京の外務省に承認されたBOQ(資材の数量、コストの一覧表)に基づきスチール製を購入しようと業者がKampalaに出向き何日も東奔西走しましたが見つからず 大使館にBOQの書き換えをお願いし、当地の家具作り業者に木材製を作ってもらうことになりました。折悪しく雨期の真っただ中、停電も多く、材料の木材を十分乾燥させるのに時間が必要で、出来上がりはまだ先、従いまして、先月半ばの大使館GGP担当S氏の来訪で一気に進んだのがまた足踏み状態。やっぱりTIA!=This is Africa~!!



There is also a shortage of bookshelves for the new library. The supplier who was to purchase steel bookcases based on the bill of quantities (BOQ) approved by the Foreign Ministry in Tokyo spent several days in Kampala searching for some with no luck. It was decided to ask the embassy to revise the BOQ and have wooden bookcases made by a local furniture maker. Unfortunately, it was in the middle of the rainy season, there were many power outages, and time is required to dry the wood. So the shelves will not be finished for a while. Accordingly, the progress that followed last months visit by S-san, the embassy official in charge of the grant program, has come to a halt. Oh, well. This is Africa! But, Ayano-san is steadily getting things ready for the new library. Right now she is remaking our “LIBRARY” sign. The current sign was made by a former volunteer from cardboard and origami paper. After years of exposure to the weather, it is damaged, but we wanted to stick with a handmade sign.




68thボランティア アヤノさん&新(と古参?)スタッフ        68th Volunteer Ayano and New&(veteran?)Staff Members


Laker Lisa ラケー リサ(14才)に 個人指導中のアヤノさん、オーストラリア留学とフィリピン生活経験のある保育士さんです。Ayano gives personal instruction to Laker Lisa, 14. Ayano is a nursery school teacher who has studied in Australia and lived in the Philippines.

Grace, Nancy(右端奥)スタッフになって3年目,今やベテランです。Eunice, Emma(左端奥)高校在学中から休暇の時手伝ってくれました。高校教師を目指し大学に入学するので間もなくKTGを離れます。 Grace, Nancy ( far right, background) in her third year on the staff, is now veteran. Eunice, Emma (far left, background) started assisting us during his vacation from high school. He will soon leave Kitgum to go to university so he can become a high school teacher.

今日が2日目、最新入りスタッフKibwota Isaac キブウォタ アイザック(左端手前)、8日だけ先輩のAgeno Rwot Euniceアゲノ ルウォット ユーニス(右端)の授業を参観。

On his second day at work, new staff member Kibwota Isaac (left, foreground) observe lessons along with Ageno Rwot Eunice (far right), who has worked at the library a mere eight days longer than Isaac.

アヤノさんと子供たち、今日の勉強が終わってリラックス! Ayano and kids relax after the day’s lessons.

Aciro Grace アチロ グレイス(中央)年少組を指導中。Aciro Grace (center) provides instruction to lower graders.

手前からEunice, Baba Ogen, アヤノさん  (from the foreground) Eunice, Baba Ogen, Ayano 





当初の完成予定201710月より既に18ヶ月以上経過、手間が掛かるだけで先が見えませんでしたが、ここにきて大使館の強力なリーダーシップ、的確な働きかけにより大きく進展! 大使館GGP(日本政府による草の根無償支援事業)担当のS氏がKitgum入り。 



  県知事と異動してきて3日目の副CAOとも会談。68thボランティアのアヤノさん*, CAO補佐, Baba,  S氏, 副CAO(スーツ姿), 県知事, 業者(青シャツ *追ってご紹介します。



鳩首ミーティング1 3人おいてCAO、県エンジニア、CAO補佐


その2 県エンジニア、CAO補佐、2人おいてCAO、県財務局長











PART : Posing with letters from their sponsors, students say “odi”! (Here we say “odi” (ground nut paste) instead of “cheese.”)





We have not been able to give letters from the supporters to children who went back to their villages at the end of the first term and have not yet returned or to  students in the upper forms P.6 and P.7 who have not been able to come to the library because of chores at home, school events, or supplementary lessons on Saturdays. They will likely stop by after final exams, so please be patient.


今年度からSecondary School(ほぼ日本の高校に該当)に通っている3人、Anywar Joel(アニワー ジョエル), Opoka Brian(オポカ ブライアン), Rubangakene Dauzi ルバンがケネ ダウジ)遠距離通学で中々図書館に来られませんが、久しぶりに元気な姿を見せてくれました!Starting this year, three students are commuting to secondary (high) school:  Anywar Joel, Opoka Brian, and Rubangakene Dauzi. They have to go a long way to school, so it is difficult for them to come to the library. It was good to see them looking well!

Aciro Sundayアチロ サンディ、

Laker Beatriceラケー ベアトリス

Pingoloya Giftyピンゴロヤ ギフティ

Pikica Marvineピキチャ マーヴィン,

Omara Jamesオマラ ジェームズ

Ongom Ronald オンゴム ロナルド

Aweko Babra アウェコ バブラ

Opoka,Dauzi,Joel  Secondary生3人、今度は、Dauziがお手紙を受け取りに来たのに付き添ってきました。




2学期スタート!  第1部  Start of the Second Term PARTⅠ


Two new students are among those supported by the library.

1722Aketowanga Sarahアケトワンガ サラ13歳、Aketowanga Beatriceアケトワンガ ベアトリス12歳。二人とも生まれて初めての制服!Public小学校の面接の結果、サラは2年生に、ベアトリスは1年生になりました。

Aketowanga Sarah, 13, and Aketowanga Beatrice, 12, wear school uniforms for the first time! After interviews at Public Primary School, it was decided that Sarah would enter second grade and Beatrice first grade.

1711Joyce, 妹(10歳図書館で学習中)、母、Sarah 

Joyce, her sister (10 years old and studying at the library), their mother, Sarah

Sarah, 妹、母。この小屋で弟(8歳図書館学習中)と5人、母が近所の畑仕事や家事を手伝い生活。父は行方知れず。Sarah with her sister and mother. Five people, including Sarah’s younger brother, 8, who studies at the library, live in this hut. Their mother helps with work in nearby fields and with housework to support the family. The fathers whereabouts are unknown.

伯母(亡母の姉)、Beatrice。父は乳児の時死亡、母と田舎で暮らしてきた   が、母も亡くなり叔母に引き取られた。叔母は小さい畑を持っていて衣食住は何とかなるが学費までは難しいHer aunt (sister of her deceased mother) and Beatrice. Her father died when she was a baby. She was living with her mother in the countryside, but her mother died and she was taken in by her aunt. Her aunt works a small field and manages to eke out a living but does not make enough money to cover school cost.

伯母、Beatrice, Joyce  Aunt,




年一度のAgago県訪問 Annual Visit to Agago District


This year’s visit included Patongo as well as Adilang.

Acen Harriet アチェン ハリエット(P.5 両親なし)Ktg Primary Schoolに通い、成績も上位を維持してきましたが、乳児の時、母親が死去(父親については情報ゼロ)以来育ててくれた親類の事情で今後Agago県のPatongoという町の叔母宅に身を寄せ、この写真の学校に転校することに。検討、相談し、引き続き当PRAfricaで就学支援を続けます。 

Annual Visit to Agago District: This year’s visit included Patongo as well as Adilang.

1704: Acen Harriet, a fifth grader at Kitgum Primary School, has consistently got good grades. Her mother died when she was a baby. (There is no information on her father.) On account of the circumstances of the relatives who have raised her since then, she will go to live with her aunt in the town of Patongo in Agago District and attend the school in this photo. After discussing the matter, we decided that PRAfrica would continue to provide Acen with support.

転校手続きを済ませ一安心。制服も注文しました! 左から、これから世話になる叔父さん、図書館スタッフJoyce, 先生、AcenAcen looks relieved after completing the procedures to transfer to her new school. She also ordered a uniform! From left: the uncle with whom she will live from now on; Joyce, a member of the library staff; a teacher, and Acen

Angee Ireneアンゲー アイリーン(P.6 母あり)とお馴染みAdilangOrina Primary School。彼女も成績良好で順調に進級。土曜なので学校はお休みですが集まってきた近所の子供たちと。

Angee Irene (sixth grade) and the Orina Primary School in Adilang. Angee also gets good grades and has steadily been promoted. It’s Saturday, so there is no school, but she has joined other neighborhood children. 

母、弟妹、祖母、親類一同、近所の人たちと。With her mother, siblings, grandmother, other relatives, and neighborhood children.




ハイ、Odee~‼(こちらではチーズではなく野菜料理の一つオディーといいます) Say “odi”! (Here we say “odi” (ground nut paste) instead of “cheese.”)




With the approach of the start of the second semester, children have begun to appear at the library after returning to town from villages in the countryside where they spent their vacation helping in the fields. We have been passing out letters from supporters that arrived while the children were on holiday. (The underlined names are those by which the children are ordinarily addressed.)

Akello Sharon (P.2)


Sisters Aber Fortunate (left P.3) and Agenorwot Mercy Oyella (right P.)


Lubanga Ngeyo Emmanuel (left) (P.2) and Wokorac Dick (right) (P.7)


Rwot Omiya Innocent (P.5)


Aol Fiona (P.6)





Adyero Priska(アディエロ プリスカ 左から二人目)に、M.Wさんからいただきました。来週行われる実力テスト代をもらいに、補習(全員必修!)を受けに登校する途中、図書館に偶然立ち寄りました。同じ6年生の3人にも喜ばれてこの笑顔!

Otema Brian(オテマ ブライアン左)M.YさんからとAgenorwot Mercy Oyella(アゲノルヲット マーシー オイェラ 右)Y.Tさんからいただきました。

他にもK.I,  H.T,  T.Y,  N.R,  M.O,  Y.S,  I.K (敬称略)から頂戴していますが、中・高学年以上の子ども達は、毎週土曜日、学校で全員対象の補習を受けるため、図書館ミーティングに来られません。平日も朝は7時前には家を出、帰宅は夕方遅くですので、図書館に来られるのは日曜のみ、しかし体調を崩したり、何か家で用事があったりと、2,3週間顔を見せないこともあり、お手紙を手渡し写真を撮ることがままなりません。今日は、受取人本人に代わって、ミーティング参加の低学年組の感謝の笑顔をパチリ‼!本人への手渡しと写真は、私共が一時帰国から戻ってからになってしまいます。ご了承ください。





67番目volunteer マリナさん 2018年 11月と2019年1月 67th Volunteer MARINA-san November 2018 & January 2019

Such a long time!!! 何年ぶりでしょうか、久々、”ヴォランティア手記”に新掲載!!





新図書館工事と図書館寺子屋 Work on the New Library and Our Private School

読書室の天井に亀裂が‼! 「天井が落ちてくるようなことは無い。ペンキを塗るだけで大丈夫。」とワーカーは言いますが…??? 
After no progress on the construction for 80 days, a few small repair jobs have finally ended. The outdoor lighting, which had not worked properly since right after the installation of the solar system, finally works! But the indoor outlet for the solar power doesn’t. It is supposed to be repaired later, but just in case we spoke to the district administrative staff ( Principal Asst CAO ) about it.
Repainting of the moisture-repellent section at the bottom of the exterior walls (the black part) has been completed. We wonder if it’s any better than before...
A crack appeared in the ceiling of the reading room! A worker said, “The ceiling won’t collapse. It just needs to be painted over.” Really?

The new school year has begun, so young library patrons are no longer seen on weekdays. But some children can’t go to school because they can’t pay their school expenses, which are high even at government schools, or provide the required brooms, toilet paper, detergent or other supplies, or prepare their uniforms or school supplies. Many of these children have been coming to the library hoping to attend its school. At the end of last year there were 20-some students. This year that number has more than doubled! Even if they crowd in, there is not enough room for all of them. So, although children start school at age 6, we have had to send the 6- and 7-year-olds home. But even if we tell them not to come, some come every day. Baba teaches them to count to 10 on their fingers.





11月~12月に来てくれた67番目ボランティアのマリナさんのキトゥグム再訪‼! 二度目のケアプログラム実施。今回は、計画、準備の段階から、当日の進行、運営まで、当方のスタッフを前面に立て、ご自分は裏方に回り、助言者、相談役等を務めてくれました。今回のテーマは、『勉強に関連した辛い嫌な体験・良かった嬉しかった体験』。難しそうだったので、支援生の参加は中・上級生以上だけに絞り、一般の来館者も数名入れました。見つかった課題も含め、次につながる貴重な経験ができました。
Our 67th volunteer, Marina, who was here in November and December, returned to Kitgum to carry out the second care program. This time library staff handled everything from planning and preparation through implementation while Marina worked behind the scenes offering advice. The theme of the latest program was “Unpleasant and Happy Experiences Related to Studying.” It seemed like a difficult topic, so participation was limited to students in the middle and upper grades who receive support from the library along with several other library users. Including the problems that were found, the program was a valuable experience that we will be able to build on.

初登校日!! 青シャツは、これまでと同じPrimary小学校、白シャツはPublic小学校。
First day of school! As before, blue shirts are worn by students in Kitgum Primary school, while white shirts are worn by those in Kitgum Public school.
These girls live too far from Primary school, so, after considering various options, it was decided that they would attend Public school, which is a little closer.


Akello Sharonアケロ シャロン(12歳)、Aciro Sundayアチロ サンディ(13歳)、Awilo Agnesアウィロ アグネス(8歳)、Adong Rose アドング ローズ(8歳)、Laker Beatriceラケー ベアトリス(9歳)同じ村の仲良し5人組。初めAgnesが図書館に。あと次々と。悪路片道1時間以上の遠距離にもかかわらず、全員ほぼ皆勤賞! 熱心な学習態度で、当初はA,B,C…も名前も数字1,2,3…も書けなかったのが、力をつけ、今年度から就学支援することに。Public小は面接だけなので、以前少しだけ学校経験のあるシャロンだけが2年生、後の4人は揃って1年生、同じクラスに。

Lubanga ngeyo Emmanuelルバンガ ニェヨ エマニュエル(11歳)実父は彼が赤ちゃんの時ゲリラに殺され、村で育ったが実母も一昨年HIVで死に、Kitgumの祖母に引き取られ、図書館に通うように。学校に通うのは、生まれて初めて。でも、図書館での勉強が生きて、転入テストで、2年生に編入! 担任の先生(右側)と。

Visits are paid to the homes of students who will receive support during the new school year, which starts in February.











「Facial Board(軒下の周囲に廻らされた白ペンキで塗られた板材)が既に撓みを生じている! 






やっつけ仕事写真 第二弾

コンクリートの強度を高めるのに必要な水やりをせず、セメントを塗って直ぐ黒タールを塗っている! 仕方なくBabaと子どもたちが、バケツで水を汲んできて撒いたが、ご覧の通りの雑な仕事のまま、姿を消して早や45日! 



雑なタール塗りだけでなく、ドアとドア枠が合っていないことも写っていた! 上の方は隙間がないが、下の方にいくにしたがって、間が最大5㎝程広くなっている。





新図書館工事 問題箇所の写真 第一弾

Apwoyo Katoo Mwaka~!! 明けましておめでとうございます。




「これでは すぐ使いものにならなくなってしまう。適切なものを用意するように」とクレームしたにも拘わらず、誰も気づかないうちに、敷いて行ってしまった!